A:R:Reportage: Finalisations for prints for box and crit.

Along the way, I felt lost, but Iwas able to pick myself up once Isorted out the tests and possible finalisations.

Even with the crit, the feedback turned out to be good. I was pretty surprised, but it left me thinking about re-doing a few of my final prints because of the quality of them. Iunderstand, that it won’t take long, but Ifeels that what Iapplied with myself, I need to apply that to the prints. Organisation.

As stated before, Ichose the images and print methods that Ifelt would help to overall depict and convey my experience. I also chose some of the textured or paper types based on the location I was in, or could connect it to.

//The photos for the final pieces will be published soon. //


However, after the crit on Friday, Ishould consider adding the simlar textures to the animation, to probably link it to my boxed piece, to help stabalise the whole idea.

Over all, ths  project has allowed me to think a bit more deeply about how I’m going to take an idea further, or see things from a specific view. Ialso need to plan more in future about where I’m going to spend my time and what on. I feel that, Imay need to also consider the quality of my work and make sure that it’s treated preciously.

When it came to the exhibition though… I was stunned. Again.

Everyone had put in so much efffort this term and it really shines through in the work. So, in future, I’ll need ot do the same and take my time with things a little more, compared to this time.



A:R:Reporter: Looking into presntation for animation in a box

Back to the animation in the box. Probably the thing I enjoyed working on most out of this section. Iwas struggling at first, but from my diorama ideas, I thought Icould have a light box, where the figures move in and out of the buildings.

… Yes, it didn’t work. It pretty much fell apart and I’ll show the test video later.


Here’s some inspiration that got me going though, Ifound that I wanted to try something similar to these:


It was such a simple idea, however, I started to consider movement in a bit more depth. Lie, the hair of a person> or the shadows with in the movements? that kept playing over and over in my mind, but Icouldn’t stop myself from wanting to search for some more ideas.

I also thought about hand drawn animation, but the time for that and seeing how that’ll work out is very… limited?


A:R: Reportage: Development: Feedback, Exhibition prep ad Pecha kucha celebration week

Again, the feedback was rather helpful. Iwasn’t too sure on my ideas or what Iwas doing was getting me some where, but from the experience it gave me something to thing about for the next couple of weeks.

It started to make me consider and think even more about how Icould take these things further, but Icould easily sense that the time was running out Ihad to be careful with how i spent my time.

I considered that Icould possibly start using monoprint a bit more, as most of the moments during the journey were like fragments, or brief moments that were focused on one thing, but soon transitioned to the next.


Celebration week:

Even with the the prep, the feedback from the professionals who came around to check everything out was pleasing and what Ifound nice, was how every studio were approaching these subjects differently or would approach illustration in their own way.

Also, the presentation of these said things. It made me reconsider and that Icould probably should be constantly doing more, than thinking about it.


Reporter: Box plans, ideas.

At first, Ithought about having the box in a shape of one of the buildings from Brick lane, but hwne Ithought back, it wasn’t really conveying the experience that I had at the location. Iwanted it to be something unique and different too.

Ididn’t really want to work with cardboard, so I started to jot down a few ideas of what Imay want it to look like or to start linking in things, that somone from another perspective would think of Brick lane as a place. The most typical connections could be the bricks, the art work or even the markets down there.


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Defining style inspiration from other practicioners on pinterest-

More found inspiration- Reportage

Pinterest always has a selection. Not even that, but it’s like a whole universe with many exciting ideas. I’m never too sure where to start or look, but there was a variety of different things that helped me guide my ideas, and to think about where I could take this in a certain direction.


Box ideas.

At first, I started to consider making my box look like a building at Birck lane, but when I started to think about it, I wasn’t really sure, if that was describing or conveying my own experience of the place.

Illustration and print.

When I see screenprint, I always assume that you can only use one colour, so I thought it may be a good idea to combine multiple colours. However, these finds were so complexed when I look at them. I had to be condierate towards how much time I really had.


Although, when it came to testing, Iwanted to try this out more with lino printing. Ithink it would be interesting to see how many methods or ways I could try out, to help depict my experience through technique and what the medium is printed on.

A;R: Reportage: Testing and development of home screenpritig

I didn’t have a lot of access to the screen printing room, and when Ithought about it; Istill wanted to try it out. When I eventually did go to a workshop induction,  Ifound that how I wanted to portray this image or experience, it wasn’t coming out at all how I wanted it to. So, I decided to google up some methods to see how I could get my illustration to look blurry. As the image was conveying my blurred vision at the time of the experience written down, so when I came across a way, I tried it.

I tried tights at first, but due to them being thick, they were making the ink all gloopy and thick. The medium would just go straight through the material, even if Ihad concealed the parts I wanted with glue.


I tried to experiment with a different type of material, this was nylon (?). I attempted again. I drew out my image and spread across the parts where I didn’t want to show up with glue. Afew times, it didn’t work. It was becoming extremely annoying, as it was suppose to be a quick and straight forward process. So, being very patient, Itook off some of the paint and found a squeegee that will help with spreading the paint evenly. It worked without a hitch! Continue reading