A:R: Reporter: New found artists

Let’s cheer for the new found artists for this week!

Katrine Brosnan

As I feel it would be unpolite to distribute her drawings without her permission, just go nd visit her portfolio. I discovered her blog, while I was searching around for observational and reportage ideas for my sketchbook o Pinterest and I’m very fond with her onservational sketches. Even though they’re very simple, it’s quite nice to see how clear they are. You can easily tell and re-create a visual representaion of what the scene it’s based on must be like with in your head.

Lynne Chapman

Another suggestion to go and check their portofio out because I cannot share the images, but I was left feeling very intrigued by her way of working. The use of tones, colours, detail and lines is a quality I do like to see in illustrations. I thought this particular artist would be a nice person to reference, in connection to the reportage project. Her use of colours on the page create emotion with in the images, so I could take this in mind.


Another blog:

I started to think about ways in how I can portray sound visually, and after a bit of searching around, I found a blogger whose composed a little project of their own.


After reading their process in how they’ve recreated sound, but as an entirely new visual. It really made me think about the different ways that I could capture or record sounds and recreate them as an image, or even try to replicate a sound by wiggling  line while drawing.



A:R: Rob Wilson (THE ARTIST)

I cannot stress enough, that I needed to put ‘the artist’ in the title, but well, if you go to Google images… You’ll be sure to find the reason why….

Rob Wilson. This Rob Wilson.  Possibly, the last person I’ll have to talk about today, unless I come across another artist/designer whose going to give me some inspiration towards how an experience can be captured visually or even physically?

He finds his inspiration in architecture and lanscapes that conveys mood; which could be clearly seen through the array of vibrant tones, hues and the textures.


His use of what can be considered as traditional techniques in creating these large0scale paintings to capture these experiences, or observations are incredible; the use of colours, or the way that the marks have helped to set moods for the scenery works well and it’s clear.


ADOTW: Old Xian

So, tell us why Shaih, you had to keep us waiting so long for a new Artist/designer of the week?

Well, you tell me. There’s an array of many designers/artists that I’ve been itching to discuss or mention over the holiday, and I pretty much had to play ‘eenie-meenieo’ with this one. Old Xian has been such an amazing influence, she has opened up my whole entire experience with narratives and comics over the past year and a half.

From her funny short comic gags, to the other aspects, I’m very fond of her comic ’19 Days’.


Besides the use of humour and story telling, another thing that strikes me is how she’s able to build relationships between the characters with in the story.

I also enjoy her use of colour; as I repeat quite a lot. It helps to set a mood for the reader.

Even the was she has used it or the lighting, it’s very fine and not too dominant among the other aspects.

Author:Reporter: Artist recommendations

Looking back on the suggestions of artists and designers to look at. I picked out a few, who have had influence, or I’ve taken interest to in relevance to the collage workshops.

Hannah Hoch

A Berlin Dada artist, most known for being a member with in the movement. Her work explicitly explores through the form of photo montage the issues of gender and the figure of women with in society.


5bfb2704661606f218315dbc97a9def8While her work is very playful in the way she plasters the cut outs to the canvas/paper, each piece is different and unique in their very own form. They’re all very distinct from each other in terms of form, structure, mood and colour schemes. For me, they seem to bring up a lot of questions- What’s the point she’s trying to express? was there a motif? The fact that they’re unusual with their own aspects, I think a thing that stands out to me is the textured backdrops and murky colour tones. 

Dada Puppen (Dada Dolls) (1916)


Artist/Designer Highlight: Kohske


Final highlight for today– A freelance illustrator and mangaka, she’s mostly known for being the author and artist behind the anime/animated series GANGSTA. I’ve been itching to talk about Kohske’s work for such a long time now. She draws and writes such edgy material; it’s getting me all hyped.

To the left, you’ll find a representation of her, which was drawn by Kohske. While I describe her works to be edgy, she’s able to convey a side of humour as well to her comics and  I find that very influentual towards my own writing and drawing style.

The use of humour with in such a serious series, it’s quite contradicting.

Here’s an example of one of the panels right from the manga GANGSTA:trA0bffDz9Y

Artist/Designer Highlight: Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

I wish I had discovered her sooner because her work would’ve been a nice thing to talk about in terms of how words can become their meaning, or the meaning to be shown through their style and the way form is depicted. Her work is very colourful, bold and I love how appealing her designs are. You may have made the automatic assumption, like I’ve done, where I thought that these were all hand drawn on a chalkboard, but they’re not. She creates all of these designs digitally by using custom brushes.


I don’t know where to start with the typography. What attracted me most is how well the darker tones of colour work with the lighter ones. They add this ‘oomph’ to the over all design, it makes it stand out and gives it more contrast. 3553-87465

She also starts to take advantag of the entire space given with in the document and not only centering the text to the center or to the sides, in doing that, it makes the outcome appear to be free and not cluttered or squashed.