D.C: Design competition: Project 2

Wanted to start off with a fresh post, and I felt this would be a good start.

So, after a long decision, and even going through the process of applications and emails, I decided to try out the Competition brief. It seemed pretty fun, and I’ve been wanting to try entering another one for this year.

While looking over the different briefs supplied, I wasn’t too sure with one or two of them, but the Penguin ones. Yup, the Penguin covers.

I did take a while to decide on which one I would participate in, but after thinking it through, I went through and chose Animal Farm.

I’ve heard a lot about this story, from family members to friends, but they all had an experience with it, that I haven’t had yet. I’ve never read the book, nor have I seen the film. So, I hope this will be a new, rewarding experience that’ll help me to learn all about the story, so I can develop eye-catching for the cover brief.


FMP: Artist research 2/? (5)

Taking a break from looking at individual artists, I found myself going through some unique Photographs, that I could relate the effects described to Anxiety. The feeling of being paranoid; stressed and restricted, even bound together.

A few of them, appear to make the person feel pressured, insecure or even weak and to take this in to consideration, as I look at the lighting in these images, they tie in with the previous artists I’ve looked at so far. The colours are drained; dull and very muted. There’s quite a lack of colour, even with the bottom photograph.


FMP: Anxiety: How it starts off (Reasearch (3))

I was going to finish up here, for today in regards to the research so far, but I found an intriguing video about how today, we’re making our children anxious.

Published by The Big Bang Theory star Maylim Bialik. It’s amazing, to think that even those simple saying or questions that are quite often given to us or said to us when we were young by our parents, could lead us to become awfully anxious.

I feel that this video has given me a positive insight in to how it can be done differently and how parents can be less pressuring, when it comes to their approaches.

FMP: Anxiety: Research (1)

Considering where to continue with in the research, I thought it would be best to start looking at different articles about the subject and seeing what others views were on Anxiety and how it can affect adults and children.

Image 1

This website in particular starts to talk about and highlight the different symptoms and behaviors that can occur, I think in reflection to how this can be visualised or depicted as an image, it would come in very handy and it would allow me to explore what kind of positions, body forms or even how the outcomes of the illustrated series could turn out like.