GT: MM: Concept development (5)

Testing out the ideas first in Photoshop, I wanted to see if I could experiment more with  how the images are laid out on the canvas. I used a filter for the first layer of the bowls, to highlight, give the bowl’s marking and shadows more depth and tone. In my opinion, I feel like there’s still a lot more I could work on for this bit, in reflection to the previous post. I still need to consider the space more, and how I want to put forward my initial idea.

I want to see how I go about this by hand collaging the objects in on the paper, and see where it takes me next.



It’s also very difficult to tell what the bowl is, or what the bowl is about. I may try laying the image of the bowl in different positions to see if it comes across better.

I chose  to work with the green, as gathered from my client that she likes that colour in particular, not only that, when I start to consider the topic of fruit or even decay, I automatically think of muted tones or greens. There’s an earthy vibe.

Also, I decided to position this poster to a landscape position, because whenever you’re viewing a bowl, it’s always sitting landscape. Even the overall shape of a bowl, covers that orientation.


G+T: MM: Concept development (4)

Hello! Welcome back.

I’ve started to start thinking about how I should approach this chosen concept of collage, and I wanted to start choosing a few of the photographs which were effective, and start playing around with them by hand. Personally, I was getting a little annoyed with laying everything out digitally, and I wanted to produce a few ideas that were a little more fresh and raw. Continue reading

Internship: CB: AF: Cover type draft

Not the final submission, but I’m still a bit indecisive about the choice in type and how it’s laid out currently.

I’m going over it again to make sure, that everything’s there and that its readability is pretty much to a point, before I submit the PDF file.

Image 1

I tweaked the covers colours a bit, while I had the document open, so it didn’t appear too bright. The red was rather dominating.

I think, I might have to be careful with the placement of the text, not to allow it to be too drowned out.


Internship: CB: Design mock up

Update: Uploaded this image to check the colours again. Sometimes, the colours may appear brighter or even duller on other monitors, but after doing a print test, it seems fine. Design Template - Animal Farm.png

This is a rough idea of how the spine, front and back cover works all together.

Next, I’m going to start piling on the type and any information needed for the back cover.

I wanted to just say, that it’s taken me a while to figure out how I was going to make this work, but after carefully considering that this has to be something to introduce to a new audience, while being eye catching, I had to be very careful, yet keep consistent with what colours or techniques I used for it.


Internship: Final test and development

After piecing each element together, I think I finally have something coming along for the submission tomorrow. I wasn’t too happy with having to keep making changes from my original idea, but I had to bear in mind, that what I wanted to show would be clear for whoever saw it.

I also had to consider readability. I’ve mentioned this plenty of times and whether I like it or not, I still have to at least try and work with type. I do want to start using more of it in future, so with this type, I originally just pretty much copied what the pigs did when they wrote the rules. I drew it out by hand using an old, dry brush and acrylic.

It was a shame that once I got it in to Photoshop and Illustrator, it wasn;t working too well visually and I had to just adjust it some how.


I;m currently going over any of the parts where the image has become distorted, but I did intend for it to have a more hands on approach. 

As for the concept, I wanted to focus on the dictatorship that’s a current running theme of the book. I wanted it to somehow obtain the odd satire that it did through the story, but have it subtle. Again, the colours chosen are based on the Soviet flag.

For the back cover, I tried to keep it simple and focus it on the pig.

cover test

Dissertation update: Research and abstract

Draft submission’s due soon, and I haven’t published anything lately for this.

I wanted to just extend on how my research has successfully helped to broaden out what i have so far, I’m currently narrowing down some of my discussion and looking at the last minute possibilities to extend on.

It’s been rather challenging writing about a topic I’ve loved for such a long time, yet, I don’t see it as much as a task or a ‘thing I must do’, when it comes to discussing it.

I’ve discovered a few details, when looking over some articles; that how it’s crucial that Japanese culture has somehow shaped our view on these characters in Anime, or how they dress and behave. They’re almost set with these expectations, and it does indeed change in both of the genres. I must relinquish the fact that, this is probably not due to the change in audience, but I have yet to check over this again and get to the bottom of this.

It’s still very broad, and there’s a possibilities that there’s many different views and answers to this.

I can only share with you the presentation, I presented about a month ago, which does give a brief idea of how I have approached this, and started to consider the research for my study.