Artist/designer of the week: Ingrid Bartel-karsten

Found this gem among my searches for pencil marks; I was left in such awe over how considerate she is with her use of marks. They’re so delicate in some areas and in other parts of the image, they’re rough. While this is the case, this may be due to what the image in the painting/drawing could be? or what I would like to think, is that she’s using the marks as a way to communicate the circumstances with in the picture.

Here’s an example of one of her drawings to the right, there appears to be at least three people occupying the image. One of them looks quite dominant and the other, submissive?  this is quite hard to make out, but there’s tension approaching between them. The colours add a very, fine hint in to what mood could be being portrayed. Other than that, her paintings leave me very intrigued to know what they could be about.

There’s another one, which left me pondering what’s going on.


While the artist has tagged the following with ‘woman’, ’emotion’, ‘society’ and ‘struggle’. There’s quite a struggle, indeed. This woman here struggling to find out what’s going on in this drawing. Speaking on terms of this, it’s called ‘Die Schlaufe’ which Google has translated this as ‘The loop’.



Other posters.

While I had a little free time over the weekend, I really, really wanted to at least get down a poster idea for one of GOATBEDs songs, which was another song that I unfortunately didn’t choose for the final three songs.  I made a little sketch of an idea I had for the song ‘Yama-ha’.  This time, I wanted to try and play around with a different kind of medium for the creation of this poster and that medium would be Promarkers this time, as when it comes to this song in particular, it’s very soothing to my ears and yet, there would be other times where it creates this ball of burning energy inside of me.

I decided as this in a way would be still playing around with brush strokes, except this time it would be with the brush on the pen tips.

Concerntrating on the song, I notice that all of my other senses seem to shut off and only my ears are picking up on the sounds of the beat being created. I imagine myself being the only person around; the atmosphere shadows out and there’s an array of bright, vibrant colours that illuminate my path and all I can hear is YAMA-HA playing in the distance.

I made it so, the figure was being absored in to the cast of shadows. I used a normal pen for this, owing to there are times where the song has this very edgy sensation. I’m a little unhappy with how the kneck turned out, as I don’t usually draw the body form from this angle; it was pretty challenging.

After colouring in with more vibrant colours, I  was hesitant to leave it as just as it was. There had to be something that could fill that blank void. I thought about probably filling it in black, but that would leave the image looking dull. I found a photograph from the previous photography session, which had been an error of one of my tests, so I placed it down on a new layer in Photoshop and played around with the clipping mask.

I was frustrated with this outcome. It was too sharp and the line quality was terrible; I know i will never be satisfied with any of these kind of drawings, but the only thing that I was quite pleased with was how the colours bodly stand out among the shades of grey.

I set the layer to multiply this time. A bit nicer, different. It’s starting to grasp that edgy feeling I wanted.

I despised the corners around the image. They somehow made the image look flat; I didn’t want that, therefore, I used a soft eraser setting to lightly brush it away.

I had to keep thinking back to what I researched about in the project; how can I capture that raw emotion? how can I portray that? To be quite blunt with this, I don’t think the images for this poster are quite there yet. What I’ve obtained from this song is difficult to depict, and yet, that didn’t stop me from testing this idea out further. I considered that maybe, I could try animating all of these outcomes together to see what I get.

Collections, groups, lists.

Another Monday morning and another talk, but this talk was with Matthew first. He gave us some more ideas to start thinking over, and he also presented us with some ideas of how something that we wouldn’t consider as a collection can be a collection, for example, the words, images and pages with in a magazine, or another good one can be all of the files, images and folders that are in a folder or on your desktop screen on your computer.

So, basically to sum it up, there are also things that aren’t objects or aren’t physically there that can be grouped; collected, analysed, organised and assembled. After the talk, I went ahead to the library and took a screenshot of my unorganised usb storage:


Honestly, there’s no system to the way the things are organised, but then again, upon claiming that, they’ve been sorted out specifically. This may not be a clear image, but each file has been arranged by name ascendingly and they can easily be re-assembled by changing the sorting method.

Another example of a collection could be a contact sheet?

Or, nature can become a collection. There’s herds of sheep that are re-arranged and grouped up in to a collection by a Sheep dog or their owner.

I found this particular photograph to be astounding, due to how the sheeps have arranged themselves on the field. It’s not as if they’ve huddled themselves in to one big group, but they’ve spread themselves out across and have only stuck to the sheep that they know or where there’s specific patches where they feel comfortable.


