Give and Take: Drawing with lines: Experimentation (P3)

There’s plenty more to come, but after doing some research about a few of the practicioners (which I will update soon), I took one of my Every day drawings and decided to play around with it in different concepts as part of the homework I’ve been given.

At first, I wasn’t too sure if to stick to the line drawing, so I adjusted it and tried it out to see where it would go. My original intention was to make the person show a very miserable expression in connection to the word ‘Feel’, however, I found that, I could make it look miserable through the action turing in to lines and linking back to the project title, as it is a line drawing.


Yup, I did draw over some toner paper and after looking back at this gif, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. It’s almost as if it’s conveying the guy falling apart. I also tried to set the pace so it was gradual and not too fast, to make sure that the form can be seen.


Tried a more digital and abstract approach, but removing the lines and adding colour, to try and make it stand out, but though, it turned out nothing like I was originally hoping, I adore the use of colour being added.  To make the colours move in the following direction, I manipulated it with the liquify effect in Photoshop.

I may try a collage cutout stop motion gif in future.

Next, as I didn’t want to photograph myself or anyone else and thought to continue with the whole ‘no face’ approach and only the movement.

I did it with a mannequin.


I found that by just the hands alone can depict and emphasis a lot of movement and expression to the moving image.


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