Collect, analyse & re-assemble: Exhibition (2/?)

While there’s a lot of tension in the room, when it comes to presenting the idea or final piece of work for this project, I felt that I should’ve been less nervous as this isn’t the first time that we have to present our ideas to the group. The feedback given was helpful, but admitingly, once I got home I figured that I may of explained my project differently compared to how Ihad explained it on my blog and in my sketchbook notes. I’ve got to be very specific with how I say things, or explain them to others, as they won’t be able to clearly understand what I’m trying to put forward. As of the feedback, I’ve started to re-make the front cover, as this is one of the aspects that let the book down, but looking at the positive side of this book, at least I was able to show to everyone what I had put together, analysed and reassembled as a collection.

Although, the collection may of been prejected in a different way, which could lead to some confusion of whether or not my book was about the pencil collection, which would have the marks, prints of the markings it makes, the structures (basically, everything you could do and work with from the 200 and something pencils I had), or it’s a collection of marks created by pencils? By looking over the layout of the pages with in the book, I think what may help would be to re-arrange the pages again, so they follow along and link in with one another to show what the collection is about and how it’s been used as a starting point; which was my original intention.  So, it could start of with the lines and patterns created as a starting point by the grey tones pencils; moving in to the coloured ones, then moving on to the marks and shapes of the pencils and following on from there.

As for the photos of the pencils, I’m going to keep the collection of the pencils at the front, then put the photos of the pencil structures at the back to show that they can be handled as models or for sculpturing purposes. It might be a bit of a downfall, but it’s a risk I’m going to try and take, until I figure out how I can work around with this collection. I plan to make another seperate book just with the photos of the pencils as well, as a ‘just in case’ this plan doesn’t work.

Please stay tuned for the next update, as it’s another update to show the making and thought process behind the setting out of the images for the content of the book. Thanks for reading~.


Collect, analyse and (re)collect.

You never ever seem to notice the small collection of books gathering up on your shelf, or even the bundle of pencils, pens ad other stationary that clutters up in your drawers. There’s always a system and a way of how things are organised, and this is the new task that I’ve been set to work on, discuss, analyse, experiment, collect and start to develop.

When I start to think about this subject, I thought at first that this was going to be a pretty, damn hard subject to figure out, but as I returned home and arrived to my room… it hit me.  I have several collections of my own, but I had never considered them as a collection at all and I did have a strategy of how I line them up, organise the objects or even spacing them out in my room a certain way and it’s extraordinary.

As much as I like boasting about my little gathering of figures, or manga; I don’t like talking about it to the whole class. It makes me nervous.

The loom band jar.

My manga collection (which seems to grow every time I go into Waterstones.)

I have far too many keychains/keycharms now, but here’s the collection I have pinned to the wall.

Things to take in to consideration during the project:

What makes them a collection?

what defines them? how do they change when they are a mass? what are their qualities? what do they do? what shape are they? what are their functions? do their qualities change when reassembled? how do you reassemble them/organise them? Are they any different when they are resorted?

Now, the final outcome is going to be a book that’ll document or that will discuss our collection. I’m having a little trouble processing my thoughts/ideas in to how I’ll present my findings into this book, but I do have some ideas of what I want to do for the collection.

Collection ideas:

  1. Things about my cats: This could be a collection of images, sketches of them, I could also have records of events, for example their vet slips, food packaging.
  2. Letter packaging: Collecting a series of different packaging that’s to do with postage.
  3. Cosplay materials: Recording things to do with this subject.
  4. Pencils: I have so many of them, that I can’t even count them all. Pencils are a pillar to anything. You can make many different marks and record in different ways with them; you’ll also get many different results. There’s also so many varieties of pencil types.

A definite collection choice so far for me has been the pencils, I also thought about doing pens, though, a pencil can be recorded in numerous ways. I’m looking forward to playing around with the ideas that I’ve got so far.

The soundtrack of our lives: Crit and sort of a final concept, maybe?

Focusing on my concept of trying to fully express my feelings individually for each song (Mr Blue sky, Love roller coaster and Year 3000), I found this task to be particularly difficult. I spent most of my time brooding over how I needed to show this, and how I could make this clear to others. I came to the conclusion, that if someone can easily pick up on emotions from colours used, or a simple mark made, it may provide a fascinating result if I were to apply this same or similar strategy towards each poster.

Personally, I see that this method has worked, as during our crit presentation on the project overall, there were a few that were able to grasp the sense of ‘raw emotion’ with in the posters; which goes to show, that my technique was successful, but I feel that there’s so much more that I could do for this project that may be beneficial towards it. I have in mind right now, that I may want to consider creating a animated projection of the posters instead and it’ll show the brush strokes gradually making their way on to the screen as the animation runs.


Besides the quality of the print out, I’m a little disappointed with the text. When I look at it from afar, I’m unable to see it clearly, so if I’m going to come back to this in future, I may need to consider working on it by making it bolder. Though, if i made it any bolder, it may distract the viewers attention away from the outcome.

Zines. Zines. Zines.

