Internship: R: Book covers (5)

Might be splitting this up in to two posts, so be prepared.

I wanted to revisit this topic further, before I start looking in to visual research. It was difficult to try and schedule some time for farm visiting, but luckily enough, I have a few connections for that.

I checked out some websites, to help see how other book covers are approached; whether they’re done by hand. digitally, in type and I picked out a few, which I personally worked well with the following: Type, colour, image.  Continue reading


Portfolio workshop

Just going to briefly put my input/opinion about the portfolio session I had last week with Ricardo.

At first, I was pretty panicked about not having enough work or not having my final outcomes for the workshop prepared, but luckily, I didn’t need them in the end. From this session, it allowed me to think about how I would like to present all of my work for the final hand in.

While, I thought at first form what had been suggested to me previously; I thought that presenting all of the work in a presentation box was the only answer. NO. It wasn’t. I was allowed to think in more depth about how we must consider how the work itself is presented as a piece on it’s own, so from this, I thought about how the majority of my work is large drawings or prints; they could be pinned together between two sheets of nicely designed card? or they could be put in a folder or a case? they could even be bind a certain way, which allows them to them be pinned up?

specification design port.jpg

There were so many different ideas floating around in our group, but I had to take a moment to consider how much work I have and how I could separate it.

The same goes for the sketchbooks. I’m planning on re-binding a couple, due to the spine falling off and the fact that all of them are plain black, I’ve been thinking about possibly covering the covers with textured paper and stamping my hand-made logo lino printing stamp which I made. I want them to have an essence of my own self brand/representation in a way. I feel that I could present the work in some sense, where it’s able to maintain it’s structure, than just placing it in a box or a sleeve.

A while ago, I had composed a folder on Pinterest with portfolio ideas, that I had interest in or to provide me some ideas in how I could present everything: Here.


CIP: Collection- Development decisions

It’s been a productive day to say the least, but as I went through the document, I couldn’t help, but make many different changes to the contents layout. I noticed that some of the spacing were off, or that I did the margins too thick. I had it set at ’18 mm’ on the inside, but that was only due to my previous binding decision, which was going to be the stab bind. Then, I had to reconsider it because I had several full-scale images that took up two pages, so they would be affected.

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In the end, I’ve chosen and will update with a few examples of these changes, but I’ve noticed, that by keeping the pages consistent, it makes it look much more presentable. My aim was to make sure that the work was readable and clear to understand, and I think I’m getting there.



Printing decisions

At first, yes, I was originally planning to send it to a printing bureau. Which one? Blurb, but considering that I lack money, and it takes a while for it to arrive and get finished, etc, etc. I didn’t want to risk it and if I were to consider this project or method in future, I need to allow myself to have more time to submit and get these things done.

However, as I’m going along with getting the printing done at home. I’m quite happy to do it that way. I’ve made sure that the printer prints at high quality, and that I’ve got the right paper, ink etc.

To return to the binding method again, I decided that a cross over bind would be perfect at keeping a sewn together book tightly together. For some reason, whenever I bind with glue; everything gets messy and I cannot stress enough how I’m trying to avoid  that issue.

Then again, “every dog has its day”.  I’m going to see this project through to the end and I’ll definitely wrap it up by the end of the weekend.



A;R- TFS// Animated trailer- Initial plans 1 + Research

Lately, while gathering together illustrations and pulling together the project; I’ve been thinking about how I can take a narrated piece or content from Fable then translate it in my own way visual (to 2d/by hand); I thought it may be nice to see how I can then take those images created for the posters and see how they look on screen, but moving on from that, I’ve been thinking about the trailer and I have yet to start putting it together or testing it… I should of started it, but I did some up with some notes to what it narrative could be. As it’s to introduce this series to a new audience or new gamers, who have never played the games, I think it would be a nice start to re-use the images I’ve illustrated already which sort of convey a narrative part of the first three games already.

At first, I wanted it to be a fully animated piece, but I think it may be more interesting to see how I can put together the still images on their own and see how they work together to tell a story.

It could even go like this: Intro/ Hero— > Text: It’s your destiny. — > Bandits —> What will you do? —> Death—- > You have a choice —> Second game —-> Strength… —> Hero fighting? — > Will…. —> Similar image —> Accuracy… —> What kind of Hero will you be? –> Scenes switch —> Industrial period. Armour or landscape change? —> Good? —> or evil? —> Could have some examples of it?

Well, that was a brief idea, but I feel it could be short and brief, as most trailers tend to be like that. However,  I would like to have the trailer have a similar sensation as the narrated scenes would have in the game with their stills.


And with the sound, I would like to think about how I could fit the narrated text with the images itself and merge the sound tracks. Although, I still need to  play around with this aspect.



A;R– TFS// Development 3

I’ve come to the point, where I’ve gone through testing these methods and looking at the quotes and drawing out with different mediums that I’m coming to decide what 3 quotes I should be focusing on for my 3 posters that’ll sit along the trailer I’ll be working on. I haven’t got a lot of time to be thinking too deep in to where to take this, but I have been considering of focusing it on quotes that describe or show the beginning, the will and how the people of Albion are. While I did say 3 posters, it may be that I can take the people of Albion one in to the a5 cards that I have. While contemplating this idea, I thought that the quotes that stood out to me.

After brooding over this subject, I came to decide that I could start drawing and trying out the methods I tried before by simply drawing up ideas, but there were a couple of outcomes previously, which I did come to like, however, I have this particular image in my head that I want to get out. I’m not sure yet, how I’m going to go about it, but I know that I want to use a mixture of at least three of the medium techniques, for example mono printing and working with promarkers. I like the bold colours, but I also like how the lines for monoprinting come out.

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A:R: The Fable series// Development 2/3– Figurative.

After all I’ve done, so far, I’m feeling that I haven’t done quite enough experimenting with the concept of having a game series, and then developing it in to a totally new visual concept.
I went back and I decided to look at the doodles/drawings that I had originally illustrated and decided to start re-drawing them in more of a figurative way, so for example, there was a quick sketch which I had developed from the scenes of when the first Hero had found his father dead.
I drew it out quickly using the pastels, but I would like to see if I could produce this in a printed form, such as mono.

I like how simplistic the lines and colours were on their own, but I found that I couldn’t really tell what was going on and I have an inkling that I may have to give further context to the images, that I’m producing. I could either do this by adding more detail or even adding text.

Returning back to the trees overlaying technique, I was really starting to enjoy using just red and blue, or even green with red and blue because it’s quite bold and once they overlap, they create a nice effect.