New project: Utterly moving words

Words. Words and more words. Our final projects will be to create a typographic moving image piece of 20 seconds with curated footage using original sound; now, when I thought about this project, I had a ton of ideas I could of done, but I need to remind myself of how much time we have to do this. It’s actually quite interesting, this project that is, due to how you need to put the word in to consideration in terms with how you present, or how you use it.

For example, I was playing around with the word ‘Bang’ a lot on Monday. I had drawn the letters out big because the word to me becomes a sound and the sound tends to be very loud, so I put emphasis on this.

When I start to think about just the word, ‘word’, it makes me think back on the Eric Gill exhibition we went to as a class and how I was able to learn about how type was planned, created etc. With every style, there’s an emotion and there’s a reason behind it. So, it could be possible, that I start to think on this level while testing out my moving footage? taking this in consideration, I had a list of questions which I set out for myself during the first presentation:

  • What words will they be?
  • how will they transition? what effect will this cause?
  • sound? will the sound reflect an emotion or follow the text?
  • what kind of sound?
  • Will there be any context given to the type?
  • style? font?
  • What type animation or footage will it be? recorded?

I admit that I’ve tackled this sort of animated footage project before, but not with type. It was with imagery, though, when I think about using type or drawing it, or creating it in general, I think it’s one of my weaknesses. I want to find away of avoiding drawn type again, or I’ll just practice it until it’s clear.



Looking at songs.

Searching through my playlist; admittedly, I found it very hard to decide attributable to I have a lot of songs that I do listen to every day and on a daily basis. Not only that, most of the songs I listen to are in other languages, besides English and it tends to be those ones, that I listen to more. Going through the list, I narrowed my results down to six songs, that I considered making the three posters for, but what I’m going to is, is analyse them because I need to select only three of them. They need to be songs that I have a very strong link to and would bring out my true and stronger emotions/feelings for.

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen: Starting off with my most favorite song and it’s from my most favourite Band that I’ve cherished for 15 years now. I’ve always been an avid fan of their music. Thinking over this song, I wanted to avoid it at first, though a lot of ideas have come to my mind while recalling the lyrics to the song. A vision of darkness shadowing over a small, crouched over figure as they call out to another figure in the distance, all until the rhythm of the music changes; colourful, beaming lights flash repeatedly up on the scene until the voice fades away in to nothing.  The sensation that I have for this song is vague, even though in the past, it’s made me feel angry, calm, sad and happy, the emotions aren’t necessarily settled, nor are they easy to obtain. That’s why it’s not one I shall be choosing for this task. I may however come back to this one later on and make a separate poster.
  2. Mr. Blue Sky- Electric light orchestra: I’m psyched up in a flash when this one plays, it takes me so back and I can recall so many nostalgic memories. I have a feeling that not many people know of this particular song, or can understand how brilliant it is. While it’s considered as a rock song, it can also be argued that it’s also a classical, due to the use of opera. It’s one that I enjoy and re-play any time without getting too bored of it. I’ve chosen to create a poster for this one, as my ideas are coming along with this except I can work on that. It gives off this psychedelic vibe and the first thing I recall from this song was the singer’s hair, and also the fact that he later went on to become the vocalist for Wizzard.
  3. YAMA-HA- GOATBED: The singer Ishii Shuuji repeatedly sings different names, which I made the assumption that they’re names of car brands and it’s quite repetitive. All the song does is relax me, but this may be because of the singers voice. I must admit that, I would really like to work on a poster for GOATBED, so I might create one for them in my free time at a later point.
  4. Parklife- Blur: Another song that creates this eneretic atmosphere. All I can picture from this one is two guys sitting in a car or driving around. I can’t obtain a lot of emotion for this one.
  5. Year 3000- Busted: Nostalgia. I was about 7 or 8 years old when I first heard this song, it was one of those years where scooters were in fashion. Thinking back on it makes me feel joyous, excited and I really love how Busted tell stories with in their songs, it’s such a 90’s, 00’s thing. a song I’ll do one poster for.
  6. Love Rollercoaster- Red hot chili peppers: Excellent beat. For me, I always seem to remember Beavis and Butthead from this song, as it was used for their movie. The feeling I get from this one is completely different from the previous songs, strangely enough, even though the song has a similar rhythm and the same types of instruments being played, but this may be because it’s a love song. I picture butterflies, hearts, roller coasters and there’s a lot of pink.