CIP: Kick Starter brief

//Insert cheer here//

Starting off with a new brief right before the end of term, I’ve been looking forward to finding out what this last brief was about and now I know.

Returning back to our Christmas creatures group, we planned out how we were going to approach our idea and how we were going to develop it.

While last time, Iwas a little concerned about time management, but I do get the sense that we may be able to reach our deadline goal, if we focus and work as a team. Being able to work together and co-ordinate what roles we have with in the group was a great start. I’ve been put in charge of the social marketing and powerpoint; something I have a bit of experience with from managing several websites in the past, but I do admit, that Ilove being in control of a webpage or a social media account and being able to try and put out our ideas and progress in to the world wide web.

Changes made to the project?We’ve decided to make the cards seasonal. So, instead of it being christmas creatures, we’re managing 5 different holiday seasons– Christmas, Valentines, Halloween and Easter. The last holiday is to be decided soon, but we each have our own role. Luckily, iwas able to snag Easter. To be honest, I like drawing Rabbits and bunnies, and any creature that has fluffiness to them, but it would be really intriguing to see how  I turn this ‘cute’ creature in to an actual easter-like monster.


CIP: Market ready: Accelerator

As before, seeing all of the groups present infront of the room was quite an interesting experience. I could see from each individual one, compared from the previous presentation where they had made improvements to their project and to the presentation as well. I really enjoyed each and every one, because they were all so different and unique and that truly reflected in the merchandise they were proposing to sell.

From this entire experience, admittingly it was a little scary at first, but eventually, I’ve definitely learned that you need to be very prepared with what you need to present and with what you’re going to say about it. You also need to be prepared to answer any incoming questins about the product(s), if possible.

CIP: Market ready presentation practice

It went rather well. All members did very well, especially the ones who talked about the idea and what we were publishing did pretty good. I was so proud of us all, and that we were able to come to a final decision in time to present it.

Our feedback, I was able to get some of it and note it down:

  • Font for the header is too big.
  • Bullet points for the content.
  • Stall- illustration needs to be more detailed and clear. Probably needs to hav he items, such as the banner or any props to be labeled?
  • Products- Examples.
  • Logo is too big. It needs to be smaller.
  • Examples of promotion- Facebook, Twitter or a website.
  • Roles.
  • Competitor.

I found this presentation to be very helpful, it gives me an idea of what was to come and helps to think about what to consider, if in future, if I were ever to be presenting a new idea in front of someone or a client. I need to be able to provide a clear idea and have the theme clearly shown through out.

CIP: Market ready research

I did this… I’m going to exaggerate, but I did this forever ago. No, but right at the begining of being handed the brief. I spent a weekend checking out the newly opened shops, that were preparing for Christmas. This was all the way back in October, but one shop had been opened up again, after being closed down for about 6 or 7 years.

I didn’t have any access to the stalls at Maidstone’s market that’s open on a Tuesday and a Saturday, but from the top of my head, I can recall that the majority of the hand-made based items that were sold at stalls would be pretty cheap, or the items would be food… or even cheap hand-made birthday cards, where their quality didn’t even match the price the stall were charing for each one. I noticed that majority of the customers who visited that particular stall, didn’t buy anything from them. The audience were also elderly or mid-30’s to early 40 aged people with young children.

Anyhow, Card factory. I checked out this particular store as they could be a possible competitor, like John Lewis. They sell Christmas cards at any time of the year, and I checked out their designs and how they co-ordinated them on display.

Besides cards, they had other objects on display. All festive and they had a running colour scheme going.

Market ready- portfolios and keeping a pinterest account

I may be throwing myself under the bus by saying this, but I missed Making a living week. I felt terrible and while I was adviced to stay at home and rest, I went and did some work while trying to get better in the mean time to make up.

Looking at those who attended and to see what they learnt or what was said, I did some research on how to present a portfolio and I made a new Pinterest account just for my University based use.

I felt that by doing this, I’m able to keep an eye on what interests me, or inspires me as a practicioner, but I can see what other ideas have been created already.

I can also use it as a way of sharing my own content or sharing others. In other words, spreading and showing off what I publish.

I also thought this could give me ideas on how to present an online portfolio to someone, or find ideas on how to present one.


 Making the content organised is also a way of keeping it tidy, but presentable. It allows others to easily navigate through it.

Market Ready: Card designs + Research

Like many, when it came to thinking about the creature designs for the Christmas cards, I did a little bit of research first to think about how to make the creatures a little more appealing and the first thing I looked at was designs for Pokemon. Why? Well, when it comes to creating monsters or creatures, I always use them as a source of inspiration. Being the big, no. HUGE fan that I am of this particular series, I wanted to see how I can pull off a unique design.

Each Pokemon comes with its own quality, or style and I admit, that for my first design for the card, it was purely influenced by one of the designs for an unpublished Pokemon.

I admired the simple, cute, weird design this particular creature had, but I couldn’t understand why they didn’t release it.


You can find more of the unused designs here.

I also had to consider the audience, so if our audience is young families with children, they have to appeal to the adults and the child.

I wanted to keep it very festive, by adding things such as bells or scarves, and even with the colours of red and green helps to show that.