DC: Portfolio: Development: pt3

I tried to look over my content and decided that the menu might look better to the left, and as a verticle drop down, as the horrizontal version would become too distracting for the user to see the work, and also, if I were to allow the menu to become a fixed, positioned menu on the page, then it can move down the page as the user scrolls through. It can allow them to avoid having to scroll back up to the top of the page, if they ever want to check out the contents of other pages.

Admitingly, creating a menu from Dreamweaver was such a pain in the butt; I don’t usually say this, but this took about 45 minutes to do, because for some reason, a code would work on one document, but not on the other and I had to keep checking back and forth why this kept occuring.

I did go and check out websites, which allow you to generate a drop down menu, however, they charge money for downloading the CSS code.

I did check out a helpful source:

When creating a drop down menu, you have to be so specific on which kind of menu you’re looking for. It’s not just a drop down menu, but there are many variations of that menu in particular. I started looking in to how a Accordions menu worked.

What I found interesting in particular, was how smoothly this one operated.


DC: Portfolio outcomes


Updating all of my social media with a new brand, and the photographs, I tried to connect all of them back to my digital and physical with the choice of content.

My website

Super happy and pleased I was able to code it all on time; every aspect was a difficult choice, yet in the end it came in handy. I chose to code because it’s relaxing and it always feels like there’s a new problem to solve, but I’m also quite ecstatic that i was able to show the work I wanted to. It makes the work look presentable and clean.

After some difficulties with the folder idea, I went to plan 2 and pulled together a make shift book, where it can open up and be edited at any time. I felt that this was a more effective approach and it also was able to connect all of the links together nicely.


DC: Development: Physical portfolio

So, from the presentation, it was actually quite a handy piece of feedback I received. I tend to have the habbit of doing too much or presenting a whole bunch of things, but I think now I’m quite satisfied I’ve got quite a variation of ideas that I want to extend on.  I didn’t get to post my brief ideas before, but I will post some information I’ve been gathering to extend on this.

These were some examples of the photo developments i started to do, before moving on to making changes to the website.

I intended to have everything photographed on coloured paper, to help bring out hte lines of the work.

FMP: Mockup and outcomes

Following the publication workshop, I decided to start using that information and combining it with the fmp to help form the final thing.

I found that by having it spacious, it draws attention to the images on the page.

Printing the outcomes out, I decided to try a mock up of it first.

To bring out the blue tones, I decided to print on a mixture of grey and premium paper to give the ink some more tone. While I’m quite pleased with what I’ve produced in such a short time, I think there’s quite a bit for me to do to improve still. I could of tried out something different, or even tried to play around mroe with the options and choices I had.

As for the gif outcome, I was quite happy with that too, but it could do with a lot more work. It could be more fluid in the way that it has been animated.

FMP: Development, pt2: Editing, concept

After developing all of those illustrations as monoprints, I tried to then go back and look at all of the illustrations collected so far and think carefully about how anxiety is shown through them. I know right now, that there’s a pattern going on and there are similar or the same reoccuring thoughts, so I tried to make a note of those ones.

So far, there’s this concept that anxiety is quite dark, depressing and grim.

For this publication, I think as it’s a topic that’s quite personal to me, I think that it would be best if I have it at A6 in size. This is in reflecting to the drawing books that I’ve been carrying, and I chose to go along with the blue and black theme, as it makes the images appear to be striking, and the blue helped to curve that emotion that anxiety draws upon.