CIP: Kick starter: Accelerator presentation slides

Overall fro m the presentation, that I threw together, while it was a little tough trying to get it all prepared, but I felt quite comfortable by how I just needed to tweak the previous slides from the feedback presentation.
I should remember to consider making the information more brief, and simple next time.
Can be seen here: accelerator presentation

I honestly think, that overall, we could’ve presented the cards a lot better. I know for a fact, that I really want to return to the illustrations I contributed and edit them, so they’re presentable.


A:R// TFS– Animation final

I wouldn’t quite say it’s a final, but it’s a developed outcome, that’s still being developed. Not sure how to word that, but it’s something that I’m still working on and would want to edit further.

My influence for this idea, was how I really enjoyed creating the monoprints for my idea generating that I did, by taking several quotes and then just stringing them together.

video animation test from Smgs707 on Vimeo.

The sound used is the dialogue from the intro to the child version of your character, and his intentions. I felt that the music, the narration and introduction overall was a very direct, focused and brief. It allows the viewer to be pulled in straight away, without having to go in to too much detail, and thus, I found it to be quite a nice introduction to the main character, by setting the scene; introducing the character and then their intentions.
The monoprints I selected, were ones that stood out to me and I felt that they were strong so far, in how they visually show what the narrator is talking about.

To continue this further, I may start to think about how I may want to pull up on specific aspects described, such as the ‘powerful wizard’, maybe I could try thinking about how this could be animated further.

A:R// TFS– Re-checking and update to personal brief

Along the way, especially late last night, I had to re-check my brief, and while I was trying so hard to make sure that the images fit the chosen line or quote I had decided on from the series; I found out that I was suppose to portray these posters aesthetically and not as something to narrate to the audience, but as my posters were developing along the way, i found that I was growing accustomed to collage and mixing mediums with each other.

I decided to focus on the following 3 pieces of text:
“Five gold coins and you could have your answer”
— The choice.
As before, choices are a key aspect of the games and I wanted that to be a main highlight for any one who wants to play the game series.

I was really fond of how it was turning out, as Theresa was a blind sorceress; I tried to show that by removing her eyes from the illustration. I tried to keep
it simplistic in relation to how the concept art is designed and presented.

For the other two posters, i tried to follow the same structure and developed from the previous collage tests and I found that a few of them stood out, while others don’t.

So far, I think as they’re my final outcomes for this topic, I think it may need to have the quote next to it, just to make it stronger.

CIP: Collection

Several exportation tries later and I was finally able to get it published as a pdf. The images had to be compressed, due to the upload amount, but I;m quite pleased with how the publication turned out over all. There were a lot of moments, where I could’ve screamed and thrown my laptop out of the window because of how patient I had to be with InDesign, but well, what worked well was how I was able to get the layout I had originally planned out and on the software.

I wasn’t that all confident with the software over all from the start, but gradually as I started to learn and get my way around each thing, I found it to be very helpful.

I was amazed over all how I managed to put together a 71 document though, so the link to the digital copy is here:

A:R// T FS// Animation and a5 card development

As I was developing some monoprints to start testing in my animation process, I came to the decision that the A5 cards could just be the monoprints, or any spare monoprints that didn’t not appear in the animation as a part of the connection between all 3 of the outcomes.

I found that a few of these tests were actually pretty strong in how they visually portray specific quotes or lines with in the story, and I think, if I could digitally collage them with some of the other colours or prints made, it could become something quite bold aesthetically.

A:R: TFS// Development- Continuing on from last time.

While I have come along and started to develop different ideas for the three posters, originally I wanted them to be a thing of aesthetic, but I may assign the 3 A5 cards to be more of aesthetic instead, considering that this was more to introduce and show the narrative of theses scenes, but as I started to experiment further, I had a few outcomes from previously, which I started to re-consider in how it’s putting the message across.


“From the nearby woods, the boy watched as all he knew was taken away, his whole life was crushed to ashes.”

I liked how by using water against ink pen, it causes this nice distorted effect to the image, and I attempted to apply this to the drawing because the text chosen was actually quite twisted and horrible, and while I fought about how it affected the character, it was also quite sorrowful and traumatic. I would like to see if, I could return to the masked figure collage and link it in to this particular drawing, due to the fact that I feel that those may work well together in making the illustration clearer. Although, as stated previously I’ve been wanting to add text to it.