BROAD: Monoprinting workshop

Splitting up in to scheduled groups, we had our first workshop of this term– Monoprint!

I was pretty happy to be doing this workshop again, I was planning on trying out this method of print for my FMP, so it gave me a good opportunity to start thinking about what methods I could try out for that and see how I could tie my FMP in with this project.

With the first few tests, I decided that my first attempts would be drawing out a hand shape in different ways to grasp which one would be more interesting, in terms of depth and texture.

While I adored how bold the lines appear to be with the fingers, and the hand over all, I felt like I could of tried drawing a few more of these. I did however, enjoy the many textures that were obtained from the ink.
The texture helped the illustrations look a tad more interesting.

With some help with the type sheets supplied by Sara, I was able to successfully draw a select few of the letters on top, as a first go at seeing how I could bring hand crafted type in to it. I really think the outer edge of each letter being quite fuzzy really help to set the effect.



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