Penguins are another great example of how they’ve re-assembled and gathered together.

Currently, while I’m typing this post up, I’m starting to get more of a clear insight in to how things can be grouped, collected and re-assembled. There’s another example, which I wasn’t specifically sure on whether it can be considered a collection or not, but it will somehow link back in to the previous project: ‘The soundtrack of our lives’. Music is created with a collection; a song is a collection of vocals, lyrics, words and sound. Luckily enough, Adrian’s talk clarified this up a bit more, when we were discussing ideas and starting to look in to how we can approach this. I felt so relieved when he started to discuss this idea, as it was one I had considered in mentioning in the post. It would of been pretty interesting to have something that was music related and can be collected in some form, and yes, he did go on to talk about ways this could be done, such as in forms of a music video.

However, I have a feeling this could be done in another way, seeing as our poster project was based on the songs. Even each poster contained a collection of marks, emotion, associations to do with the song.

Just to quickly jump back to Matthew’s discussion,  he mentioned about hoarders. Now, as soon as this was brought up, I recalled an American show called ‘Storage hunters’, where people go around and collect more junk that belonged to people who enjoyed collecting, but couldn’t keep it as they were in debt. There’s people who can store all of the things that they can’t fit in to their house, they can place it all in a rented storage shed, but another enjoyable thing about this particular way of keeping hold of the objects is that they can put it in boxes, then place it inside the storage shed. That’s one way of assembling and organising.

At this point, I have an inkling that the way something is organised and reassembled may affect the function in how that thing may work for someone, or could possibly influence a change to how it may be seen or re-arranged in future.


Collect, analyse and (re)collect.

You never ever seem to notice the small collection of books gathering up on your shelf, or even the bundle of pencils, pens ad other stationary that clutters up in your drawers. There’s always a system and a way of how things are organised, and this is the new task that I’ve been set to work on, discuss, analyse, experiment, collect and start to develop.

When I start to think about this subject, I thought at first that this was going to be a pretty, damn hard subject to figure out, but as I returned home and arrived to my room… it hit me.  I have several collections of my own, but I had never considered them as a collection at all and I did have a strategy of how I line them up, organise the objects or even spacing them out in my room a certain way and it’s extraordinary.

As much as I like boasting about my little gathering of figures, or manga; I don’t like talking about it to the whole class. It makes me nervous.

The loom band jar.

My manga collection (which seems to grow every time I go into Waterstones.)

I have far too many keychains/keycharms now, but here’s the collection I have pinned to the wall.

Things to take in to consideration during the project:

What makes them a collection?

what defines them? how do they change when they are a mass? what are their qualities? what do they do? what shape are they? what are their functions? do their qualities change when reassembled? how do you reassemble them/organise them? Are they any different when they are resorted?

Now, the final outcome is going to be a book that’ll document or that will discuss our collection. I’m having a little trouble processing my thoughts/ideas in to how I’ll present my findings into this book, but I do have some ideas of what I want to do for the collection.

Collection ideas:

  1. Things about my cats: This could be a collection of images, sketches of them, I could also have records of events, for example their vet slips, food packaging.
  2. Letter packaging: Collecting a series of different packaging that’s to do with postage.
  3. Cosplay materials: Recording things to do with this subject.
  4. Pencils: I have so many of them, that I can’t even count them all. Pencils are a pillar to anything. You can make many different marks and record in different ways with them; you’ll also get many different results. There’s also so many varieties of pencil types.

A definite collection choice so far for me has been the pencils, I also thought about doing pens, though, a pencil can be recorded in numerous ways. I’m looking forward to playing around with the ideas that I’ve got so far.

Photography: Week 1 and 2– “It’s awfully sunny out here, but I do like a bit of SHADE.”

First of all, this isn’t my first time doing this kind of Photography that involves exposures and the dark room. I spent some time doing a few little projects in my first and second year at UCA Maidstone, but that was a little slit in a box and letting the sun expose the paper inside.  I must admit I was looking very forward to doing a subject that involved the darkroom because it can lead you to many different outcomes and they can either turn out bad or good. In spite of that, it’s only in the eye of the viewer that it can be considered that way.

