FMP, GT: Rug tufting workshop

This was pretty enjoyable actually, from what I recall. At first it was a little tricky, due to the amount of pressure in steering the gun the correct way, but it was quite the experience. I’ve never done rug tufting before, but it was similar to handling a sewing machine. Now, that I can handle.


However, I don’t think this would be something I would revisit in future, unless I wanted to make my own rug or something similar with my own design on it.

Broad: Development: Layout, pt1

Deciding on the publications layout has always been a challenge. I decided for this one, that I would just place boxes indicating where I wanted the images first, and see where it goes from there. I wasn’t too sure, as the overall document would be image based. I didn’t want to worry about the type at this point.

I didn’t want anything too complicated or over bearing; I also didn’t want there to be large chunks of text dumped on one page, so i tried to make things look balanced.

As I was moving on to InDesign and putting in the images, i tried to find some sort of system in laying out the images. I put them in to categories in a way.

So, feel would have the more illustrations of the characters, while the topic about the bowl in Match and mismatch would have the hidden features or emotions, which was the girl and one of the hand images. The bowl had a lot of hidden potential and details which people would over look.

I liked the overall plan for this, but I felt that there was a lot of inconsistencies and when I received my feedback for it, I still have a strong feeling that there’s quite a bit I could work on for the images. A few of them just didn’t work.

Broad: Development, Duotone pt2.

Following on from the experimentation, I started to play around even more with the other illustrations created from the monotype. I found that a lot of the illustrations, were difficult to work with at first, for example, where the lines were quite thin on a few of them, it was very hard to see what the image was. So, on a few of them, i had to rethink about and start considering the direction I wanted to take them. (more…)

Broad: Development: Editing images– Duotone, pt 1

When it came to using duotone, I found it tricky. I never knew what kind of result i would get in the end, but as I started to just explore the settings, I found myself becoming very intrigued by the different results I was receiving.

Just to note, I decided that my colour scheme would be red and blue, in reference to the fact that not only were they contrasting colours, but when it came to drawing in the Walk the line project, I used these two colours quite a bit and in general when it came to print, the two work so well together when overlapping them. (more…)

Broad+FMP: Development, Monoprinting pt4.

Visiting the room again, I really wanted to mix the FMP a little with the Broad project, particularly when trying out the similar methods that were learnt from the previous sessions. I found that it was quite difficult to focus this session, I was at a loss for what to try out or experiment with, but then I found my everyday drawings, and just decided to work with it.

Illustration for Broad.
I liked this one in particular, due to the use of textures that were created from the lines I made. I wasn’t too sure how to approach this at first, however, I think the extra tones given to the characters help bring the lines out nicely. What I would like to start thinking about next, in terms for the next two projects is to start thinking about how duotone makes the lines appear and whether or not this will be a good method to try things out.