Give and Take: Development(2) and Experimentation(5)

I was testing out some new Photoshop brushes I had downloaded from DeviantArt and I wasn’t too keen with the way they turned out, so the little doodle I did. I ended up saving it, due to the fact that I was happy with how it turned out.

Bearing in mind that I did some research on some more practitioners, and the feedback I received, I decided to try and animate the digital outcome by moving around specific elements. Untitled-1

The image could fit more with the word ‘Company’ as there’s a company of lines, which remind me of Crows.


Next time, I will have to keep in mind  to separate different parts of the image on to layers to make the movement less bulky.


Give and Take: Research: GIFS (1)

Welcome to my GIF finds!

I’ve had a bit of fun going through my tumblr and Pinterest accounts, trying to recall the gif image locations I saved or had reblogged.

I tried to look in to them a bit more, and find out who had created them and what they do, so to start off…

Tom Hardwick

Tom Hardwick’s an Illustrator, who had graduated from Hull School of Art and design. When I was doing some research for simple animated gifs, that appeared to be hand drawn, I was struck by how simplistic, but effective the animated scene was with in the moving image. When I think about this gif, I find it remarkable how I didn’t even consider layering up a still image and a moving image. I would like to see how I can animate two different images on the separate layers and see where I can take it from there, but I may need to keep in mind of how they’re going to move, and what they’re going to do in terms of my words.
I need to consider line, mark, colour, shape and form.

Another thing I may have to bear in mind, is that I need to communicate the word in some way.

Nimura Daisuke
Being able to depict frustrations or things that people may relate to, he does it so precisely and easily through the small actions.



Charles Huettner

Another freelance artist and animator.

Another animator whose gifs/animations are simple, yet enjoyable to watch. There’s something so smooth and flexible about his images, that make them so enjoyable.


Give and Take: Drawing with lines: Experimentation (P3)

There’s plenty more to come, but after doing some research about a few of the practicioners (which I will update soon), I took one of my Every day drawings and decided to play around with it in different concepts as part of the homework I’ve been given.

At first, I wasn’t too sure if to stick to the line drawing, so I adjusted it and tried it out to see where it would go. My original intention was to make the person show a very miserable expression in connection to the word ‘Feel’, however, I found that, I could make it look miserable through the action turing in to lines and linking back to the project title, as it is a line drawing.


Yup, I did draw over some toner paper and after looking back at this gif, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. It’s almost as if it’s conveying the guy falling apart. I also tried to set the pace so it was gradual and not too fast, to make sure that the form can be seen.


Tried a more digital and abstract approach, but removing the lines and adding colour, to try and make it stand out, but though, it turned out nothing like I was originally hoping, I adore the use of colour being added.  To make the colours move in the following direction, I manipulated it with the liquify effect in Photoshop.

I may try a collage cutout stop motion gif in future.

Next, as I didn’t want to photograph myself or anyone else and thought to continue with the whole ‘no face’ approach and only the movement.

I did it with a mannequin.


I found that by just the hands alone can depict and emphasis a lot of movement and expression to the moving image.

A;R- TFS// Animated trailer- Initial plans 1 + Research

Lately, while gathering together illustrations and pulling together the project; I’ve been thinking about how I can take a narrated piece or content from Fable then translate it in my own way visual (to 2d/by hand); I thought it may be nice to see how I can then take those images created for the posters and see how they look on screen, but moving on from that, I’ve been thinking about the trailer and I have yet to start putting it together or testing it… I should of started it, but I did some up with some notes to what it narrative could be. As it’s to introduce this series to a new audience or new gamers, who have never played the games, I think it would be a nice start to re-use the images I’ve illustrated already which sort of convey a narrative part of the first three games already.

At first, I wanted it to be a fully animated piece, but I think it may be more interesting to see how I can put together the still images on their own and see how they work together to tell a story.

It could even go like this: Intro/ Hero— > Text: It’s your destiny. — > Bandits —> What will you do? —> Death—- > You have a choice —> Second game —-> Strength… —> Hero fighting? — > Will…. —> Similar image —> Accuracy… —> What kind of Hero will you be? –> Scenes switch —> Industrial period. Armour or landscape change? —> Good? —> or evil? —> Could have some examples of it?

Well, that was a brief idea, but I feel it could be short and brief, as most trailers tend to be like that. However,  I would like to have the trailer have a similar sensation as the narrated scenes would have in the game with their stills.


And with the sound, I would like to think about how I could fit the narrated text with the images itself and merge the sound tracks. Although, I still need to  play around with this aspect.



A:R: Animation final outcome?

Going back to my first story board, I found myself wanting to base the animation on that.

It was a little more direct, compared to the second one,  but as Iset up my stage and got my handdrawn cutouts in place, I was catious.

As I intended o apply hand-drawn movements, I tried to move the figures around in a way to show my movement as I progressed through Brick lane.

Even when I had finally finished recording each frame; the uploading process in to after effects was starting  to tire me out. At moments, the footage wouldn’t upload or work and even when I was converting each image, it wouldn’t sequence them.

I had to use movie maker in the end to sequence all 400-500 photos.

As for the sound, that also had the issue of not working or syncing in correctly, but anyway, I had some recordings from my collection, that Ihad obtained. Iused that to help draw others in to being part of the sequence too. I also tried to make the song ;my way’ sound, as if it’s being echoed out or as if a radio was playing it. That was a little difficult to do, but well, the outcome so far, I was quite pleased with how smoothly it runs.

<p><a href=”″>My way</a> from <a href=”″>Smgs707</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>






A:R:Reporter: Looking into presntation for animation in a box

Back to the animation in the box. Probably the thing I enjoyed working on most out of this section. Iwas struggling at first, but from my diorama ideas, I thought Icould have a light box, where the figures move in and out of the buildings.

… Yes, it didn’t work. It pretty much fell apart and I’ll show the test video later.


Here’s some inspiration that got me going though, Ifound that I wanted to try something similar to these:


It was such a simple idea, however, I started to consider movement in a bit more depth. Lie, the hair of a person> or the shadows with in the movements? that kept playing over and over in my mind, but Icouldn’t stop myself from wanting to search for some more ideas.

I also thought about hand drawn animation, but the time for that and seeing how that’ll work out is very… limited?