Looking at songs.

Searching through my playlist; admittedly, I found it very hard to decide attributable to I have a lot of songs that I do listen to every day and on a daily basis. Not only that, most of the songs I listen to are in other languages, besides English and it tends to be those ones, that I listen to more. Going through the list, I narrowed my results down to six songs, that I considered making the three posters for, but what I’m going to is, is analyse them because I need to select only three of them. They need to be songs that I have a very strong link to and would bring out my true and stronger emotions/feelings for.

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen: Starting off with my most favorite song and it’s from my most favourite Band that I’ve cherished for 15 years now. I’ve always been an avid fan of their music. Thinking over this song, I wanted to avoid it at first, though a lot of ideas have come to my mind while recalling the lyrics to the song. A vision of darkness shadowing over a small, crouched over figure as they call out to another figure in the distance, all until the rhythm of the music changes; colourful, beaming lights flash repeatedly up on the scene until the voice fades away in to nothing.  The sensation that I have for this song is vague, even though in the past, it’s made me feel angry, calm, sad and happy, the emotions aren’t necessarily settled, nor are they easy to obtain. That’s why it’s not one I shall be choosing for this task. I may however come back to this one later on and make a separate poster.
  2. Mr. Blue Sky- Electric light orchestra: I’m psyched up in a flash when this one plays, it takes me so back and I can recall so many nostalgic memories. I have a feeling that not many people know of this particular song, or can understand how brilliant it is. While it’s considered as a rock song, it can also be argued that it’s also a classical, due to the use of opera. It’s one that I enjoy and re-play any time without getting too bored of it. I’ve chosen to create a poster for this one, as my ideas are coming along with this except I can work on that. It gives off this psychedelic vibe and the first thing I recall from this song was the singer’s hair, and also the fact that he later went on to become the vocalist for Wizzard.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQUlA8Hcv4s
  3. YAMA-HA- GOATBED: The singer Ishii Shuuji repeatedly sings different names, which I made the assumption that they’re names of car brands and it’s quite repetitive. All the song does is relax me, but this may be because of the singers voice. I must admit that, I would really like to work on a poster for GOATBED, so I might create one for them in my free time at a later point.
  4. Parklife- Blur: Another song that creates this eneretic atmosphere. All I can picture from this one is two guys sitting in a car or driving around. I can’t obtain a lot of emotion for this one.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSuHrTfcikU
  5. Year 3000- Busted: Nostalgia. I was about 7 or 8 years old when I first heard this song, it was one of those years where scooters were in fashion. Thinking back on it makes me feel joyous, excited and I really love how Busted tell stories with in their songs, it’s such a 90’s, 00’s thing.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o07HhMFUSv0Definitely a song I’ll do one poster for.
  6. Love Rollercoaster- Red hot chili peppers: Excellent beat. For me, I always seem to remember Beavis and Butthead from this song, as it was used for their movie. The feeling I get from this one is completely different from the previous songs, strangely enough, even though the song has a similar rhythm and the same types of instruments being played, but this may be because it’s a love song. I picture butterflies, hearts, roller coasters and there’s a lot of pink.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1cbsLKXasQ

Random updates

Firstly, I noticed that the video for my animation takes a while to play. I’ve uploaded it now to Daily motion, so it now can be seen.







I wanted to take my typographic prints further by giving the words more context by adding some drawings of a rabbit, snowflake and a flower. I scanned this in to Photoshop and began to experiment with layering effects. So far, the black and white one is my favourite among them, though the thing stopping it from going further is the quality of the text. It’s blurry on the edges.

I also could of drawn the rabbit a lot better to make it recognisable.

Zine project update

After building up my idea and drafting out sketches for my zine project, I have come to one outcome for my front and back page, and my inside page. Previously, I started to discuss my ideas and the suggestions I had been given from Sara about making the lines or the objects appear to look hand drawn in pencil. I did a little research and tested my first idea.

I wasn’t too pleased with it in the end. I spent an hour working on it; I thought it looked pretty cool at first, but you know, when you finish something you have spent a while on; it looks good, you go away for a while and come back, then it looks completely the opposite to how impressive you thought it was the first time? I had exactly that.


The lines weren’t to how I wanted it to be. The outcome most likely came out like this because of my scanner; it’s not a very good one and occasionally it has a mind of its own.

In spite of this happening, it could be possible that this outcome ended up like this due to it being drawn out smaller.

I tried again by drawing the image out, but this time, I made it bigger on the page and instead of scanning it, I took a photograph.


It’s so much better in my opinion. It reflects on the progress I’ve made in my sketchbook and in the plans, I kept the shadows that were captured too.


As the second test was successful, I followed the same method as that again, but with the front and back page. I wanted to keep to the idea of pencil lines and making the pages with the scribbles and hand drawn marks.  It would’ve been better if my camera was able to capture at a higher quality; the lighting in the room was a lot brighter and if I avoided casting a shadow over the paper.

