BROAD: Layout and Publications, Research pt3.

Another new post, I decided that I wanted to look more in to how layouts and publications can be presented, and to start thinking about how I might want my content to be presented. It’s also a link back to some of the new ideas I’ve come up with in the letter press workshop yesterday.

There’s A LOT of layouts that I had taken interest in, as they were all so unique and different in their approaches, when it comes to type and imagery, so to save space, the link to the board is here:

A thing that caught my eye about this publication, was that it was pretty straight forward, yet appealing at the same time. I’m not a big fan of combining such a bright pigment combined with black would work so well, then again, they’re also combined with white. It works well, and it gives off this playful appearance.

Another thing that I was pretty fond of about this layout, is how the type and image can spread across both of the pages. That may be something that I may consider for the presentation of my illustrations. How can I make them spread across two pages and overlap? How would i present the image in order for me to do that?

The images in general were just so intriguing, that I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to talk quite a bit about this layout in particular.

There’s a lot of consistency through out each layout, it’s well considered. With the type, it’s clear on each page; it syncs in nicely with the way the images have been presented and each page makes me want to see more from it. I also enjoy the mixed combination of illustrations and photographs. When I start to think about that combination being tied together, I quite often question myself how that’s going to work out well, due to the fact that they’re incredibly different in comparison to each other. However, from looking over this, it has allowed me to start thinking about possibly combining photographs in somehow with my illustrations.



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