Broad: Editorial illustration, pt.1

To start off this project, to get a broader idea of how I could approach the layout for the publication. Continue reading


Internship:R: Sara Kipin(4)

An inspiration, and admirable illustrator. I discovered her work during my second year, while working on my third project and her style was remarkable.

I wanted to re-look at her book cover illustrations, as they were quite strong on how they were created visually to highlight what the story could be like or what could happen.


I also absolutely adore her character designs, as well, so that’s another aspect that intrigued me, but my worry right now, is how i’m going to convey the genre of Animal farm and embrace its satire. In my opinion, in relation to these two cover arts; the choice of tones used, even the type, they’re all things that can connect back to the films or even the stories that are set for The Lord of the rings. The grungy, mild tones that help to make it feel as if it’s something that’s been pulled directly from another world, such as this one; it gives it that musky undertone that all’s not bright and cheery, but their about to be off on a long journey somewhere. Even the choice of location for the imagery, the position of the characters, help to set a scene for what the person’s going to expect.


LinkedIN Update; Internship and Networking connections

Hi, Hello!

Just wanted to share my profile with anyone and let everyone know, more about what I do as a practitioner and that they can connect their network with mine, if they have a profile too.

I will be getting back  with another update soon, about my portfolio website that I had started working on over the Holiday.

What I found rewarding about this process, is that not only, do I feel more confident and secure about my researching and finding out that there are other people who do or experience the same things as I do as an Illustrator, but it lets people get an insight and get to know you and what you do.

I’ve had this profile for about 5 years now, yet it’s only been until the past 3 months, that I’ve managed to update it and get it to a standard that highlights what I do.


ADOTW: Old Xian

So, tell us why Shaih, you had to keep us waiting so long for a new Artist/designer of the week?

Well, you tell me. There’s an array of many designers/artists that I’ve been itching to discuss or mention over the holiday, and I pretty much had to play ‘eenie-meenieo’ with this one. Old Xian has been such an amazing influence, she has opened up my whole entire experience with narratives and comics over the past year and a half.

From her funny short comic gags, to the other aspects, I’m very fond of her comic ’19 Days’.


Besides the use of humour and story telling, another thing that strikes me is how she’s able to build relationships between the characters with in the story.

I also enjoy her use of colour; as I repeat quite a lot. It helps to set a mood for the reader.

Even the was she has used it or the lighting, it’s very fine and not too dominant among the other aspects.

Artist/Designer Highlight: Kohske


Final highlight for today– A freelance illustrator and mangaka, she’s mostly known for being the author and artist behind the anime/animated series GANGSTA. I’ve been itching to talk about Kohske’s work for such a long time now. She draws and writes such edgy material; it’s getting me all hyped.

To the left, you’ll find a representation of her, which was drawn by Kohske. While I describe her works to be edgy, she’s able to convey a side of humour as well to her comics and  I find that very influentual towards my own writing and drawing style.

The use of humour with in such a serious series, it’s quite contradicting.

Here’s an example of one of the panels right from the manga GANGSTA:trA0bffDz9Y

Artist/Deisgner Highlight: Turine TRAN

A Vietnamese born artist, who takes her inspiration from her childhood, children and nature. I came across her work while looking for new illustrators that draw in a more fairy-tale like style and only one word struck me, when viewing her art– Elegance. There’s something about her work that strikes out at you.

Fluent in both traditional studio practice and digital media, Turine’s art often incorporates hand rendering and digital painting. She constantly explores new aspects of digital art to create rich textures, which partly set a whimsical mood to her work.

42 46









Besides the fairy tale and nature-like style, above there are a few examples of her art work. They conjure up a lot of questions– What’s going on inside this image? are they telling a story or an event? or are they influenced by stories? For some reason, they make me feel very nostalgic. The elves, pixies and little men with beards reminds me of the sort of characters that come up often in Nursery rhymes. Not only that, but the use of tones, such as the rich browns and purples, they could almost give off this vibe of the images being pulled out of a tale. It’s those particular aspect that struck out at me originially, though, I also enjoy how these are works created digitally and not by hand. To me, it’s rare to see a piece of art work that could easily be taken from a childrens book to be then be done digitally. I think that’s what makes them so unique.