G+T: MM: Advertisement research (5)

As today has pushed back what already been scheduled, I’ve started to think more about how I could approach the two gifs. I mentioned previously, that I did start to play around a little with collaging in fruit shapes in with the photograph and collaging them, but I wanted to look at how I could approach this differently.


I felt that this approach was too simple, then again, I’m pretty fond of the idea of me taking this on board simply, HOWEVER, there’s a lot more I can probably do for this.

While I was struggling to come up with more ideas, even to the point of me drawing out tiny thumbnail sketches across two pages, I had to re-consider that maybe, just maybe I could try out telling a narrative through the gif, like I did for the previous project.

As I was consistently brooding over this thought, figuring out how I could do that; an advert for Co-Op came on TV.

It was a really good advert, it was brief, but it was putting out what they had to say about the food they were selling. They gave it a topic, and the advert definitely drew me in.

It was particularly clever how each food was making its own unique way on to the plate, and it allowed me to kind of connect some ideas to how I could show the use of the fruit bowls.



G+T: Walk the line: Development and outcomes (Economic)

For every word I had, I started to narrow down the words or the meanings which stood out to me, which I had mentioned previously, but following on from the feedback I had been given way before the critique, I tried to carefully take in to consideration of the depth for the string, the backgrounds used in the image and the thickness of the string being used.

With cotton thread, string and waxed thread I started to go over the storyboard again and re-think about the over all layout.

I needed to have some sort of link with all of the words, considering that all of the concept methods were going to be different. I did this with the layout of the image, by having it portrait.


I chose the light blue background to indicate a sky-like scenery and I used different strings the trees in the back to emphasise that they’re further back in the layout.

In this gif, I wanted to show the destruction of nature and the drastic change, by having the trees be knocked down.
I linked the word ‘Economic’ back to life, nature and growth.



Give and Take: Development(2) and Experimentation(5)

I was testing out some new Photoshop brushes I had downloaded from DeviantArt and I wasn’t too keen with the way they turned out, so the little doodle I did. I ended up saving it, due to the fact that I was happy with how it turned out.

Bearing in mind that I did some research on some more practitioners, and the feedback I received, I decided to try and animate the digital outcome by moving around specific elements. Untitled-1

The image could fit more with the word ‘Company’ as there’s a company of lines, which remind me of Crows.


Next time, I will have to keep in mind  to separate different parts of the image on to layers to make the movement less bulky.

Give and Take: Development (1)

I’ve been doing some more GIF development and I was quite happy with the little face gifs I did before, but I started to prefer the lined versions. I do feel that they’re more effective than the ones with colour or 3D and they strike out more, than the coloured ones.

While I do feel like I’m currently stuck on one word. I will start to look at working with economic and company more. I’m just coming up with so many different ideas for feel, is that I want to get all of those down and then use what I’ve learnt from this word and work on the other two.


Give and Take: Research: GIFS (2)

Considering in looking at the more simplistic and shape or colour approaches with the gifs, I decided to consider the research with that direction.

A lot of these I found through Pinterest again, but they were unlabeled or didn’t have a link to who had originally created them, but I find it interesting how a few of them are set with a limited colour pallet and/or shapes and lines, yet they’re able to communicate what’s happening or what it’s for.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Movement
  • Context
  • Colour
  • Narration
  • Shapes/Lines used

Give and Take: Research: GIFS (1)

Welcome to my GIF finds!

I’ve had a bit of fun going through my tumblr and Pinterest accounts, trying to recall the gif image locations I saved or had reblogged.

I tried to look in to them a bit more, and find out who had created them and what they do, so to start off…

Tom Hardwick

Tom Hardwick’s an Illustrator, who had graduated from Hull School of Art and design. When I was doing some research for simple animated gifs, that appeared to be hand drawn, I was struck by how simplistic, but effective the animated scene was with in the moving image. When I think about this gif, I find it remarkable how I didn’t even consider layering up a still image and a moving image. I would like to see how I can animate two different images on the separate layers and see where I can take it from there, but I may need to keep in mind of how they’re going to move, and what they’re going to do in terms of my words.
I need to consider line, mark, colour, shape and form.

Another thing I may have to bear in mind, is that I need to communicate the word in some way.

Nimura Daisuke
Being able to depict frustrations or things that people may relate to, he does it so precisely and easily through the small actions.



Charles Huettner

Another freelance artist and animator.

Another animator whose gifs/animations are simple, yet enjoyable to watch. There’s something so smooth and flexible about his images, that make them so enjoyable.