Blog setup management: Looking back and forward


Firstly, welcome back to a new start to the term! and welcome back to my reflective blog for my University projects (those who still drop by to check out). We were introduced/spoken to about our blogs again, as another update to remind us, but it was pretty interesting to be able to obtain some new ideas and way I can get this blog more organised and so, I don’t lose track of what ha been published.

Moving on to our Peer task, we all paired up with other members with in our studio, and while I find the very thought of communicating with new  people daunting, it was actually quite straight forward and it was good to pick up and give your advice to another person, and tell them about your experience.

While learning about how they structure their content, I did think about how I can organise mine a little bit more. For example, I’m planning on moving the tags further up and adding another category menu, to allow quick access to specific subjects/topics that someone may be searching for here.

Looking back and forward

Running through the list, there were some things I needed to answer:

  • What were you most proud of achieving last year?

Personally, I would say communication and communicating and working as a group during these specific tasks. Compared to before, I struggled to even talk about my work or put forward an idea to someone, but I gradually found that this struggle was passing on, as I spoke more. I hope that i can get more involved for this year, and be able to share my experience that I’ve had from the previous year with the lower one.

  • What do you want to improve on from last year?

Organisation and presentation. I also feel that I should improve on time management. It was quite tough to balance all of the things happening in my life, and I think it should be easier for this year to handle, compared to the last.

  • What specific tools, skills, ideas, approaches do you want to explore in the ahead?

More traditional skills and then be able to develop them digitally? I would like to do a lot more, without having to think about it or brood over the result. I would like to explore different types of drawing skills to help boost or improve my current style.

  • What do you want your portfolio to look like at the end of this year?

Finished? but open to add to it and edit it? Not sure how to explain this, but while I want the portfolio to be presentable and express my style and everything, but I would really like to have something that represents what I do as an illustrator. A portfolio that doesn’t limit me to doing one subject or a focus, but an array of ideas and creations.

  • One key ambition for your studies this year…

Improving my time organisation and the quality of my work. In my opinion, I would like to do more without thinking it through and publish more on my online portfolio and social media websites.



A:R: Reporter: Our new project!

Let me first, give you all a very, warm welcome back and Happy new year. I didn’t get a chance to do that from the previous posts, so here we are. A brand new project for the Author:Reporter studio.

Being enlightened with the second studio brief; I’ve become very esctatic to start working on it straight away. Our focus of the brief is to translate visual narrative, explore the relationships between the location, experience and image. The theme is London, however the project will focus on a location with in London. Although, if we wanted to record two or three locations at the same time, we will need to provide a link in to why these locations are connected.

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Looking at songs.

Searching through my playlist; admittedly, I found it very hard to decide attributable to I have a lot of songs that I do listen to every day and on a daily basis. Not only that, most of the songs I listen to are in other languages, besides English and it tends to be those ones, that I listen to more. Going through the list, I narrowed my results down to six songs, that I considered making the three posters for, but what I’m going to is, is analyse them because I need to select only three of them. They need to be songs that I have a very strong link to and would bring out my true and stronger emotions/feelings for.

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen: Starting off with my most favorite song and it’s from my most favourite Band that I’ve cherished for 15 years now. I’ve always been an avid fan of their music. Thinking over this song, I wanted to avoid it at first, though a lot of ideas have come to my mind while recalling the lyrics to the song. A vision of darkness shadowing over a small, crouched over figure as they call out to another figure in the distance, all until the rhythm of the music changes; colourful, beaming lights flash repeatedly up on the scene until the voice fades away in to nothing.  The sensation that I have for this song is vague, even though in the past, it’s made me feel angry, calm, sad and happy, the emotions aren’t necessarily settled, nor are they easy to obtain. That’s why it’s not one I shall be choosing for this task. I may however come back to this one later on and make a separate poster.
  2. Mr. Blue Sky- Electric light orchestra: I’m psyched up in a flash when this one plays, it takes me so back and I can recall so many nostalgic memories. I have a feeling that not many people know of this particular song, or can understand how brilliant it is. While it’s considered as a rock song, it can also be argued that it’s also a classical, due to the use of opera. It’s one that I enjoy and re-play any time without getting too bored of it. I’ve chosen to create a poster for this one, as my ideas are coming along with this except I can work on that. It gives off this psychedelic vibe and the first thing I recall from this song was the singer’s hair, and also the fact that he later went on to become the vocalist for Wizzard.
  3. YAMA-HA- GOATBED: The singer Ishii Shuuji repeatedly sings different names, which I made the assumption that they’re names of car brands and it’s quite repetitive. All the song does is relax me, but this may be because of the singers voice. I must admit that, I would really like to work on a poster for GOATBED, so I might create one for them in my free time at a later point.
  4. Parklife- Blur: Another song that creates this eneretic atmosphere. All I can picture from this one is two guys sitting in a car or driving around. I can’t obtain a lot of emotion for this one.
  5. Year 3000- Busted: Nostalgia. I was about 7 or 8 years old when I first heard this song, it was one of those years where scooters were in fashion. Thinking back on it makes me feel joyous, excited and I really love how Busted tell stories with in their songs, it’s such a 90’s, 00’s thing. a song I’ll do one poster for.
  6. Love Rollercoaster- Red hot chili peppers: Excellent beat. For me, I always seem to remember Beavis and Butthead from this song, as it was used for their movie. The feeling I get from this one is completely different from the previous songs, strangely enough, even though the song has a similar rhythm and the same types of instruments being played, but this may be because it’s a love song. I picture butterflies, hearts, roller coasters and there’s a lot of pink.