Artist/Designer Highlight: Kohske


Final highlight for today– A freelance illustrator and mangaka, she’s mostly known for being the author and artist behind the anime/animated series GANGSTA. I’ve been itching to talk about Kohske’s work for such a long time now. She draws and writes such edgy material; it’s getting me all hyped.

To the left, you’ll find a representation of her, which was drawn by Kohske. While I describe her works to be edgy, she’s able to convey a side of humour as well to her comics and  I find that very influentual towards my own writing and drawing style.

The use of humour with in such a serious series, it’s quite contradicting.

Here’s an example of one of the panels right from the manga GANGSTA:trA0bffDz9Y


Some inspirational animated videos

Quite often, I would find myself looking at my favourite list on Youtube and I found a few I became quite fond of and would perhaps like to try and animate like this in future, or for this rotation:

When the advert came out around a year ago, this was one of the most magnificent things I had ever seen. I spent a while trying to find out how they animated the animation; I thought it was a possibility that they filmed the parts where the water was, and where everything was so life like and then animated over the footage, or if perhaps, they did it a different way, but after several weeks of searching for the video during the holidays of last year,  I finally was able to see how they did it.

I was so enthralled by every single bit of detail they had put in to the backgrounds/scenery, the animals and all of the other aspects; that I’m still amazed by it now. It must of taken such a long time, but as I can see, it was all worth the effort. If I were to animate my story board in this style, or anything else in future, I don’t think I would be able to capture the same quality, due to lack of equipment or the time limit.

A fanmade video for K Project the Animation. (Yes, yet another anime series I enjoyed the animation of) I would like to mention, that sometimes, these types of videos are often taken down by the companies who originally created the characters within these little animations, which is a shame, but a reason why I adored this fanmade video was, that even though there wasn’t any dialogue between the two characters, you can see a form of a story being depicted between the two. How their story began, how they met and how it all ended.  The manga style has always been something I’ve loved since I was young, but there’s another feature I like– How each still image shifts into another one; this is done gracefully and gradually throughout the short.

Also, the use of music used. The song may not be able to be understandable to those who do not speak Japanese, nevertheless, the music creates this mood of sadness, guilt, anger and a hint of loneliness? these are most probably feelings that are linked back to the characters in the video.

As I’ve mentioned before, the animation is quite reliant on sound and facial features/expressions to help create emotion.

After testing my animation, I have thought about the idea of possibly changing the medium from cut outs to doing a whiteboard animation, where the images are drawn.