Broad: Initial experimentation, pt2

Taking these images a bit further, I tried to consider the change in colours with it. I decided that my first approach with colour would be through primary colours, and green only, in consideration of the Riso printer.



Design Competition: Research (5) and Development (2)

This one was a little tough, due to I had to quickly think back to how this was going to work and I had to put all of the studio spaces in to consideration for this part of the research.

Although, as exhausting as this may appear to seem, I have learnt a lesson from this research. That I need to be very specific about what kind of furniture, tables or even stands I’m looking for, other wise I’ll end up spending a lot of time searching for it.

So, here are my following mood boards for the ideas I’ve come up with for furniture so far:

I thought that first, we could avoid using white, as all of our walls are white, and the second thing to address would be having the materials used or furniture being able to sit in the show, without drawing too much focus.

I started to consider the ways we presented the work from the previous years, and the success of that. I also think that it might be a money saver if we proceed by re-using those tables or some of the stands we already have in the studio for display.

Although, I found that we could probably use some big MDF or light plywood board and fasten it together into 4 panels and have it standing up so it can open up an expanded space for people to present work on.


Dissertation: Week 1

While being introduced to one another, and given our very own introduction in to Studio 16, I would like to admit now, AND again that I was looking very forward to going in to this particular subject studio. I absolutely adore narratives of many forms, from screen to paper…!

And as my adoration for this subject of storytelling seems to be growing even more lately, I got a bit of feedback on the subject idea for my dissertation already. While the thought of approaching Japanese anime again, but looking at either the culture or gender stereotypes with in it was quite broad, I did some rethinking on how I could narrow the subject.

As someone who has been watching it for nearly twenty years, I felt like there’s been such a huge cultural impact or influence on the whole world because of this type of narrative.  (more…)

FMP: Ideas and research

(Yes, I’m thinking ahead and leaving this here)

After experiencing my previous final major project, which was done in Year 2/Level 5, I found myself thinking that I should of done it on a subject that would allow me to not be so restrictive or limited on the subject or the experimentation/development. While it was fun to give it a shot in this round, I had to consider what I may want to do in future, so I was skimming through the list of things, such as interests, subjects or design projects that I’ve always wanted to try for myself, but didn’t have a chance to do previously or presently.

So,  I made a list:


  • Drawing, Writing
  • Reading manga, graphic novels and comics
  • Watching Japanese and American anime
  • Textile based costume creating
  • Cosplaying / modelling for shootouts
  • Music
  • Animals, wild life and life style
  • Culture

I do have a lot more interests, but I had to consider the subject of them and while I was doing that, I originally had the idea of basing my whole FMP to be character based, due to the fact that I do a lot of character design at home and in my own time, but I had to give it some context, when thinking about it.

I also thought about my subject strengths also among this list.

I originally was going to base this whole project on Horoscopes; Chinese zodiac or the Seven deadly sins (yes).

Buuuuuttt, as I had to do a step back and think about it, I don’t think this subject could be able to be extended over the time period of now and when it needs to be submitted. I don’t think I can go to great depth and explore the theme.


After that, I was doing some research on my current disability/struggle with being able to communicate or the nerves problem. I really wanted to find some tips on how to deal with it, and as I was coming across this issue, I found an article which speculates why Mental anxiety and selective mutism is always overlooked or is not quite often acknowledged as much as it should be. It’s quite often pushed away or it’s been known for ‘specialists’ to describe it as if its ‘nothing’.

While, I wasn’t exactly born with this disability and it was one that was developed over time, I was pretty disgusted by the fact that there are those who would classify it as just that—‘Nothing’.

It goes to some extent.

So, as this is quite a personal thing to me, I would like to consider this as a subject/option for my FMP. For my project to be raising an awareness on how those who have this disability have been affected by it and show how it affects them.



CIP: Portfolio presentation talk

Fig Taylor, who consults with illustrators and designers about how they need to prepare and construct their portfolio came in to give us a talk about what we should be doing or should consider doing for our very own portfolio, in terms of presentation.

Her advice was very straight forward, clear and concise. I’ve learnt a lot from the presentation, but I also found myself feeling very positive in where I should take my design ideas further from here, to help build up some more plans in how I need to lay my work out with in the diagrams for the book pages.

When it comes to a portfolio, there needs to be consistency and what you need/want to show needs to be direct and clear to the person you want to show it to.


A:R: Second Brick Lane visit- Friday 27th Jan.

It wasn’t at all  good day. It was freezing and there was a strong draft of wind runng all the way through out the city. I wanted to capture more experience and note down any of the changes made to the city in comparrison to the last trip.

The song I was listening to was ‘My way’ sung by Seth McFarlane, but the song was sun in the film, which I absolutely adored called ‘Sing’. This helped to brighten the mood, as I was passing through.


I did over hear some conversations, even with my headphones in, but they were faint. As if the people were trying their best to keep it more private, and with that, I noticed that a few of the shops were completely shut down. Even for early morning at that time, it wasn’t very busy. It was kind of odd, but I could smell this strong stench of curry from the resturants as I moved on.