I may consider scanning this in again, but with a different scanner next time to see how it comes out. I would like to continue this in future, just to see what else I could do with the subject of zines and my chosen focus of ‘It’s never the end of the world’.

Drawing week– If buildings could talk.

First week back and we’re now set with our final week of rotations, and this week just happens to be drawing week. Drawing week you say? Yes, I had discussed this previously with in the mark making week, but it’s completely different this time. For the first task given, we were all asked to go off and search for places with in the building to document. It sounds like a simple task at first, but it wasn’t. I thought this at first and yet, I took a while trying to figure out where to start. The building is HUGE and there are various places, where I haven’t been before, so I thought about going right to the top of the building first: The roof.

I don’t often see many go up there which left me pondering, what was up there? more rooms? doors?

There were some things I had to once again think about–

  • Time management
  • How am I going to document the place?
  • Presentation?
  • What mediums will I use, if I’m documenting this by hand?

As I made my way there, I felt a chill. It wasn’t cold or anything up there, but the atmosphere was nerve wrecking. It seemed as there was someone else there, but I couldn’t see anyone there. There could’ve of been a ‘presence’, but that was the least of my worry at the time, though I could capture that feeling in my drawings.  I decided I would take a couple of snaps and then work on the drawings on paper in the class room instead; after that was done, I used some thick, coloured chalks to capture some of the colour schemes that were on the walls.

It’s quite a useful place on that particular floor, due to the different things you could scrawl down, such as the odd angles on the stair case, or the paint and plaster that’s peeling off of the wall.

Once I was done, I went to each floor and took more photos, but they didn’t match up to how great this place was. Going back to the classroom, that was when I recalled the empty room inside our classroom, that rarely anyone would go in to. I understood why once I went in there.

It had a very eerie feeling inside; it was freezing. Taking another photo of the room, but this time in different angles, I exited.








It would’ve been such a nice idea to go back in that room, though, I didn’t want to go back in there again until I had to get on to the final task.

What stood out to me during this experience was the emotion of feeling nervous, scared and aware of what was around me. Using chalks, I tried to grasp this by roughly testing out the different patters or marks found. It was pretty tricky at first, but I began to get a hang of it.

Inputting the right marks or at least trying to get down those markings was a pain. I could’ve done better, if I was observing the space more and made my marks on the paper while looking at the surface.

Next task was to use 5 different mark making ways to draw five different places.

Observing what I’ve done so far, I strongly believe that the top image was the stronger piece. The use of ink can be used to communicate the amount of space in the room; it could also indicate the blankness and strange, cold feeling you get once you enter it. It would’ve been good, if I could of tried doing the same thing as I did here, but reverse the black to where the white is.

But heading on, I continued the project by creating a poster to reflect on what the room may say if it’s given a chance.

Blankness… emptiness… white space… hardly anyone enters it…

I thought about focusing on this idea of emptiness and that, the fact that nobody goes there.

I began to draft out the composition of the room with masking tape, this was in preparation for the ink, since the ink was so effective the last time, I decided to take it further.




Taking it further…

I wanted to try the letter press again, once I was finished with my first set of prints. I was definitely having a blast at the print press.

I chose to do another Japanese name this time– Aoba. This means ‘Blue leaf’, or with it’s kanji combined, it can mean that.

Knowing the meaning of the name, I decided to test with the blue ink, but as you can clearly see; the blue faded away on some parts. It was rather unusual, but interesting. You could still tell what the letter was even though it wasn’t clear.

Takin these to photoshop again, like with my last edits; I used a gradient map to change each colour. They came out well, but the only thing that bothers me right now is the blank background. I could edit this further, but I won’t do that this instant.

I said I would do it and so I have–

–I took one of these projects further at least…  Taking these into Photoshop and editing them was like a treat. By playing around with the layer settings on the second layer which one of the images were on, I took advantage. I took advantage of the many options I had to chose from, and what they could turn in to. Not only did I chose to tamper with those settings, image adjustments and decided to turn one of the layers inverted. I did this on a few of my outcomes to make sure that the lines were not too blended in with the dark, bold shades of the background.

Now, that I have layered the two images together on a few of these, I can start to see more depth to the buildings. They almost look like a few of them could pop out from the page at any instant.

Though, I have tested these methods, I don’t feel totally satisfied with these, but these were the only four I felt a little bit happy about. The thing that bothers me is the composition of the buildings and that they could have a little bit more details added to them, such as the windows or working in

more of the architectural patterns that are depicted on the building.

<– This one, that stood out for me. There are so many different traits about this experimentation that I enjoy, such as the washed out-look that the ink has around the sides.

I may want to consider re-doing the whole project in later on, or trying to see how I can make the buildings more see-able in the image.