DC: Internship/ Competition brief outcome

Right, I forgot to post this up earlier in the month. I went over the colours again, and decided to alter them properly with the intended colour scheme. I found out the problem, and it was entirely down to me not making sure, that the document was set to ‘CMYK’, either way, it should of worked, oddly. The tones do work a lot better now, and they’re not too bold or vivid. I’m rather happy with this outcome, that I’ve submitted, but there are a few things, now that I;m looking at them, that i would’ve adjusted further.

For example, the ‘BAD’, that could be a tad darker or lighter, so it’s not so merged in to the background. I would’ve also made the ‘Two legs’ and ‘Four legs’ part more of a red.

Besides that, it was pretty fun working on the illustrations and type for the cover. Type’s totally not part of my comfort zone, yet I enjoyed making sure that it reflected the weird satire of the story.


Internship: CB: AF: Cover type draft

Not the final submission, but I’m still a bit indecisive about the choice in type and how it’s laid out currently.

I’m going over it again to make sure, that everything’s there and that its readability is pretty much to a point, before I submit the PDF file.

Image 1

I tweaked the covers colours a bit, while I had the document open, so it didn’t appear too bright. The red was rather dominating.

I think, I might have to be careful with the placement of the text, not to allow it to be too drowned out.


Internship: CB: Design mock up

Update: Uploaded this image to check the colours again. Sometimes, the colours may appear brighter or even duller on other monitors, but after doing a print test, it seems fine. Design Template - Animal Farm.png

This is a rough idea of how the spine, front and back cover works all together.

Next, I’m going to start piling on the type and any information needed for the back cover.

I wanted to just say, that it’s taken me a while to figure out how I was going to make this work, but after carefully considering that this has to be something to introduce to a new audience, while being eye catching, I had to be very careful, yet keep consistent with what colours or techniques I used for it.


Internship: Final test and development

After piecing each element together, I think I finally have something coming along for the submission tomorrow. I wasn’t too happy with having to keep making changes from my original idea, but I had to bear in mind, that what I wanted to show would be clear for whoever saw it.

I also had to consider readability. I’ve mentioned this plenty of times and whether I like it or not, I still have to at least try and work with type. I do want to start using more of it in future, so with this type, I originally just pretty much copied what the pigs did when they wrote the rules. I drew it out by hand using an old, dry brush and acrylic.

It was a shame that once I got it in to Photoshop and Illustrator, it wasn;t working too well visually and I had to just adjust it some how.


I;m currently going over any of the parts where the image has become distorted, but I did intend for it to have a more hands on approach. 

As for the concept, I wanted to focus on the dictatorship that’s a current running theme of the book. I wanted it to somehow obtain the odd satire that it did through the story, but have it subtle. Again, the colours chosen are based on the Soviet flag.

For the back cover, I tried to keep it simple and focus it on the pig.

cover test

Internship: Development of cover


In Photoshop, I started to lay down some of the elements i had created. I can reassure you, that I did try other methods of creating this cover by hand, but there was only so much laying, and waiting I could take.

So, I noticed that, once I got the head and the body set in place, I was unsure of how it would turn out, but so far, it appears to be coming together.

(Later, I’ll update this with some of the other type I had tested out first)
This set is the type I had chosen. Again. I wanted to try and make it connect to the story as much as possible, I chose to slab the acrylic paint out to form the type, and deliberately had some random letters backwards in connection to how illiterate the animals were when it came to writing words.

I did test out how this might look on the cover, but i have yet to edit it further and reposition it.
Cover animal farm.png

I’m currently testing the colours out on two monitors, as the lighting are different on both of them, but it would be good to see how i can make these colours and the imagery bolder.

Internship: Development: Initial ideas and colour scheme

So, following on, I wanted to make this post very brief, and wanted to show you all the continuation of the initial concept for the front page.
I had a plan, here for what the image layout could look like.

I wanted to connect the front to the back cover, by possibly doing that with the background imagery or an action the character is doing on the front.

Inspired by these two images, I came up with this colour pallet.

In the end, I thought over it and thought that a stronger image would probably have a limited one instead. If it were too colourful, it may become distracting for the title type.

Above was a test line drawing of the concept I was willing to put forward, as it was one of the rules that Napoleon went against, by dressing like a human and acting like one, I decided to enforce that notion on the front page. Just to help hint that the book will have some sort of political stance to it.