I’ll now begin to brief you on what happened for the first week.  It was the introduction week, we all had our first little talk about the cameras and how to use them– that, I was new to. From our 20 to 30 minute talk about the preparation of cameras, the ways we can use it to take interesting shots, I found myself being a little confused on some of the details. Sometimes, the camera wouldn’t click at all for me, but moving on from that, the next stage was going out and taking our photographs. Spencer advised us to take a couple of shots of each other as a test first, so I did. I managed to get a few decent shots of Sasha. At that point of time, I didn’t know what the result would turn out like, it could of turned out blurry, or as sharp as a whistle.

Progressing on, as a group we made our way down to Brick lane. Brick lane always has such fantastic, quirky and rough features to see all around. We went on snapping, but as I mentioned before about my camera not clicking, I don’t think I was able to grasp as many images due to that. I did get some though, as I checked on the film reel when I returned to the studio.


Before I go on to talk about the exposures, I found some intriguing posters pinned up on the wall, and I thought that this would be quite a perfect link in to the project for ‘The soundtrack of our lives’ as this is a poster series, which are synced with each other. Though, the place was grubby and made me feel slightly uncomfortable, the art work on the walls draw me away from that sensation. The bold lines, colours and lack of detail enthralls me.

On to the return back to the studio, when it came to developing the film, I had accidentally over exposed mine, so I ended up losing half of my photographs. I took it with an ‘Oh well’, but I felt extremely gutted by the loss. They could’ve been pretty useful for any future projects, or even this one. Then again, I could always retake the shots of the ones I wanted to take again.

The testing process was good way of practicing and experimenting with the timer and light settings, I wasn’t very good with this process either, but with some help, I was able to get on to getting some more done.

As you may see, the photos appear to be larger than the contract sheet thumbnails; this was done via the enlarger and the image was caught on the light projected on to the photo sheet. The first few tests were coming out blurry,  these were done for 24 seconds on the timer. I had to double check, whether or not the sharpness was there or not, but it turns out the problem was actually the image.














Tried out a sharper image this time, it was quite a nice outcome. I really loved how graphic this photo was, I was also quite fond of the thick marks made.


One of my favourite shots; there’s a strong focal point on this.


This one was actually an error made; there were two images and they some how merged together when they were being developed. The thing that struck about his was that the outcome was unusually luring, there were some aspects on it that made me want to pay close attention to.

Taking everything in to account so far, I’ve really enjoyed these two sessions so far because it allows us to experiment, test and be free with what we’re doing and I particularly enjoy recording things that I find unusual or things that people don’t tend to pay a lot of attention to.

The soundtrack of our lives: Poster talk with Bill.

Another useful talk about how we can present our poster, and how we must always think about the ways in which we present and reflect our ideas. I briefly mentioned before that I’ve started to play around with those ideas and yet, I’m not so satisfied with what I have at the moment.

Not only did he talk about this, he mentioned that the poster needs to communicate what we want it to and he gave some rather interesting hints in how we can do this. It could be done through the use of words? it could also be done in the use of shapes as well. Shapes and colours are quite good examples when I think about it; just by squashing a square together, it could resemble pressure? gluttony? tightness? anger, maybe?

Continuing with the talk, he gave us some examples of posters that stood out to him, or had influenced others. There was this particular one that had struck my attention when it popped up; I was later able to find it in a book I found at the library and it was about Japanese poster designs.

The palm of the hand is so detailed; it’s incredible. It must of taken a lot of patience and time to be able to create something so delicate. I also adore how subtle the poster is, it’s not flashy or too complicated.

When the talk was finished, we arrived back in our studio to continue working on the poster designs. I had a little one to one talk with Bill, and he suggested about making the text bigger, as the songs are quite bold and they’re different in terms of style. The names of them speak for themselves, but  I took this in to consideration.

I started off with a base template, it was just to draft out a vague idea of what the style of the font could look like. I wanted something scratchy, messy and not so neat and yet, this didn’t exactly resemble that at all.

Tried again. It was better this time; I wanted the text to be bold, big and striking. Though, I need to remind myself of what I stated previously about having the title being a bit quieter, as the names of the songs are prominent. The textured tones that marker creates are pretty fascinating, so I continued to use them, but instead of using one colour, I mixed up two colours that were dominant with in all three of the posters.

I was keen to the result of this outcome, as it was nicely blended in and I’m fond of how the colours smudge in. It would’ve been a better outcome, if I had a bit more practice with this technique previously, but as I needed to get these all done in time for the printers, this was what I ended up with. Nonetheless, this isn’t a totally bad finish over all. I was happy with it, just I could of played around with it a bit more.