Case Study- Christa Sandy

An active illustrator from level 5, Christa Sandy. She depicts a very bold, original illustration style which varies between being created by hand and later edited with in Photoshop. Below, I have proceeded in asking her several questions based around her style and her influences towards how she produces her works:

Why did you chose to go in to Illustration?

I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I loved kids and being creative.

Who or what are you influenced by?

Music, drive. Day to day art that opens up my mind to different ideas.

aalyah-finishHere, on the left hand side is an example of Christa’s poster idea and research, that has helped to define her idea for her poster. The poster features the late singer Aaliyah. To quote from Sandy’s blog on her process with this, “I researched one of her songs and analysed the way it made me feel. This exercise helped me decide on the images that expressed my understanding of and love for Aaliyah’s music. I drew a cassette player with the tape from the cassette gliding around the poster as a framework. I added music notes and a vintage microphone to reflect that the music is not in the present and is rooted in the past. It was old school music. I wanted to keep the images simple. I drew a portrait of Aaliyah using one of her marketed images from 2002. I thought that my research simplified the concepts from the song that I chose. I created the poster over the course of a week and I am satisfied with the final result. Given more time, I would improve the portrait of Aaliyah by focusing on enhancing the tones and contrast of her skin. I would also include more visual concepts relating to her music.”

Do you have a specific style?


Any process to how you create?

I get a vision in my head, ideas and I create them by hand and on the computer in Photoshop.

Favourite project so far?


Below, you shall find a few of the tests she had produced towards this particular project. They come across as bold, peculiar, but they are relative and give the train tickets concept.