AotW: Maïlis Colombié

Haven’t done this in a long while, but well, I was in the mood for looking at some new source of inspiration towards my animation in FMP and I found it. I’m going to be publishing a few mor AotW’s in a moment, just to catch up.


You can find more of her amazing drawings here:
A thing that I found intriguing about her animations and illustrations was the quality and how well she’s able to tell a story. Even with the differences in language, it’s clear to tell what’s happening. I rather quite like that aspect in particular.


A/DotW: Steven Sugar

If you recognise the name, I have mentioned him previously while researching his sister Rebecca Sugar.

He is the main inspiration for the character on Steven Universe and the main background designer for the Cartoon Network show.

As you can see, if you’ve ever kept a look on my previous posts about his sister and Steven Universe, his work maintains a similar energetic and vibrant frequency.



While there’s these solid tones of colour that have been used, it seems that they also help with the lighting used through out each illustration. It also helps to emphasis and convey a specific mood or atmosphere to the situation used in the image.

From this, I get a calm, relaxing evening sort of image to my mind.

ADOTW: Old Xian

So, tell us why Shaih, you had to keep us waiting so long for a new Artist/designer of the week?

Well, you tell me. There’s an array of many designers/artists that I’ve been itching to discuss or mention over the holiday, and I pretty much had to play ‘eenie-meenieo’ with this one. Old Xian has been such an amazing influence, she has opened up my whole entire experience with narratives and comics over the past year and a half.

From her funny short comic gags, to the other aspects, I’m very fond of her comic ’19 Days’.


Besides the use of humour and story telling, another thing that strikes me is how she’s able to build relationships between the characters with in the story.

I also enjoy her use of colour; as I repeat quite a lot. It helps to set a mood for the reader.

Even the was she has used it or the lighting, it’s very fine and not too dominant among the other aspects.

Artist/Designer Highlight: Kohske


Final highlight for today– A freelance illustrator and mangaka, she’s mostly known for being the author and artist behind the anime/animated series GANGSTA. I’ve been itching to talk about Kohske’s work for such a long time now. She draws and writes such edgy material; it’s getting me all hyped.

To the left, you’ll find a representation of her, which was drawn by Kohske. While I describe her works to be edgy, she’s able to convey a side of humour as well to her comics and  I find that very influentual towards my own writing and drawing style.

The use of humour with in such a serious series, it’s quite contradicting.

Here’s an example of one of the panels right from the manga GANGSTA:trA0bffDz9Y

Artist/Designer Highlight: Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

I wish I had discovered her sooner because her work would’ve been a nice thing to talk about in terms of how words can become their meaning, or the meaning to be shown through their style and the way form is depicted. Her work is very colourful, bold and I love how appealing her designs are. You may have made the automatic assumption, like I’ve done, where I thought that these were all hand drawn on a chalkboard, but they’re not. She creates all of these designs digitally by using custom brushes.


I don’t know where to start with the typography. What attracted me most is how well the darker tones of colour work with the lighter ones. They add this ‘oomph’ to the over all design, it makes it stand out and gives it more contrast. 3553-87465

She also starts to take advantag of the entire space given with in the document and not only centering the text to the center or to the sides, in doing that, it makes the outcome appear to be free and not cluttered or squashed.


Artist/Designer Highlight: Alexis Anne Mackenzie

Alexis Anne Mackenzie uses collages to create surreal pieces that have this sense of herritage to them. I’ll give you a few examples of her work, and then get on to talking about them:

3572-82385 This piece (on the left) conserves a touch of unusuality to it, with how the collage has a layering of elegant female heads, then having what appears to be twigs coming out of their eyes. It’s quite bizzare.  When observing it closer, it appears to me that it could probably be formed so it looks like a very odd sea creature.



The typography is what drew more to her style, whereas the collage is another great trait she carries through in her work.  Each set of letters takes advantage of the shape, style and look of the object to worm the letter.



3572-82286 3572-82285 3572-82273