G+T: Poster development

I always seem to find this subject very daunting, but in the end, it was quite fun to do.

I decided from my original plan, that I would re-use some of the imagery I already had from my gif images and just create a new image for each poster, which would individually be based on each of the words I was given.

Above, are some of the development changes I had to make when it comes to making the posters. There were moments, where I become very frustrated with not being able to accomplish the original idea I had, but it turned out that in the end, that I preferred the overall outcomes that I ended up with. They seemed to work clearly alongside each other, and they didn’t give too much away about the subject of the gifs.


G+T: Walk the line: Development and outcomes (Company)

When I think of company, I automatically think of tall buildings, skylines and the twisted distortions that form as I come close to these things. I started to think of how I would put these meanings to the gifs.


I started off the development by travelling to various spots in London over the term, and I started to photograph a lot of buildings that stood out dominantly.

The first set of buildings left me feeling quite pressured and unsure of where I should approach them.

Starting to pull these series together, I started to think back to the meanings and how I felt about these words, or at least the subject of them.

I drew over the images, which stood out to me with pen, and as for the building ones, I had warped them with the photocopier by rapidly moving the paper across it.

G+T: Walk the line: development and outcomes (Feel)

Following on from my previous development, I wanted to pull all of the gifs together somehow and start thinking about the meanings behind each one.

Feel reminds me of physical, emotional and even falling apart. There’s also the opposite of feel, which I started to play around with at the beginning of the project and I was intrigued by the outcome of it.

I had to consider more, how I was going to pull these three together and I decided to test this through the use of colours. Things you can feel emotionally, physically or even to feel nothing can be of many colours and sensations.


Working with the drawings I used at the beginning, I tried to make the line drawing fall apart literally. Also, when I started to think about this sensation,  it made me figure out that you experience so many emotions, such as anger, sadness, joy before you fall apart.

I was incredibly happy with how this outcome came out, so I may come back to it in future. physical

As the hand gif which expresses physical feeling, I traced over a few of the cells from the previous gif I had created and tried to apply the same colour and line method to this one. As you touch things, whether they are soft or hard, you can always have a different sensation to it, even when you touch it delicately or even with a sharp impulse.

G+T: Walk the line: Development and outcomes (Economic)

For every word I had, I started to narrow down the words or the meanings which stood out to me, which I had mentioned previously, but following on from the feedback I had been given way before the critique, I tried to carefully take in to consideration of the depth for the string, the backgrounds used in the image and the thickness of the string being used.

With cotton thread, string and waxed thread I started to go over the storyboard again and re-think about the over all layout.

I needed to have some sort of link with all of the words, considering that all of the concept methods were going to be different. I did this with the layout of the image, by having it portrait.


I chose the light blue background to indicate a sky-like scenery and I used different strings the trees in the back to emphasise that they’re further back in the layout.

In this gif, I wanted to show the destruction of nature and the drastic change, by having the trees be knocked down.
I linked the word ‘Economic’ back to life, nature and growth.


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Give and Take: Walk the line: Outcome 1

Responding back to some of the development I had done two weeks ago, I was going to leave that as one of the final outcomes for the word ‘Feel’. As it was my intended interest to draw from both the abstracted lines and shapes, while having the lines respond to the meaning, I decided to try out something else from the more bolder images.

While I was quite admirable about these, I felt that I could take this up a notch and I wanted to see how this would look, if it was less digital.


Breaking down the animation, I traced very carefully with waterbrush pens to obtain the lines that obtained this curvature which reflected the meaning of ‘Feel’ on an emotional level.


The brushes, while they have these fine, bold lines to them, they create these smooth curves and they even give off these very pleasant textured marks to them. Once I had put the first cells right in to Photoshop, I couldn’t stop myself from playing around with the maps again to see what kind of flavourable outcomes I may obtain from this further.

To feel something emotionally; when you’re unsure of how to feel, there’s a range of different thoughts, colours and moods you may partake in this sort of feeling. Being unsure of what you know, or how you feel and sense, you loose track of your bearings.

By switching in and out the different coloured maps, I wanted to use the colors to reflect the change in notions that one may experience.

Although, as this was a more gradual thing, I may start to see how I can make the colours shift more gradually.


I’ve changed the opacity, so as each layer is made, the opacity of the gradient map changes.


G+T: Walk the line: Development of outcomes (8)

It’s taken me a while to decide on a concept, or to extend from the previous experimentation, how I was going to present these set of gifs or how they were going to animate.

From my previous feedback, I think going back to making the lines in the gif depict their meanings was going to be a clear focus point for me to nail down.

Again, I believe I made this clear from the previous post (?) that I had highlighted some keywords that link to my three words that I was given.

Economic: Growth, change, gradual and destruction.

Company: Dominant, group, industrial.

Feel: Emotion, physical and sensual.


So, staying clear from the word ‘feel’ for now, I decided to start working more on the word ‘Economic’ and it’s change and the destruction of it. As I thought back to the previous gifs I had already created, I sensed that I may have to try out another method of putting the lines together. I did this through using some string instead.

Taking still images of these string formations. I tried to create some tree shaped lines, that would resembled the forestry and growth.

At first I wasn’t too pleased with the shapes, as they were unclear to see whether they were trees or not.

So, I tried another way of moving the string round to form the trees.

Animating the still images, I had captured, I tried to consider how I could make the lines more clear by digitally editing it using the invert option. While this seemed to make the concept appear to be more clear, I was quite taken back by the grainy, textured background.

It made me start to consider, how I could try having an image and then animating lines over it again, but there were a few more things I would like to try out first to help me get a more vivid idea on how I can express the word ‘company.

As you can see in the gif image(s), it shows the trees formulating and then being knocked over by a huge machine. These things are all formed by different kinds of string to give the image more depth.