CIP: Collection: Checking Blurb details and creating/testing colour pallets.

After figuring out, that I may need to look more in to the production and figuring out how I would like to manafacture the design/outcome for the portfolio book. I thought it would be a good idea to go check out Blurb. I figured out, that from the pricing and with the magazine-like portfolio books I would like to construct, I worked out that they would provide what I need and would be able to put the book together cheap and more professionally than I could ever could.

Other than that, I did some more exploring of their website and found some portfolios that have been created by other people.

There are some layouts that work well o tell the story of the work produced, and the ideas and thoughts put in behind the creators work. I feel that a couple of them wer very clear, even through the lack of text, but I noticed that even with text and image placed together, they were able to make it presentable and readible.

After careful thinking about these aspects, I wanted to start thinking about what kinds of colours I would like in the content of my book. Yes, I would include colours I use or that would relate to me, but I started to put together some pallets of colours that I thought worked well together or would be nice to work with on individual pages or even a whole book, as I’m considering of splitting up the books in to categories.


Pallet 1, 4 and 6 were definitely ones I was most fond with, but I would need to test them first with in a document to see if they really do work well with each other.


Looking visually — 2

I’ve gotten really in to this poster project; it’s made me think that if I can create a poster for a song, I could probably take it further than just a poster. I could create an animation that reflects the song; I could also make a banner, a card, a sleeve and I could do so many other things that will still link back to the song.

Once I got this idea, I started to think about the songs I did consider looking at and it led me to one of my favourite Japanese groups: GOATBED. I spend a lot of my time listening to their music, since it’s different, it relaxes me and if truth be told, I really love the vocalists voice. Their music videos always have some odd visuals to them, it could be flashing lights or a line of different bold, bright colours.

Throughout the visuals reflect the song, and it got me thinking that I really need to consider doing something similar with the posters. I need to use lines, shapes  and colours to strongly depict my feelings for the song and it needs to communicate how the song links to my feelings. It would be a good idea, if I kept in mind that I can do quite a lot with a line.

A line can be repeated many times. Its form can be bent, curled, stretched and so can a shape. Size seems to have a big impact on what someone wants to show as well. Another thing I adored about their music videos were that they were so bold and quirky. The video would start off with one thing; smoothly transition in to another thing and then dramatically cut off on to another piece of footage.