Author : Reporter: Project 3 Feedback 1

Welcome back everyone and I’ll shall now be returning to my current and (not exactly final), but final project!

To give a brief reminder, I’ll be basing this project on the Author side of the studio subject and my project will be based around the game series ‘Fable’. Over the break, I’ve been looking at different links and connections towards the different traits with in the game, for example, Fable 3 was set, or based on the Industrial revolution period, so I started to connect the real life aspects of that with the game and seeing where I could go from there. Following on, I started to look a very specific lines or quotes from the game intros, where I wanted to focus a narrative image on.

Here is an example,


“Deep in the forest of Albion, lay a small town of Oakvale.”

Referenced @0:08

I thought about the overlapping of trees, as if the town was tucked away inside a forest or landscape and I started to draw them out in two toned pens. As, I wanted to see where I could take this idea or even the method of using pens as a medium further, before developing it digitally or with another technique.


From the feedback, while it was very useful and helpful, I did have a feeling that I was progressing a bit too quickly and that I had leapt from the research and in to final outcome process, so from the feedback Susanna gave me, I thought that I could try and see how I can take specific quotes or even moments from the narrations, sound or even the in-game book content to help build a vision of the game, so it’s clear for those who haven’t played it.

I’m still not sure of how I’m going to develop this, but I would like to start testing out on how many ways I could translate the dialogue metaphorically and directly and see how I can take the game from screen to paper, and then to screen again.

However, these were some ideas that were suggested me, but I think I would like to see how broadly I can take this project.



Author:Reporter: Project 3 decision

If you can’t imagine it right now, just let me tell you, but I have been looking forward to the final project all year. NO, not because it’s the last one of the second year, but because we get to decide our own project from either the Author side or the Reporter one. Not only that, but we also get to write our own brief!

It’s been about … 3 years? since I was able to do that. In my diploma, our final major project was written by us, however, this time, compared to how Ichose the project last time. It’s been tough.

At first, I was able to say ‘Rakugo’. Iwas insistant on wanting to do something different and not in connection to London… Europe or even America. I wanted to base my project on Japanese Rakugo, as there’s this anime series I’ve been hooked on for a year now has given me such inspiration lately.

Sadly, once Ireturned home, my sibling gave me some more suggestions for things that Icould of done.

I composed a list:

Legend of Zelda:Majora’s mask: Due to the lack of communication that Igive out about myself, Iam indeed a HUGE fan of the series. Majora’s is my favourite and the art work is such an inspiration to my drawing style… Only problem is, I wouldn’t know what exactly to narrate from it. I wouldn’t even kno where or how to begin, or what research could be benificia; to me.


Fable: The game series. Not to be confused with Aeseop’s fables. There’s a lot of unique quirks to this game. It has a story line, yes, but this RPG has a lot of cut away scenes which become time laspes. The narrator in the first game, helps to guide the player and tell them what has happened, it’s like a story. Also, with in the games, there are books you can pick up, that you can then read for youself, which will give you tales about heroes, or monsters et cetera.

I do have a lot of ideas in how I can approach this. This may be my final proposed idea.

Rocky Horror show:… You may of not seen this coming, but well, once again, I love how cheesy the film is. It’s different and it’s also inspirational. Ididn’t want to base my project on humour, so I don’t think Iwould like to progress with it. It would be difficult for me to think of a way, of how Icould produce work for scenes or sentences.

Howl’s moving castle: Pretty much the same as above.

I also tried to consider writing style, art work, research and influences towards the ideas, and so…

The winner is Fable. On the other hand, when it came to me thinking about how I would approach each one, I did do a lot of research this weekend to help me make a decision which I could feel confident about.


Returnig to the studio yesterday, I spoke a bit about my brief and got some great feedback. Iimmediately started to think about how much art, design and interaction could be involved with video games in general.

For example, with Fable, there;s a particular aspect called ‘Artificial intelligence’ which is involved.

For every action, there’s a consequence.

So, if you do something that will be deemed as ‘evil’, the villagers will respond.

As of now, I’m trying to consider what my objective is and if I’m basing this project to promote, introduce or just aesthetic. I may base a trailer on introducing/promoting the series to those who don’t know it, or to gamers who haven’t played it yet and I may leave my actual physical outcomes to be something of a more aesthetic approach.