A:R: Animation in a box.

Let me just put it like this first: I really enjoyed this lesson. Even if it was just a test to see how we explore our idea, or testing out the images/sketches we’ve collected over the last two to three weeks, I found it to be a good exercise because I’m now able to see a direction of where I want to take this project. Even if it’s not entirely clear, I’m starting to pull together a narrative from my dérive. We created a short storyboard for this.

Starting the session off, we took a quick visit to Central house to check out the animation studio, but also got a neat discussion about a software called ‘Dragon frame’. A program which I’ve used before, but at the last University I went to. The program is a stop motion capture program, which is set up to help capture the image/photo of something that’s set up from the camera. Though, this wasn’t new to me, I do find it interesting to see if there’s a possibility for myself to once again improve on the last time I used a specific program for a lesson.

When arriving back, we cre-visited the story board we made before leaving. Made some changes. I wasn’t particularly keen on changing mine, as I felt that this was a clear narrative, which was: “Travelling down to Brick lane; steadily, quietly. Passing the faces with in a harsh, cold wind. Bumping in to them as I go on past, it was irritating. The distraction. The mobiles.”

I sketched down these ideas, based on the life drawing I did when I visited the place.

I decided to try and test these out in the box by using the stop motion capture app on my phone and trying to pick up on re-animating the movemnt of the people with in that journey I took.


A:R: Second Brick Lane visit- Friday 27th Jan.

It wasn’t at all  good day. It was freezing and there was a strong draft of wind runng all the way through out the city. I wanted to capture more experience and note down any of the changes made to the city in comparrison to the last trip.

The song I was listening to was ‘My way’ sung by Seth McFarlane, but the song was sun in the film, which I absolutely adored called ‘Sing’. This helped to brighten the mood, as I was passing through.


I did over hear some conversations, even with my headphones in, but they were faint. As if the people were trying their best to keep it more private, and with that, I noticed that a few of the shops were completely shut down. Even for early morning at that time, it wasn’t very busy. It was kind of odd, but I could smell this strong stench of curry from the resturants as I moved on.

A:R:Reportage: Brick lane/ week 1


As I have forgotten to upload the quick sketches I did in reflection of the task set on the first week of our briefing, I’m updating with them now.

Alot of the drawings are not clear, as I wa hurridly trying to convey a specific sight, or person who I was observing at the time. Also, my hands were getting very cold and I found it hard to do anything.


A:R: Reporter: City scape: Valery Koshlyakov

Another artist whose work I started to observe; also found Koshlyakov’s work on Pinterest and started to research about what he does as a artist on gallery websites.

His large-scale card-board paintings resemble specific locations, such as Paris. From my point of view,the use of the layers of shades build up these variety of different tones which help support the fine details on the architectures.

The colour pallet is also very limited, but once i think about this, it helps to emphasise this dull, stone, solid appearance to the buildings.