CIP: Portfolio presentation talk

Fig Taylor, who consults with illustrators and designers about how they need to prepare and construct their portfolio came in to give us a talk about what we should be doing or should consider doing for our very own portfolio, in terms of presentation.

Her advice was very straight forward, clear and concise. I’ve learnt a lot from the presentation, but I also found myself feeling very positive in where I should take my design ideas further from here, to help build up some more plans in how I need to lay my work out with in the diagrams for the book pages.

When it comes to a portfolio, there needs to be consistency and what you need/want to show needs to be direct and clear to the person you want to show it to.

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London Anime and Gaming con – Part 2 (Final)

As promised, I shall now continue to talk about this wonderful event (for me) that only happens twice a year at The Rocket at Holloway road. I left the house pretty early wearing my costume; I have a strong feeling that my neighbours, the bus drivers and commuters are very use to seeing me every year dressed up in a unusual getup. The looks I get are full of either curiousity or guilt, the look tends to be that  of ‘Oh, ugh.. not this again. Do they even have a life?’ Luckily, my confidence for this sort of thing is pretty strong, so I ignore it.

At the event, it took a while to get in, however, we weren’t kept outside for as long as last year, due to the new checklist improvement. They changed their log in techniques from sheets of paper to a new app on their phones; this helped the process to be a lot smoother and easier for those who don’t like waiting.

While I waited for my mother to sort some things out with the front desk, I exchanged some business greetings with a clothing company representitive who was selling some products there. I received quite a well-designed card. This reminded me that I need to consider in future, that if I ever wanted to sell my stuff, such as drawings or any merchandise, I would need to consider how


I lay the stuff out and introduce my wares.

The atmosphere was typically busy to the point where the place got completely packed at one time.

It would’ve been a better idea, if they had opened up another seperate room for the merchandise sellers instead of cramming the merch and the stage performances all in to one room. It got hard to move around at one point.

Looking back on the event though, I would have to say that the voice actors who were presenting were very friendly; they also gave some good examples of how they voice particular characters, they then followed to give a brief introduction on how they started off and answered any questions made.

Puppet research for CCS essay

Carrying on with some research, I got down some notes for my chosen object.  It took me a while to make a final decision from my four trips to three different museums, but I have made a final decision.  I started off making a list of the things that stood out to me in the museum, which were the Japanese dolls (Bethnal green), Punch and Judy puppets (Bethnal green) and a Merry-go-round model (Bethnal green). I figured that there wasn’t any thing that stood out in the other two museums to me and I really was fond of a lot of things in the museum of childhood and I had to pick only one of these three; which led me to the puppets.

At first, it would of been the merry-go-round, but after spending four hours of searching on Google for it, I couldn’t find an ounce of information about it. It was a huge disappointment and a waste of my time to put it bluntly.

So, I went for Punch and Judy. Punch and Judy have a lot to talk about and could be something considered a treasure to British history, but there’s a problem, I can only talk about one of the puppets and I’m certain that I’ll discuss about the Punch puppet. He has a lot more to him compared to Judy because he’s the one in the show, that usually starts and ends the drama.

My notes so far, that I’ll need to concentrate on are:

  • Puppets- Influenced others
  • Entertainment
  • social influences
  • story behind
  • Influenced slapstick comedy
  • Popular culture of Victorian era
  • There’s a possibility that there’s plenty of documentaries on the history on the puppets


On Their Own: Britain’s Child Migrants

Quickly going to throw this exhibition out to everyone: On their own: Britain’s child migrants.

Touching, but a small exhibition that highlights the time of when the British children migrated during the war. It features items that they kept with them, their stories of how they went through it and what happened and some photographs.

It’s not an art related one, however, to find out some new, historical things from the people who experienced the huge tragedy may come in handy for any future projects. I originally attended this one in search for an object to talk about for my essay, but there wasn’t any that caught my eye. I also didn’t think there would be any further information on an item there, if I did find one.




Taking advantage of the free day, which is today. I’ve started to lay out and plan my design for my essay. I’ve come to terms with which object I’m going to write and discuss about, but I thought it would be a great idea to carefully layout (using tables in Microsoft word) the blog layout. Image 3

Usually, when I want to start planning out anything that involves writing, I tend to think about how I can set the layout first to help get me in the state of mind to encourage me to get it done. I also had to think about the kind of style I want my writing to be presented in for this essay because the layout style will also reflect on the writing style.

As of the essay, I’m planning to discuss the cloth puppet of Punch from Punch and Judy that was on the display in the Bethnal green Museum of Childhood. I chose the puppet; there’s a lot I could talk about in terms of history and I honestly think, that Punch and Judy were a comical influence to the UK in Slapstick comedy. They’re also influential politically.

There wasn’t a lot of information about the object on the V&A website, sadly. However, with the few details given about the materials used to create it, I should be able to pull off the creative process. I may have to look in to puppetry.

Thinking back on the references and information I’ve gathered up in the past three weeks, I don’t think I’ve done terribly so far on preparation, but I need to consider, that if I need to plan something, such as an essay, I need to get the planning done with in two weeks or less. Although, it’s taken me less time in this module compared to the review module to get to the stage that I’m at currently. It would’ve been more helpful, if the V&A museum had provided a little bit more information about the puppets… t̶h̶a̶t̶’̶s̶ ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶w̶i̶s̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶f̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶k̶y̶.



Visit to the Somerset house museum– Tintin Exhibition

I went there for Tintin and other displays, but mainly because of Tintin. Seeing the comic right in front of you, it takes your breath away. The lines, the captions and to find out how the author came up with the idea for it is such a wonderful experience.  Not only did it give you a broader idea on the history behind TINTIN; it allows you to know about the creator and about his life.

In total for this particular exhibition, there’s around 3 to 5 rooms that display scans, images and other art work related to this famous icon. There were several pages displayed as an A3 page behind a glass frame on the walls, they gave a description of what was with in it and the mediums artist Herge had used to draw.

Each panel gives off a strong example of how well the artist has published the movement/action or a character. I especially like how he boldly depicts the change in emotion on a characters face from one panel to another.

Another aspect I was keenly fond of was the wall displays that involved Tintin and his dog. They are just so effective towards the exhibitions display. They create such character.

Above is another example of how funny, but interesting the room links  were. These little pieces were in front of the fireplace area in each room, except each room had a different image.

The details of each object were given in brief, but looking at what there was on display, I suppose they had to make it very brief and not in a lot of detail, due to there was a lot of art work on display in each room. When it came to how the museum presented information about the artist and how he started off, there was a lot more info and they even provided quotes of what the artist had said, when he was asked about his characters or about the story.
I found this to be particularly useful, if I were to chose one of the objects on display as an object to do my essay on, but it wouldn’t of allowed me to discuss it in detail. I would’ve of liked it if, they did provide some more information or had put up some on their website.