CIP: Collection// Development: Layout and Content update.

Going along with the idea I had previously, I did definitely find it easier to start placing in the content before the designs of the pages. It was less troublesome as well.

When I started to go through each page and started to add every little detail, or even the photographs/images I wanted to place, I could start to see the structure of the content building up smoothly.


CIP: Collection- Development and testing

Going over the feedback again, I wanted to try and think more on how I wanted the content to communicate to the viewer. Of course, I had my original concept of it being plain and all, but as I started going to many different sources for inspiration or influence, or to get some more ideas, I found myself wanting to make the pages look less blank.


In my opinion, so far, as I started to lay out more and more content in to the document, I found myself feeling that it could use more interaction. I thought as I had a lot of prints or posters, that I’ve developed, it would be sad to not show that with in my portfolio and that I could have a page or some kind of pocket, that will help to contain a series of pull outs?  and that this method could be applied to the images for the thoughts of the week, or even with any of the tests/ideas pages. I was really limiting each project to just a couple of ideas and two or three of the final finished pieces.

But going back to the layout in general, I started to play around with the cover a bit more. The logo was too blurry in the first place and I felt that it could be spread across the page instead, considering it was quite difficult to see, but after re-drawing it by hand, I started to see that I shouldn’t keep trying to leave space around my image and that I need to think more about how the text can link to the image, or to try and think of a way that the text can link back or sync with the visual.


I decided to keep the design abstract and simplistic. I didn’t want anything looking too harsh, but I also wanted to reflect on my research and inspired designs that I had found along the way.

When going to places, such as pinterest or looking back at David Carson’s work for example, there were moments where I found myself really liking the way they had overlapped two different textures or colours and they worked well with each other.

So, this is what I decided to apply to the cover. I also wanted the effect to look similar to how an image would look, if it were to be printed from a Riso printer.



So, returning back to the title, I liked how my previous tests were handwritten, as it was a way of expressing how I enjoy creating by hand more than anything, but I felt it worked a lot more smoothly than the digital text. I knew I had to be very careful with how I decided to re-create the text, but well, I didn’t want my collection/portfolio book looking too formal. The ink drawn texts were appearing a little too blurry on the page, and when it came to the acrylic texts, they also had the same result. I was a little disappointed by this, but even when checking the scan options, they still appeared like this.

In the end, as I figured that the majority of my tests, ideas or even the drawing I contribute towards my projects, I tend to do them in pencil and pen. Testing out again, I used a specific range of colours in connection with my portfolio theme to see how well it worked out.



CIP: Kick Starter brief

//Insert cheer here//

Starting off with a new brief right before the end of term, I’ve been looking forward to finding out what this last brief was about and now I know.

Returning back to our Christmas creatures group, we planned out how we were going to approach our idea and how we were going to develop it.

While last time, Iwas a little concerned about time management, but I do get the sense that we may be able to reach our deadline goal, if we focus and work as a team. Being able to work together and co-ordinate what roles we have with in the group was a great start. I’ve been put in charge of the social marketing and powerpoint; something I have a bit of experience with from managing several websites in the past, but I do admit, that Ilove being in control of a webpage or a social media account and being able to try and put out our ideas and progress in to the world wide web.

Changes made to the project?We’ve decided to make the cards seasonal. So, instead of it being christmas creatures, we’re managing 5 different holiday seasons– Christmas, Valentines, Halloween and Easter. The last holiday is to be decided soon, but we each have our own role. Luckily, iwas able to snag Easter. To be honest, I like drawing Rabbits and bunnies, and any creature that has fluffiness to them, but it would be really intriguing to see how  I turn this ‘cute’ creature in to an actual easter-like monster.

CIP: Portfolio presentation talk

Fig Taylor, who consults with illustrators and designers about how they need to prepare and construct their portfolio came in to give us a talk about what we should be doing or should consider doing for our very own portfolio, in terms of presentation.

Her advice was very straight forward, clear and concise. I’ve learnt a lot from the presentation, but I also found myself feeling very positive in where I should take my design ideas further from here, to help build up some more plans in how I need to lay my work out with in the diagrams for the book pages.

When it comes to a portfolio, there needs to be consistency and what you need/want to show needs to be direct and clear to the person you want to show it to.

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