MM: Poster concept development + Final Outcome

Making this very brief, there wasn’t much of a follow on from the riso print workshop, in all honesty. However, printing and getting the poster tested and finished took quite a while to do. There were many issues with the printer, when trying to print out on news print. Yes, I should of considered printing it on the Riso printer, regardless of that fact, I was concerned with the amount of ink that may be pressed against the fibers of the stock. I also wanted the ink to be quite heavy on the print, as well, so I did it this way.
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G+T: MM: Development and Gifs outcomes

Very brief. My initial plans for this, were to have two separate gifs that would be different from each other, but would still be able to tie in with one another.

The advert gif, I wanted to try out a few ideas first, but I found that my original ideas for it were a little too complicated and in the end, I decided to focus the gif on having the bowls form from the patterns which were created from the decaying fruit skin photos, and the markings on the outside of the bowls.

In my opinion, I found this focus to be a bit more direct, and also it just appealed to me more, than just having the bowl with objects being placed in it. It didn’t necessarily fit with the function of the bowl.
chiiwa94’s photo on Photobucket
The second gif was a little easier to develop, as it was just throwing some of my chosen photographs together, but i had to backtrack on the second rewatch of it, and I wanted to take it up a notch by collaging some edited pictures in to it, to show that you can do more than just observe the bowl.

G+T: Walk the line: Development and outcomes (Economic)

For every word I had, I started to narrow down the words or the meanings which stood out to me, which I had mentioned previously, but following on from the feedback I had been given way before the critique, I tried to carefully take in to consideration of the depth for the string, the backgrounds used in the image and the thickness of the string being used.

With cotton thread, string and waxed thread I started to go over the storyboard again and re-think about the over all layout.

I needed to have some sort of link with all of the words, considering that all of the concept methods were going to be different. I did this with the layout of the image, by having it portrait.


I chose the light blue background to indicate a sky-like scenery and I used different strings the trees in the back to emphasise that they’re further back in the layout.

In this gif, I wanted to show the destruction of nature and the drastic change, by having the trees be knocked down.
I linked the word ‘Economic’ back to life, nature and growth.


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Give and Take: Walk the line: Outcome 1

Responding back to some of the development I had done two weeks ago, I was going to leave that as one of the final outcomes for the word ‘Feel’. As it was my intended interest to draw from both the abstracted lines and shapes, while having the lines respond to the meaning, I decided to try out something else from the more bolder images.

While I was quite admirable about these, I felt that I could take this up a notch and I wanted to see how this would look, if it was less digital.


Breaking down the animation, I traced very carefully with waterbrush pens to obtain the lines that obtained this curvature which reflected the meaning of ‘Feel’ on an emotional level.


The brushes, while they have these fine, bold lines to them, they create these smooth curves and they even give off these very pleasant textured marks to them. Once I had put the first cells right in to Photoshop, I couldn’t stop myself from playing around with the maps again to see what kind of flavourable outcomes I may obtain from this further.

To feel something emotionally; when you’re unsure of how to feel, there’s a range of different thoughts, colours and moods you may partake in this sort of feeling. Being unsure of what you know, or how you feel and sense, you loose track of your bearings.

By switching in and out the different coloured maps, I wanted to use the colors to reflect the change in notions that one may experience.

Although, as this was a more gradual thing, I may start to see how I can make the colours shift more gradually.


I’ve changed the opacity, so as each layer is made, the opacity of the gradient map changes.


CIP: Kick starter: Accelerator presentation slides

Overall fro m the presentation, that I threw together, while it was a little tough trying to get it all prepared, but I felt quite comfortable by how I just needed to tweak the previous slides from the feedback presentation.
I should remember to consider making the information more brief, and simple next time.
Can be seen here: accelerator presentation

I honestly think, that overall, we could’ve presented the cards a lot better. I know for a fact, that I really want to return to the illustrations I contributed and edit them, so they’re presentable.

A:R// TFS– Animation final

I wouldn’t quite say it’s a final, but it’s a developed outcome, that’s still being developed. Not sure how to word that, but it’s something that I’m still working on and would want to edit further.

My influence for this idea, was how I really enjoyed creating the monoprints for my idea generating that I did, by taking several quotes and then just stringing them together.

video animation test from Smgs707 on Vimeo.

The sound used is the dialogue from the intro to the child version of your character, and his intentions. I felt that the music, the narration and introduction overall was a very direct, focused and brief. It allows the viewer to be pulled in straight away, without having to go in to too much detail, and thus, I found it to be quite a nice introduction to the main character, by setting the scene; introducing the character and then their intentions.
The monoprints I selected, were ones that stood out to me and I felt that they were strong so far, in how they visually show what the narrator is talking about.

To continue this further, I may start to think about how I may want to pull up on specific aspects described, such as the ‘powerful wizard’, maybe I could try thinking about how this could be animated further.