MM: Poster concept development + Final Outcome

Making this very brief, there wasn’t much of a follow on from the riso print workshop, in all honesty. However, printing and getting the poster tested and finished took quite a while to do. There were many issues with the printer, when trying to print out on news print. Yes, I should of considered printing it on the Riso printer, regardless of that fact, I was concerned with the amount of ink that may be pressed against the fibers of the stock. I also wanted the ink to be quite heavy on the print, as well, so I did it this way.

G+T: MM: Development and Gifs outcomes

Very brief. My initial plans for this, were to have two separate gifs that would be different from each other, but would still be able to tie in with one another.

The advert gif, I wanted to try out a few ideas first, but I found that my original ideas for it were a little too complicated and in the end, I decided to focus the gif on having the bowls form from the patterns which were created from the decaying fruit skin photos, and the markings on the outside of the bowls.

In my opinion, I found this focus to be a bit more direct, and also it just appealed to me more, than just having the bowl with objects being placed in it. It didn’t necessarily fit with the function of the bowl.
chiiwa94’s photo on Photobucket
The second gif was a little easier to develop, as it was just throwing some of my chosen photographs together, but i had to backtrack on the second rewatch of it, and I wanted to take it up a notch by collaging some edited pictures in to it, to show that you can do more than just observe the bowl.

Riso workshop: Outcomes + development

The Riso workshop was actually quite helpful towards how the final concept turned out, it was able to allow me to start think of interesting ways in how we could use textures or even patterns to help develop or collage with the current photographs we had already developed.

I found that the Photograph edits combined with the riso prints I made, were pretty efficient towards the idea as well, as it was then used to take a few of my current ideas further.


GT: MM: Concept development (5)

Testing out the ideas first in Photoshop, I wanted to see if I could experiment more with  how the images are laid out on the canvas. I used a filter for the first layer of the bowls, to highlight, give the bowl’s marking and shadows more depth and tone. In my opinion, I feel like there’s still a lot more I could work on for this bit, in reflection to the previous post. I still need to consider the space more, and how I want to put forward my initial idea.

I want to see how I go about this by hand collaging the objects in on the paper, and see where it takes me next.



It’s also very difficult to tell what the bowl is, or what the bowl is about. I may try laying the image of the bowl in different positions to see if it comes across better.

I chose  to work with the green, as gathered from my client that she likes that colour in particular, not only that, when I start to consider the topic of fruit or even decay, I automatically think of muted tones or greens. There’s an earthy vibe.

Also, I decided to position this poster to a landscape position, because whenever you’re viewing a bowl, it’s always sitting landscape. Even the overall shape of a bowl, covers that orientation.

G+T: MM: Concept development (4)

Hello! Welcome back.

I’ve started to start thinking about how I should approach this chosen concept of collage, and I wanted to start choosing a few of the photographs which were effective, and start playing around with them by hand. Personally, I was getting a little annoyed with laying everything out digitally, and I wanted to produce a few ideas that were a little more fresh and raw. (more…)