Dissertation update: Research and abstract

Draft submission’s due soon, and I haven’t published anything lately for this.

I wanted to just extend on how my research has successfully helped to broaden out what i have so far, I’m currently narrowing down some of my discussion and looking at the last minute possibilities to extend on.

It’s been rather challenging writing about a topic I’ve loved for such a long time, yet, I don’t see it as much as a task or a ‘thing I must do’, when it comes to discussing it.

I’ve discovered a few details, when looking over some articles; that how it’s crucial that Japanese culture has somehow shaped our view on these characters in Anime, or how they dress and behave. They’re almost set with these expectations, and it does indeed change in both of the genres. I must relinquish the fact that, this is probably not due to the change in audience, but I have yet to check over this again and get to the bottom of this.

It’s still very broad, and there’s a possibilities that there’s many different views and answers to this.

I can only share with you the presentation, I presented about a month ago, which does give a brief idea of how I have approached this, and started to consider the research for my study.


G+T: MM: Advertisement research (5)

As today has pushed back what already been scheduled, I’ve started to think more about how I could approach the two gifs. I mentioned previously, that I did start to play around a little with collaging in fruit shapes in with the photograph and collaging them, but I wanted to look at how I could approach this differently.


I felt that this approach was too simple, then again, I’m pretty fond of the idea of me taking this on board simply, HOWEVER, there’s a lot more I can probably do for this.

While I was struggling to come up with more ideas, even to the point of me drawing out tiny thumbnail sketches across two pages, I had to re-consider that maybe, just maybe I could try out telling a narrative through the gif, like I did for the previous project.

As I was consistently brooding over this thought, figuring out how I could do that; an advert for Co-Op came on TV.

It was a really good advert, it was brief, but it was putting out what they had to say about the food they were selling. They gave it a topic, and the advert definitely drew me in.

It was particularly clever how each food was making its own unique way on to the plate, and it allowed me to kind of connect some ideas to how I could show the use of the fruit bowls.


G+T: MM: Concept development (3)

I’ve come back to try out the same similar method, but with a change of imagery. I personally really like seeing how the photographs look in one or two colours, so I was playing around with that.

Again, I was intrigued by how vividly bold they were.

I tried overlaying two images again, and I was quite taken back by the results, but I think next, I’m going to try and see if I can take apart objects in these photographs and really work with them.

Internship: Development of cover


In Photoshop, I started to lay down some of the elements i had created. I can reassure you, that I did try other methods of creating this cover by hand, but there was only so much laying, and waiting I could take.

So, I noticed that, once I got the head and the body set in place, I was unsure of how it would turn out, but so far, it appears to be coming together.

(Later, I’ll update this with some of the other type I had tested out first)
This set is the type I had chosen. Again. I wanted to try and make it connect to the story as much as possible, I chose to slab the acrylic paint out to form the type, and deliberately had some random letters backwards in connection to how illiterate the animals were when it came to writing words.

I did test out how this might look on the cover, but i have yet to edit it further and reposition it.
Cover animal farm.png

I’m currently testing the colours out on two monitors, as the lighting are different on both of them, but it would be good to see how i can make these colours and the imagery bolder.

Internship: Development: Initial ideas and colour scheme

So, following on, I wanted to make this post very brief, and wanted to show you all the continuation of the initial concept for the front page.
I had a plan, here for what the image layout could look like.

I wanted to connect the front to the back cover, by possibly doing that with the background imagery or an action the character is doing on the front.

Inspired by these two images, I came up with this colour pallet.

In the end, I thought over it and thought that a stronger image would probably have a limited one instead. If it were too colourful, it may become distracting for the title type.

Above was a test line drawing of the concept I was willing to put forward, as it was one of the rules that Napoleon went against, by dressing like a human and acting like one, I decided to enforce that notion on the front page. Just to help hint that the book will have some sort of political stance to it.

Internship: Animal farm cover: Initial development

There were a lot of sketches and ideas, I originally wanted to test and try out first. Right at the begining, I found myself becoming very frustrated; I couldn’t draw the pigs the way I wanted to, but after 6 pages worth of practice, I finally came down to some ideas, i wanted to try and develop further. I wanted to approach this with a hand drawn approach for the cover, and I wanted it to convey a similar satire as the story had.

I thought very carefully about how I could make Napoleon look as much as someone who would be pompous, arrogant and narrow minded as possible. Luckily, we currently do have dictators that still live and breath like that, to help me be inspired when it came to drawing a smug looking pig.

These were the final concepts I had developed for the front page, I quite liked how the different tones came out, but in deliberation to how Stalin was used as influence, I thought that for a possible colour scheme, it could be the Soviet Union flag.