Returning to this project again, the class broke up in to groups of 12.. or well, our group had about 10 or 11… actually, I’m not too sure on that. I’m not getting too in to that, or why it was like that…

The Zine project, I would have to say has been one of the most relaxing and exciting rotations so far, besides the Poster and Mark making project. It was engaging, challenging and I have picked up so many techniques from it. It’s taught me that I need to think more about a certain issue or subject, in order to depict it in one image or a line of text. I also have an inkling that I may want to come back to creating zines again in future, as we’re now on another new project to do with Music, I had so many ideas for songs that I wanted to work on, but I only had three to choose from.

As for the group task, it was to get our filler pages together in order to create one big Zine. It was quite a difficult trying to get everyone together, so we could discuss it. I need to come clean about this, it has been bothering me as I brood about it, but I think if we co-ordinated a little more as a group, discussed it and made a better plan, it wouldn’t take so long to get such a simple thing completed. I told myself that in my head repeatedly. On the other hand, the task wasn’t so simple as it seemed, as everyone’s zine page was very unique in their own way, there were some in colour, some in black and white, photographic and even hand drawn. They had to slot in together, otherwise it wouldn’t make such a successful zine.

We laid out our pages on the table; carefully we began to move each page around in an order to see if it would fit. Took a while, but we got there. Eventually. It would’ve been nice to see the final thing all together though. That was the only disappointment.

Over all,  it’s so nice to have a group task again, it’s been a while since we had one and I wouldn’t of mind re-doing the zine page again in future, or possibly continuing it or even linking it in to our current poster project.

Drawing week-Part two- Circle line

In the one day, it was spent observing situations in people’s behaviour and manner on the Circle line in the Underground. While collecting this data,  I used a pen and my notebook to capture gestures made by those who sat in a particular seat, for example near the window or by the door.

I had to do this very quickly, but discreetly as well; this made the task pretty difficult, as there were several people who had caught on to what I was doing and I had to pretend that I was taking notes, or was looking at the maps above the person whom I was originally looking at.

The project itself was focusing more on collecting visual data and aiming to record postures, interactions and expressions.

There was something tense about this task; the feeling of having to get down everything that you see on a stranger’s appearance, while also pretending that you’re not doing anything suspicious. It wasn’t specifically suspicious in the first place, but to another person who doesn’t even know who you are, and yet, you’re doing that to them… it’s a little strange. I think that if I had blatantly sat in the opposite seat and faced someone on the tube; looking directly at them and drawing it down, and they happened to see me do that, they would probably get up and move? or call the police… ? anyway, what I was getting at is, if I had caught that sort of expression from them, it would of provided  a form of movement and it would of been beneficial towards the task.

That look of curiosity then to fear, or maybe anger? To be honest, I was a little disappointed with some of my outcomes. The majority of the passengers had their heads down and were looking at their phones. I could barely grasp any emotion of how they felt.

It would’ve been better, if I had spent more of my time working on the expressions more or even observing the details or focusing on the shapes of their faces. I could of used different materials or drawing methods to reflect on my mark making rotation, so if I do this in future, such as on a moving vehicle like a bus or if I go to Wetherspoons on a Wednesday, like I usually do with my friends, then I can work on getting down some more drawings then.

The drawings I have so far though; I’m actually quite happy I got so many marks down, but as I have said, it would of been better if I did spend a little bit more time observing.


Mark making– Part 2 (Monday 23rd November 2015)

Continuing on from where I left my discussion about this rotation on my previous post from last night, I want to now explain what was created and done during that Monday for the afternoon.

We got in to our groups and had to draw out some ideas for masks (which will be created, worn and be used for scenes)– Yes, we’ll be using the masks to act out our very own drama scenes!

I did some little thumbnail drawings of my ideas, but sadly, none of them were chosen, but instead, there were some more amazing examples from the other members which were chosen– The Gladiator and Death.

I thought about several different scenarios. The cat and a dog fight, the story about St. George and the Dragon.

Apologies. I wasn’t able to catch a photo of the Gladiator mask, however, I shall try and take one when I get back to the studio on Monday and post it up. Straightforward task, but this was a great task because you could request them to act out anything, then draw it from all sorts of perspectives. Once again, I chose a few of my favourites from my sketchbook.


I had more confidence drawing these two; I strongly believe, that these were my stronger outcomes, as well. You can clearly make out what the pose could be, you can even connect them to a fight scene or even an argument between the two characters. This is show mostly in the arm movement; how close the two figures are to each other and the positioning of the legs. Actually, while typing about this particular image on the left-hand side, I had a inkling that I may want to take this further by repeating my past method of adding shadows and shades to give it more depth. I may do this with inks instead of the thick pens which I constantly use through out this project.




To end the lesson, we now had to make a poster or a final drawing by taking three of our favourite images and drawing them again. I was given some helpful advice of considering where I position my images and which images I could consider placing on the large sheet of paper; so using the same mediums, which was the pens, I drew out as you can see, the three chosen images. I was pretty pleased with my final outcome, but it feels like there could be so much more done with it. I could create so many prints from it, or take the image in to photoshop, or even try to layer many various mediums over the top of it in reference to what we had learnt that day.

To be honest, I am very tempted to re-draw the whole thing, but with a different drawing style, but I know for sure, that if I did that; the image would lose it’s interesting and fresh form/look. It would be nice if I could try and make an attempt at taking this project to a new level. I wanted to try out my charcoals and sepia chalks a little more in life drawing, so I could try this.