DC: Internship/ Competition brief outcome

Right, I forgot to post this up earlier in the month. I went over the colours again, and decided to alter them properly with the intended colour scheme. I found out the problem, and it was entirely down to me not making sure, that the document was set to ‘CMYK’, either way, it should of worked, oddly. The tones do work a lot better now, and they’re not too bold or vivid. I’m rather happy with this outcome, that I’ve submitted, but there are a few things, now that I;m looking at them, that i would’ve adjusted further.

For example, the ‘BAD’, that could be a tad darker or lighter, so it’s not so merged in to the background. I would’ve also made the ‘Two legs’ and ‘Four legs’ part more of a red.

Besides that, it was pretty fun working on the illustrations and type for the cover. Type’s totally not part of my comfort zone, yet I enjoyed making sure that it reflected the weird satire of the story.


Internship: CB: AF: Cover type draft

Not the final submission, but I’m still a bit indecisive about the choice in type and how it’s laid out currently.

I’m going over it again to make sure, that everything’s there and that its readability is pretty much to a point, before I submit the PDF file.

Image 1

I tweaked the covers colours a bit, while I had the document open, so it didn’t appear too bright. The red was rather dominating.

I think, I might have to be careful with the placement of the text, not to allow it to be too drowned out.


Internship: CB: Design mock up

Update: Uploaded this image to check the colours again. Sometimes, the colours may appear brighter or even duller on other monitors, but after doing a print test, it seems fine. Design Template - Animal Farm.png

This is a rough idea of how the spine, front and back cover works all together.

Next, I’m going to start piling on the type and any information needed for the back cover.

I wanted to just say, that it’s taken me a while to figure out how I was going to make this work, but after carefully considering that this has to be something to introduce to a new audience, while being eye catching, I had to be very careful, yet keep consistent with what colours or techniques I used for it.


Internship: Final test and development

After piecing each element together, I think I finally have something coming along for the submission tomorrow. I wasn’t too happy with having to keep making changes from my original idea, but I had to bear in mind, that what I wanted to show would be clear for whoever saw it.

I also had to consider readability. I’ve mentioned this plenty of times and whether I like it or not, I still have to at least try and work with type. I do want to start using more of it in future, so with this type, I originally just pretty much copied what the pigs did when they wrote the rules. I drew it out by hand using an old, dry brush and acrylic.

It was a shame that once I got it in to Photoshop and Illustrator, it wasn;t working too well visually and I had to just adjust it some how.


I;m currently going over any of the parts where the image has become distorted, but I did intend for it to have a more hands on approach. 

As for the concept, I wanted to focus on the dictatorship that’s a current running theme of the book. I wanted it to somehow obtain the odd satire that it did through the story, but have it subtle. Again, the colours chosen are based on the Soviet flag.

For the back cover, I tried to keep it simple and focus it on the pig.

cover test

Internship: R: Book covers (5)

Might be splitting this up in to two posts, so be prepared.

I wanted to revisit this topic further, before I start looking in to visual research. It was difficult to try and schedule some time for farm visiting, but luckily enough, I have a few connections for that.

I checked out some websites, to help see how other book covers are approached; whether they’re done by hand. digitally, in type and I picked out a few, which I personally worked well with the following: Type, colour, image.  (more…)

Internship:R: Sara Kipin(4)

An inspiration, and admirable illustrator. I discovered her work during my second year, while working on my third project and her style was remarkable.

I wanted to re-look at her book cover illustrations, as they were quite strong on how they were created visually to highlight what the story could be like or what could happen.


I also absolutely adore her character designs, as well, so that’s another aspect that intrigued me, but my worry right now, is how i’m going to convey the genre of Animal farm and embrace its satire. In my opinion, in relation to these two cover arts; the choice of tones used, even the type, they’re all things that can connect back to the films or even the stories that are set for The Lord of the rings. The grungy, mild tones that help to make it feel as if it’s something that’s been pulled directly from another world, such as this one; it gives it that musky undertone that all’s not bright and cheery, but their about to be off on a long journey somewhere. Even the choice of location for the imagery, the position of the characters, help to set a scene for what the person’s going to expect.