BROAD: Duotone plan and idea

Wanting to get more ideas about the Duotone effect, I wanted to see what would the best way to do this technique would be and what kind of results I could gain from it with just two coulours. As most of the illustrations I’ve been developing so far have been pretty line or textured base, I felt that this may be the more appropriate way of approaching the printed publication. As in reflection from experiencing thin lines being printed on a riso printer, the lnes appeared to be rather hard to make out or sometimes the lines couldn’t be as bold as they did once they were drawn down.

Also, I thought that I may have more control over the colour choice when it comes to the duotone. I would never be able to know which colour or tone would come out to the way I would like it through the riso printer. I do understand that I can test this, but I think by approaching a test through the duotone first might be a new and unique way of doing this.

And from this, I thought about the sort of affects I may want my images to look like.
I saw an interesting effect, that inspired me to look more in to this, when I purchased a new shirt yesterday in George. The shirt design was so boldly interesting with just a few selective tones to it.

The choice of tones worked so well with each other as well.


DC: Portfolio: Building your own personal networks

I’ve been tidying up and updating my social networks, so my Twitter, for example is used as a page for distributing new art work.

I’ve noticed a theme pattern already, particularly with the colour schemes I’ve been using. Red, brown, white and grey seem to be quite a frequent selection of colours.

I may have to bear in mind, that I could keep to this similar theme for my digital and physical portfolio when pulling the work together. Next, I’m going to start thinking more about how I can photograph or present the work I have done so far. Whether I want to scan the work in, or photograph it.

Also, I need to think about how I can present videos or gif images.

DC: Portfolio: Layout and portfolio presentation, pt1.

Starting off, let me firstly introduce you to my collective folder of Portfolio ideas that I had pulled together:

Bearing in mind, that I wanted to have something that would keep my illustrations creative, but presentable. I tried to find and look at the various ways of how a portfolio, or someones work could be banded together and maintain a theme or brand for that practitioner.

When it comes to portfolios or keeping a specific set of work together, I found that I didn’t want there to be a mass of work, but only a select few of the best or ideas that could possibly be extended in to new ones.

However, when considering the presentation. I tried to look for portfolio ideas that withheld a simple, yet professional look to band everything together.

Previously, this had been looked at and discussed with in CIP and even now, I would still like to take the approach of having the work compiled n to a folder or a box that can allow someone to easily pull out the work and arrange it to the way they want to.


With the above, it comes across as creative, but personal and I like that touch in particular. I like the overall little details that have been made to this in particular, and it’s starting to make me consider how i could present myself professionally through the box or however way I may choose to bind my work together for an interview.


More of a box approach, I like the way that everything has been allowed for the viewer to pull out and put back; it also comes across as if the work is a packaged piece. Everything slots in nicely, and it comes across that the designer had thought about this very well with how it’s been presented.

Over all, I prefer this portfolio as it tells me exactly what kind of style or how the designer approaches their work; from the layout to the type choices. Every aspect of this portfolio has been well considered, the type and boldness helps tie everything together.



DC: Portfolio: Web domains, hosts research

I didn’t want to just start creating a draft of this portfolio before I did some thorough research and testing of all of the website’s available domains first.

I did consider building and coding my own portfolio, but in consideration of time, I decided to leave that for a future project, when I do have some time to tend to it.

Moving on, I started to check out different ones, so there were a view I had tried out in the past, and now, I decided to just revisit the possibilities:


It’s smooth, we use them for our blogs all of the time and I didn’t want to leave out hte opportunity of using it again for my portfolio. I wanted something quite formal, but would be able to organise and display the images I publish.

I found quite a few themes that would be able to show my work in a form, yet organised way.

Long story short, but my first experience with this website, was when I was managing my first website which I had about 9 years ago. It’s quick also, but there are A LOT of options to play around with. However, considering that I’m not too fond of seeing ads popping up here and there, everytime I try to view something, I’m going to pass on it.


I will admit that they’re good at having layouts or themes that give you a more professional look though.

Adobe portfolio

Looking at the options for portfolios, and how they’ve laid out their examples, I think this might be the best option so far. I was pretty fond with the test run I had with this originally, but I think I may need to try it out a bit more before coming back to it. They do charge for the hosting of the website, so I might stick to a free domain.


Also had some history with this, but I’m not a fan of it. I like that it’s not complicated to use and all, but it’s quite restrictive when it comes to wanting to present things a specific way.

DeviantArt portfolio

I didn’t know this existed, until I checked my DA account. Considering that a lot of your work is already uploaded to this website, so it just allows you to click and pick; I think it might be a good opportunity. However, I haven’t used or played around with it very much to know its full potential.

Webhost with WordPress support

Webhost offers an option of being able to install wordpress through your very own domain, which allows you a lot more options to play around with, and with the right skills you’re able to edit the layouts to however you would like them to be.

I think at this point, considering the time limitations, it would be beneficial for me to find a theme that can be adjusted, but also be able to present the work I want to provide to look interesting. Readability of the layout is important, as well, so I need to bear that in mind.

BROAD: Layout and Publications, Research pt3.

Another new post, I decided that I wanted to look more in to how layouts and publications can be presented, and to start thinking about how I might want my content to be presented. It’s also a link back to some of the new ideas I’ve come up with in the letter press workshop yesterday.

There’s A LOT of layouts that I had taken interest in, as they were all so unique and different in their approaches, when it comes to type and imagery, so to save space, the link to the board is here:

A thing that caught my eye about this publication, was that it was pretty straight forward, yet appealing at the same time. I’m not a big fan of combining such a bright pigment combined with black would work so well, then again, they’re also combined with white. It works well, and it gives off this playful appearance.

Another thing that I was pretty fond of about this layout, is how the type and image can spread across both of the pages. That may be something that I may consider for the presentation of my illustrations. How can I make them spread across two pages and overlap? How would i present the image in order for me to do that?

The images in general were just so intriguing, that I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to talk quite a bit about this layout in particular.

There’s a lot of consistency through out each layout, it’s well considered. With the type, it’s clear on each page; it syncs in nicely with the way the images have been presented and each page makes me want to see more from it. I also enjoy the mixed combination of illustrations and photographs. When I start to think about that combination being tied together, I quite often question myself how that’s going to work out well, due to the fact that they’re incredibly different in comparison to each other. However, from looking over this, it has allowed me to start thinking about possibly combining photographs in somehow with my illustrations.