FMP: Effects of Mutism/Anxiety- Introduction

Hello again!



I’m going to introduce you all again to my previous ideas for my FMP and I’ll now be officially saying, that this is going to be what my final major project will be about.

I did have a lot of thought and consideration about this subject and considering how the previous one went, I was not too happy with the results or how it turned out. It became something that could be described or seen as immense complication. That’s just my opinion.

Project background

A short description of project context and how it links to your practice


As an illustrator, I’m quite often faced with this subject of this disability on a daily basis, when it involves working with other practitioners in the class or even when working on commissions, but as to give this more context, as it’s been addressed before, it’s often put down to just nerves or shyness. When it goes beyond that, I would like to see how this can develop in a way that it can show others what it can truly be like and how it can be seen through someone who faces it daily.

Through my practice, the context is that I also create a lot of characters that can be put in to a story context or exploring different methods of expressing a particular word or subject.

I will be using the following processes and media….

Using a range of drawing techniques, image making and mark making.

Exploring text and image.

Innovative visual processes through digital and hand.


Animation, digital and by hand.


So, from this, I’ll start off I’m going to start keeping a diary of when I get these thoughts, moments or anything that triggers my anxiety.

I may be posting something to follow about this project soon, I didn’t know how I would like to start this project, but I wanted to explore some thoughts about how I have approached something or what comes to my mind about it.



Give ad Take: Development: Feel (7)

Last part of the development for today, but I started to test out one concept. I did mention in one of my previous blog posts that I started to use the photocopier to warp some of the drawings I had, so taking one of the marks I had made in relation to ‘Feel, I used the liquify option again in Photoshop to see how I could express how sometimes, when you feel a lot of different things, you’re not really sure how to feel or express yourself.

Those moments where you’ve bottled up rage, happiness or even times where you’re so indescribably lost in your thoughts and you’ve had your heart broken, you’re unsure of how to feel.

So, taking this warp image:


I just undecidedly played around with the form until it became a figure. A figure that with inside them feels unsure of themself.


The lines were just a overlapping of many layers of different lines and marks I had made from my experimentations, although the lines do resemble different states of feel in an emotional sense.

The gif image is a little too fast, so I may have to consider how I can make sense of this in further development.

However, I tried again to change the colours again to see if the image may become clearer, and step away from this gif image aesthetically.

Give and Take: Development(6)

Following on from the reviewing of the previous gifs I had made for ‘Economic’, I tried to consider simply approaching this by loosely drawing out a flower and animating it in bloom instead.

While I’m quite satisfied with how these are coming along, I still feel that I need to give this a little push with what I have and see which concept works better. Next, I’ll try stepping away from the flowers and leaf approach and try animating some of the other definitions I have for this.


Although, I did attempt to look more at how I can make ‘Economic’ gradual as I described it to be. With a special effect option in Photoshop, I was able to make the animation smoother in how each flower overlaps each other. Once again, I tried to use a colour scheme or colours that helps to link in with the meaning or the word. The multicoloured one emphasises how we, or everything involved with ‘economic’ or the economy has gradually helped it or destroyed it.

Give and Take: Development (5): Concept play

I think I have a concept that’s working effectively. Taking a look back on what was working or not, I seem to enjoy having the textured two toned lines, but to put that to the side, I have started to look back at what words or descriptions for my words stood out to me.

Feel = Physical, emotional.

Company= Buildings, industrial or a group.

Economic= Life, growth and development.

Other meanings:

Feel = Unsure, torn, broken, lost, nothing.

Company= Many, dominate, overcrowding, over towering.

Economic= Change, gradual, gas, clouds.


So, from the helpful feedback I received on Tuesday, I started to look at the methods I tried out through the first few experimentations, by having a clear image and then making the lines or the drawing animate with it’s description or meaning.

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G&T: Walk the line: Experimentation and Development (4)

After looking through all of the tests so far, and looking back at the brief, I’ve started to turn my attention to some of the research I had done on the words. The three words, just as a reminder are Feel, Company and Economic.


Shapes: Squares, Blocks, Rectangles, cubes, cuboids, blobs.

Sounds: Hard, metallic, beep, clicks, taps, yelling, conversing.

Feeling: Spacious, relaxed, panicked, pressured, enjoyable.

Opposite: Single, alone, spacious, blank.

Functions: A group of people (family, friends etc) or Buildings, businesses.

How can we understand it differently?

By approaching it with no intentions in mind? no understanding of what that word is or what it means, or even without know visual representation.



Shapes: Patterns, Zigzags, lines, circles

Sounds: Pop, bangs, swoosh, grating.

Feeling: Sad, happy, angry, rough, grimy, slimy, annoyed, depressed, uncertain, confused, lost, alone, empty, broken, sharp, hard, soft.

Opposite: Nothing. Blank.

Functions: Touch or to mentally and physically obtain an emotion.

How can we understand it differently?



Shapes: Leaves, ovals, round, circle, spikes.

Sounds: Gentle, breeze, fast, productive.

Feeling: Warm, windy, gentle, soft, bristle, cold, light, calm, energetic, rise.

Opposite: Harsh, hot, scorching, slow,

From these things, that I started to consider last time, I’ve noted down a few things that seemed to work during both my every day drawings and experiments:

  • Two toned colour consideration
  • Patterns
  • Shape

I decided to play around with some layering of taking a few of the word drawings and overlapping them.

I drew the lines out using promarkers, I tried to focus these tests more on the other two words, as I’ve got quite a lot of development for ‘Feel’ already, so focusing on an element of the word ‘Economic’, I found that I was very interested in how energetic and expressive I could make the lines with just changing the shape of them and the colours. I wasn’t quite sure how these overlaying of series would turn out, once I had animated them, but my intention for the word, was to show that economic can grow in many different ways, even if it’s normal or unusual.


I was also quite keen in seeing how abstract I could make the animations turn out as well, but the meaning of the word might become unclear, if I start goig any further with this method.

G+T: Walk the line: Screen printing workshop

Today, was quite a productive lesson, as we were given a tutorial on how we can print or draw out our images directly to the screens.

Following straight through with the basics, I decided that I would try out this new method by playing around with one of the drawings I started to collage from the morning session. I didn’t really know what to expect at first, but I wanted to obtain an outcome that wasn’t solid in it’s look, as it would appear to be similar to all of the other outcomes with in my development.

So, painting in the parts that I intended to be negative, I tried to use the brush carefully.

Building up the image for the illustration for the word ‘Company’, I attempted the same rough movements through out.

The outcomes, were pretty much what I was hoping for, but I think that I could come back to these in future and attempt to work on how to make my word clearer, as they all appear to be abstract.