FMP: Development, pt 6: Monoprinting and hand drawing concept

I mentioned this quite a bit previously, that I was able to finally start trying out some of these concepts through monoprint and hand drawing an extended version of the drawing. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue drawing these illustrations by hand, but with more clear detail to them, or if monoprint was the way to go.

So I just tried both.


Feeling like I’m bottled up. My true self cannot be seen, or is being held back.


The feeling of everyone watching me. ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

I chose to do a literal translation of the first illustration because the thought of being sucked in to a bottle or even trapped inside one. The texture that came from this one was very pretty, and I think the colour worked well with the illustrations concept.

The same again, with this one also, I think the monoprint technique works well to give that distorted sensation. I might need to start thinking of how i could pull the two methods together to make the illustrations bolder.


FMP: Initial ideas, 4.

Brainstorming my thoughts, I decided to start thinking about how many images I could develop from one initial image.

I decided to do this, while moving on the go from travelling back and forth on the bus. The first trip was from my home to Maidstone. I honestly don’t like doing this trip in particular; people tend not to pay attention to themselves or where they’re moving their body in this location. However, I noticed that I was more anxious when it came to paying for something, or having to excuse myself from the transportation.

Sometimes, when I start brooding quietly about the issue I must face, I feel that there’s a lot more issues that may occur. Negative thoughts start to hit me, and I can’t control it. I do try to think positive sometimes, but it really is difficult.

Broad: Development, Duotone pt2.

Following on from the experimentation, I started to play around even more with the other illustrations created from the monotype. I found that a lot of the illustrations, were difficult to work with at first, for example, where the lines were quite thin on a few of them, it was very hard to see what the image was. So, on a few of them, i had to rethink about and start considering the direction I wanted to take them. Continue reading

Broad: Development: Editing images– Duotone, pt 1

When it came to using duotone, I found it tricky. I never knew what kind of result i would get in the end, but as I started to just explore the settings, I found myself becoming very intrigued by the different results I was receiving.

Just to note, I decided that my colour scheme would be red and blue, in reference to the fact that not only were they contrasting colours, but when it came to drawing in the Walk the line project, I used these two colours quite a bit and in general when it came to print, the two work so well together when overlapping them. Continue reading

Broad+FMP: Development, Monoprinting pt4.

Visiting the room again, I really wanted to mix the FMP a little with the Broad project, particularly when trying out the similar methods that were learnt from the previous sessions. I found that it was quite difficult to focus this session, I was at a loss for what to try out or experiment with, but then I found my everyday drawings, and just decided to work with it.

Illustration for Broad.
I liked this one in particular, due to the use of textures that were created from the lines I made. I wasn’t too sure how to approach this at first, however, I think the extra tones given to the characters help bring the lines out nicely. What I would like to start thinking about next, in terms for the next two projects is to start thinking about how duotone makes the lines appear and whether or not this will be a good method to try things out.