G+T: Poster research

I started to do some more poster research, while I was quite fond of Saul Bass’ work. I  had taken quite a fond liking to Olly Moss’ film posters, as they were quite simple. Straightforward and they’re didn’t give too much away about the film or subject they were based on.

I could take in to consideration of how the layout was set out, or even the fact that they have a colour scheme or some sort of theme that sits well with the subject.

There seems to be a set style with all of these posters, that the designer has created, whether there’s a set colour pallet or even with just the fact that there’s an image with an image appearing inside it.



G+T: Walk the line: Screen printing workshop

Today, was quite a productive lesson, as we were given a tutorial on how we can print or draw out our images directly to the screens.

Following straight through with the basics, I decided that I would try out this new method by playing around with one of the drawings I started to collage from the morning session. I didn’t really know what to expect at first, but I wanted to obtain an outcome that wasn’t solid in it’s look, as it would appear to be similar to all of the other outcomes with in my development.

So, painting in the parts that I intended to be negative, I tried to use the brush carefully.

Building up the image for the illustration for the word ‘Company’, I attempted the same rough movements through out.

The outcomes, were pretty much what I was hoping for, but I think that I could come back to these in future and attempt to work on how to make my word clearer, as they all appear to be abstract.


D.C.: Development research

Thinking about how our displays and materials (As that’s my role) are going to be presented, created and placed in the exhibition. I have to consider all of the other aspects to do with how the work is displayed. While, these were a few of the mock up examples of what they may look like on display, it may be even clearer, if I had taken photos of each studio.

Also, I forgot to talk about my ideas of construction for these displays. It only occurred to me, when I was going over the material finds.

We could either put this together quit simply, actually or we could propose this to one of the technicians to help us with it.

It’s not exactly a hard task, when you consider it.

So, I may look in to other ways of how we can put that together alongside with the materials we can consider for the task.  Continue reading


Before moving on to my next stages of development, I attempted to look at a few of the designers suggested to us on the brief as another start off point.

Jess Bonham wasn’t on the list, but I had found her work through a link to one of the designers on the list.

She’s a photographer based in London, who has a playful skill of working with colour, shape and form through narrative.


Above, is an example of this description, but what I found so incredibly intriguing about this shot was that there’s a considerate and defined choice in the use of objects selected and placed in this photograph which makes it convey this strong sophistication. I adore how finely the yellow hues blend among the pinks, to which it reflects right off of the mirrored image. Which did make me start to consider how I could reflect off of this find, by experimenting with reflections and lights.

Inca Starzinsky

Another graphic designer. This time, working with geometric shapes.

Again, these nice colours emerging from the overlaying is pretty inspiring. I may consider painting over some clear sheets and seeing how these may work in a similar sense, and see how I can animate from there. This may appeal more to the word ‘Company’ and ‘Feel’.

Nous Vous 

Looking in to more approaches with colour and shapes, I checked out the studio Nous Vous and started to think about how they use shapes and colour in a more playful approach again, this time I particularly enjoyed the vibrant and bright colours that are reflected through their choice of imagery.

G+T: Walk the line: Research: Practitioners (3//Part 1 of 2)

Going back to my check list of illustrators and designers, I started to think about ones I particularly became interested in the work of. I would just like to say, that this post may be split up in to two individual posts, due to issues with the page loading. 

Tyler Spangler

A freelance practitioner who plays with the relationships of images removed from their original terms and surroundings. His work overall, appears to be quite responsive’ playful and bold. What grabbed my attention about his work at first, was his strong use of colour and how each element has been collage considerably.

From looking through his work on his website, I started to consider the overlaying of lines approach and seeing if I can take it further through placing them on footage and photographs I’ve taken, or even the current hand drawn ones I’ve made.
Hey studio

A Spanish studio, who work mainly with brand identity. I discovered this neat find through Pinterest, when checking out for designers who work with shapes and bold colours. This in particular, started to get me thinking about how we can also use our negative space(s) in the image to respond to the shapes and other aspects of the images we create in connection of our words. I sense that, I may be leading my conceptual ideas for development through to bold lines that form the shapes of what these words mean to me, but in consideration of my previous experimentation, I’m quite fond of how two or three different colours overlap each other. From this realisation, I would like to now see how I can bring opacity in to this.


Continue reading

Give & Take: Walk the line//Research and Development (3)

I need to take more considerations towards the marks made for each word, and I think I need to do a bit more experimentation today with these words in mind. While I have done most of my everyday drawings with those words in mind, I feel that I should start taking it outside of the book(s) now and see how I can take what I’ve learnt over the last 5 weeks and see how I can connect those techniques with the new ones.

Although, today, I did find a few clever sites, where you can draw anything you want and then it will animate them in to a gif.

Image 002


This one, I found it a bit too fiddly to play with, but I then came across this next one.


Image 004

It’s a online, interactive flipbook, where you can animate your drawings.