Hot house: Abram Games

Another intriguing hot house talk presentation, which I had yet to talk about.


I particularly liked his work, it was quite iconic and I thought I recignised his name once I heard it. He’s a British graphic designer who was ore knwn for his War posters and the fact that his main tool, which he used as a practicioner was a air brush.

The presentation was presented by his daughter, and it was incredible to find out more about how he started off and how he was able to publish until the very end. His style is very divine.


Hot house: Russell Weekes

Such an amazing Hot house guest. I was particularly looking forward to this one, since I’ve looked at his work and style previously. Which you can find here.

What I particularly found intriguing about this talk was, that we were able to find out about how he comes up with such witty and interesting ideas for his set projects or the ones he has with clients. I’ve also started to learn and understand about how you have to develop an idea by taking it further, even if it’s an idea that probably has no relevance to what you’re doing. Just by tweaking it, you obtain a new idea.