G+T: MM: Advertisement research (5)

As today has pushed back what already been scheduled, I’ve started to think more about how I could approach the two gifs. I mentioned previously, that I did start to play around a little with collaging in fruit shapes in with the photograph and collaging them, but I wanted to look at how I could approach this differently.


I felt that this approach was too simple, then again, I’m pretty fond of the idea of me taking this on board simply, HOWEVER, there’s a lot more I can probably do for this.

While I was struggling to come up with more ideas, even to the point of me drawing out tiny thumbnail sketches across two pages, I had to re-consider that maybe, just maybe I could try out telling a narrative through the gif, like I did for the previous project.

As I was consistently brooding over this thought, figuring out how I could do that; an advert for Co-Op came on TV.

It was a really good advert, it was brief, but it was putting out what they had to say about the food they were selling. They gave it a topic, and the advert definitely drew me in.

It was particularly clever how each food was making its own unique way on to the plate, and it allowed me to kind of connect some ideas to how I could show the use of the fruit bowls.



Internship: Animal farm: R: Farm visits!

Took me a while to arrange these trips, as I had to get a permission for the second one.

I went to get some inspiration for what could be involved with the imagery on the Book cover; it had been a while since I had seen farm animals, but the first trip was to Spital fields farm. It was free for me to come and go as much I wanted, but it was quite rewarding to be able to get some visual imagery of some of the animals there, especially the pigs, as that’s the main animal I wanted to get some drawings and character developments for.

The second farm was at Hadlow in Kent, but this place is owned by the school, as part of their course is taking care of farm land, animals etc.

Luckily, I was able to get a tour and permission and got to learn a bit about how they take care of the animals, and why they behave the way they do.

Internship: Political views and reviewing

When talking to my friends or relatives about the film, they all had noted that this film had some kind of political message put forward, or implied. When looking over the story, the film and anything in relation to it, even checking out previous covers, I could see that there were a lot of relative points to this suggestion. That in fact, the two pigs, could be representing two dictators of some sort. At first, when I had watched the film, I started to think about Churchill (Not the dog), but the leader, and I figured out I had to do some more research about specific characters who stood out in Animal farm.

I focused the research more on Napoleon (The pig) who was the main dictator, and who played quite a dominant role in the story and I found out that, the character was based/inspired by a Soviet union dictator.

Taking this info in, I tried to think about how I could male any imagery or anything involved with the cover to look of some authority.

I started to make a note of his suit, the pipe and the hand gestures he made. They appear to be very welcoming, but in connection to how the character Napoleon behaved in the story, I would like to see how I could pick up these human traits, and link them to his.


G+T: MM: Risograph printing + concept development

The Risograph is an environmentally friendly and cost effective printer, which uses soy-based inks to produce unique outcomes. Each stencil (master) is made from thermal sensitive paper and unlike offset printing it only takes a single print for the screen to be fully inked and ready to print thousands of copies. The Risograph is extremely energy efficient and generates a minimal amount of waste. All our stocked papers are recycled or FSC certified. @Hatopress.net/printing

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Internship: R: Book covers (5)

Might be splitting this up in to two posts, so be prepared.

I wanted to revisit this topic further, before I start looking in to visual research. It was difficult to try and schedule some time for farm visiting, but luckily enough, I have a few connections for that.

I checked out some websites, to help see how other book covers are approached; whether they’re done by hand. digitally, in type and I picked out a few, which I personally worked well with the following: Type, colour, image.  Continue reading

Internship:R: Sara Kipin(4)

An inspiration, and admirable illustrator. I discovered her work during my second year, while working on my third project and her style was remarkable.

I wanted to re-look at her book cover illustrations, as they were quite strong on how they were created visually to highlight what the story could be like or what could happen.


I also absolutely adore her character designs, as well, so that’s another aspect that intrigued me, but my worry right now, is how i’m going to convey the genre of Animal farm and embrace its satire. In my opinion, in relation to these two cover arts; the choice of tones used, even the type, they’re all things that can connect back to the films or even the stories that are set for The Lord of the rings. The grungy, mild tones that help to make it feel as if it’s something that’s been pulled directly from another world, such as this one; it gives it that musky undertone that all’s not bright and cheery, but their about to be off on a long journey somewhere. Even the choice of location for the imagery, the position of the characters, help to set a scene for what the person’s going to expect.