Give & Take: Researching chosen words- Part 2

This week, I’ve been looking back to my words again and thinking about how they could be explored. I wanted to start drawing with brushes and just doing very simple ideas that come to my head, when I start to think about them.

Feel, when I start to consider this word, I see scribbles upon scribbles building up, Emotions boiling and kicking up a whole new sensation upon the page.

Although, this is then over run with a blast of variety of colours. When someone else were to consider Feels, they would probably refer to a more sensory approach or emotions, but why not both? I tried to consider the opposite as well. Not being able to feel something makes us… broken? Being able to feel something is what makes us humans, but exploring this will be quite a challenge, which I’m very much looking forward to. Continue reading


Give and Take: Research: GIFS (2)

Considering in looking at the more simplistic and shape or colour approaches with the gifs, I decided to consider the research with that direction.

A lot of these I found through Pinterest again, but they were unlabeled or didn’t have a link to who had originally created them, but I find it interesting how a few of them are set with a limited colour pallet and/or shapes and lines, yet they’re able to communicate what’s happening or what it’s for.

Things to take into consideration:

  • Movement
  • Context
  • Colour
  • Narration
  • Shapes/Lines used

Give and Take: Research: GIFS (1)

Welcome to my GIF finds!

I’ve had a bit of fun going through my tumblr and Pinterest accounts, trying to recall the gif image locations I saved or had reblogged.

I tried to look in to them a bit more, and find out who had created them and what they do, so to start off…

Tom Hardwick

Tom Hardwick’s an Illustrator, who had graduated from Hull School of Art and design. When I was doing some research for simple animated gifs, that appeared to be hand drawn, I was struck by how simplistic, but effective the animated scene was with in the moving image. When I think about this gif, I find it remarkable how I didn’t even consider layering up a still image and a moving image. I would like to see how I can animate two different images on the separate layers and see where I can take it from there, but I may need to keep in mind of how they’re going to move, and what they’re going to do in terms of my words.
I need to consider line, mark, colour, shape and form.

Another thing I may have to bear in mind, is that I need to communicate the word in some way.

Nimura Daisuke
Being able to depict frustrations or things that people may relate to, he does it so precisely and easily through the small actions.



Charles Huettner

Another freelance artist and animator.

Another animator whose gifs/animations are simple, yet enjoyable to watch. There’s something so smooth and flexible about his images, that make them so enjoyable.


Give & Take: Research (2)

Linking this project to the design competition, we took a trip to the Barbican and took a look at the Basquiat exhibition (See this post).

The incredibly amount of energy explored and conveyed throughout all of his pieces, let me learn that there’s a variety of ways and mediums that can be used to depict these words and what they can mean to me or even someone else.

For more information about the Exhibition, you can find it here:

FMP: Ideas and research

(Yes, I’m thinking ahead and leaving this here)

After experiencing my previous final major project, which was done in Year 2/Level 5, I found myself thinking that I should of done it on a subject that would allow me to not be so restrictive or limited on the subject or the experimentation/development. While it was fun to give it a shot in this round, I had to consider what I may want to do in future, so I was skimming through the list of things, such as interests, subjects or design projects that I’ve always wanted to try for myself, but didn’t have a chance to do previously or presently.

So,  I made a list:


  • Drawing, Writing
  • Reading manga, graphic novels and comics
  • Watching Japanese and American anime
  • Textile based costume creating
  • Cosplaying / modelling for shootouts
  • Music
  • Animals, wild life and life style
  • Culture

I do have a lot more interests, but I had to consider the subject of them and while I was doing that, I originally had the idea of basing my whole FMP to be character based, due to the fact that I do a lot of character design at home and in my own time, but I had to give it some context, when thinking about it.

I also thought about my subject strengths also among this list.

I originally was going to base this whole project on Horoscopes; Chinese zodiac or the Seven deadly sins (yes).

Buuuuuttt, as I had to do a step back and think about it, I don’t think this subject could be able to be extended over the time period of now and when it needs to be submitted. I don’t think I can go to great depth and explore the theme.


After that, I was doing some research on my current disability/struggle with being able to communicate or the nerves problem. I really wanted to find some tips on how to deal with it, and as I was coming across this issue, I found an article which speculates why Mental anxiety and selective mutism is always overlooked or is not quite often acknowledged as much as it should be. It’s quite often pushed away or it’s been known for ‘specialists’ to describe it as if its ‘nothing’.

While, I wasn’t exactly born with this disability and it was one that was developed over time, I was pretty disgusted by the fact that there are those who would classify it as just that—‘Nothing’.

It goes to some extent.

So, as this is quite a personal thing to me, I would like to consider this as a subject/option for my FMP. For my project to be raising an awareness on how those who have this disability have been affected by it and show how it affects them.






Continuing from the previous post, I start to consider that these words could be presented literally or done in an abstract sense. It would be good to see how these words could be done separately many times in many different forms, and then put together in so many various ways as well.

While we were presented some animated examples, they started to remind me of other drawing forms that have also been used in videos.

As he starts to sing specific lines, the images are drawn out in sync and when I originally saw this video when it was released, I was so taken back by clever and simple it was.

Also, the transitioning of how each object/shape goes in to one another is quite interesting to pay attention to.