100 briefs in a day.

A new project from two weeks back, that was completed with in a day.  It wasn’t just ONE project, but one hundred wrapped all in to one. From the task, there were a few things that I’ve learnt  and it just so happens that one of the things were that I could complete all of the 100 briefs in a day with in two minutes. At first, I thought Sara was pulling our leg and yet, it turned out that she wasn’t. I was pretty glad that I did get a lot of sleep the night before because I didn’t think that I would’ve had enough energy, if I hadn’t.

Going through all of the pencil drawings and notes I have with in this topic, I’ve pulled out a few of my favourite outcomes, as they seem to be the stronger ones. Though, they may not be as clear to anyone else compared to how I see them. They were scrawled down pretty quickly, due to the time limit.

Imagine a man with red socks, think of the rest of him, what is his job, dog, newspaper etc. What does he love and hate?

Taking the brief literally, I drew out a news editor, reading a newspaper while eating a hot dog with his hat on.  It would’ve been better if I had concentrated a little more on this one, and came up with something else.

Design an epitaph (what is written on his or her gravestone) for an agnostic (some one not sure of the existence of God).

It was indeed a tough one, but in the last couple of seconds, I was able to write down one. To be honest, I’m not sure if I answered this correctly. When I approached this question, it reminded me of the witty, little writings that appear on the gravestones with in the game ‘Fable the Lost chapters’, these are located in Oakvale and for example, “D.Carter, ever unconvinced there is life before death.”. I adore those kind of statements or notes that display on the tombstones with in this particular game series; more of them can be seen here: http://fable.wikia.com/wiki/Tombstones.

If a book is a container of words, what is a container of ideas? Draw it.

I chose this particular one, as this was the first idea that came to my head. A brain can be seen as a container that stores many thoughts, data and ideas. I was able to finish this in under two minutes, and I’m quite fond of this one; it’s simple and it gets the idea of the brain being a way of storing things.


Scanning it in, I uploaded it in to Photoshop and started to adjust the brightness and contrast levels, until I obtained a nice, clean sketch and started to add a bit of colour. I wanted to give more more life to the image.


If I were to re-do this, I would tidy up the colour a little, so it’s neater.

Over all, the 100 briefs project was pretty fun, it got my brain going and I feel that it’s a great starter for when you want to get some more ideas down, or get better ideas that aren’t the typical and obvious kind.