A:R// TFS– Animation final

I wouldn’t quite say it’s a final, but it’s a developed outcome, that’s still being developed. Not sure how to word that, but it’s something that I’m still working on and would want to edit further.

My influence for this idea, was how I really enjoyed creating the monoprints for my idea generating that I did, by taking several quotes and then just stringing them together.

video animation test from Smgs707 on Vimeo.

The sound used is the dialogue from the intro to the child version of your character, and his intentions. I felt that the music, the narration and introduction overall was a very direct, focused and brief. It allows the viewer to be pulled in straight away, without having to go in to too much detail, and thus, I found it to be quite a nice introduction to the main character, by setting the scene; introducing the character and then their intentions.
The monoprints I selected, were ones that stood out to me and I felt that they were strong so far, in how they visually show what the narrator is talking about.

To continue this further, I may start to think about how I may want to pull up on specific aspects described, such as the ‘powerful wizard’, maybe I could try thinking about how this could be animated further.


A;R// TFS– Development and ideas/plans

Another thing I forgot to mention, but I’m having a strong inkling that I may have to return to this project again very soon, just to tweak it here and there.
My 3 chosen texts I decided to focus on were:
“Five gold coins and you could have your answer.” – I felt that this piece defines itself in it’s own way; the five gold coins were a strong focal point and as mentioned before, I started to think about how this statement could be interpreted. If you get 5 gold coins, you would obtain them through bad deeds or doing good deeds, which allows you and opens up a whole new path to decide upon.

I also start to question, What if this was a whole underline theme of the game?
How will the hero/player handle this task? what option will they chose?
how will they collect those?

Also, it’s also quite symbolic in a way, but when I decided to listen to the character Theresa say the line again, while closing my eyes, all I could zone in on, was the 5 coins lying there, shinning in a pool of nothing, but darkness.

On my second listen of the audio, I could start to make out her face with in my head, and of course, that did take a while because all I could see was Zoe Wanamaker in her ‘mother’ character when she starred in My Family. It was really quite an inappropriate timing, however, I tried a third time and I could see her as her again, but holding out the coins as an option.
Almost pulling you in to see whether you will take up the suggestion or not.

In consideration of the audience the posters are aimed for, I had to think about how clear and simple I had to take this approach. If I were to take this project forward metaphorically, I doubt it would be clear enough to them what was going on, or what the poster was quoting. Although, from a clear standpoint, I had to think back to when I played the game for the first time; while that was a long time ago, but I felt drawn in and I wanted to know what would happen, if I did as she suggested.

Quote 2, “The boy watched as the life that he had, was crushed to ashes.”
Previously, I did connect this piece of text to what Reaver had described in the second game with in his diary. He starts to talk about a man who had a mask drop from his face, as he faced Oakvale in flames as all he knew was lost.
I decided that the theme for this, was more of a reason for the Hero/Player.
The reason as to why you would become a hero, is to avenge those lost or had been killed. I felt quite positive about this, and as I progressed with my collages to do with what Reaver had stated, I thought that these would be strongly depicted, if I were to collage that one image with another to see if it would.

While I wanted this image to be quite bold, I did decide that it would be pretty good to keep the pallet to a limited theme in colours, to help connect them together.

And once again, if I were to think back on my audience, I could consider having the words “The reason” on the poster alongside with the quote, to help make the visual clear and direct as can be.

The final quote is the theme to be for the ‘Start’ to everything, ‘A will to change the world”. It kind of also fits alongside the reasoning theme, but I found that this was more of a beginning to the hero’s journey and that he now had a beginning to his/her own story.

This was a quote from the beginning segment of Fable 2.

As I started to think about this in a more broad sense, I found that the fist can symbol many things– strength, power… will, anger, frustration, but putting emotions aside, the first could also be thrown up in to the air, if you were to be in charge of a huge army to then shout ‘Charge forward’ or to move.
It also could represent leadership and this is certainly something that you obtain by becoming a hero, to protect the people.

A;R- TFS// Animated trailer- Initial plans 1 + Research

Lately, while gathering together illustrations and pulling together the project; I’ve been thinking about how I can take a narrated piece or content from Fable then translate it in my own way visual (to 2d/by hand); I thought it may be nice to see how I can then take those images created for the posters and see how they look on screen, but moving on from that, I’ve been thinking about the trailer and I have yet to start putting it together or testing it… I should of started it, but I did some up with some notes to what it narrative could be. As it’s to introduce this series to a new audience or new gamers, who have never played the games, I think it would be a nice start to re-use the images I’ve illustrated already which sort of convey a narrative part of the first three games already.

At first, I wanted it to be a fully animated piece, but I think it may be more interesting to see how I can put together the still images on their own and see how they work together to tell a story.

It could even go like this: Intro/ Hero— > Text: It’s your destiny. — > Bandits —> What will you do? —> Death—- > You have a choice —> Second game —-> Strength… —> Hero fighting? — > Will…. —> Similar image —> Accuracy… —> What kind of Hero will you be? –> Scenes switch —> Industrial period. Armour or landscape change? —> Good? —> or evil? —> Could have some examples of it?

Well, that was a brief idea, but I feel it could be short and brief, as most trailers tend to be like that. However,  I would like to have the trailer have a similar sensation as the narrated scenes would have in the game with their stills.


And with the sound, I would like to think about how I could fit the narrated text with the images itself and merge the sound tracks. Although, I still need to  play around with this aspect.



A;R– TFS// Development 3

I’ve come to the point, where I’ve gone through testing these methods and looking at the quotes and drawing out with different mediums that I’m coming to decide what 3 quotes I should be focusing on for my 3 posters that’ll sit along the trailer I’ll be working on. I haven’t got a lot of time to be thinking too deep in to where to take this, but I have been considering of focusing it on quotes that describe or show the beginning, the will and how the people of Albion are. While I did say 3 posters, it may be that I can take the people of Albion one in to the a5 cards that I have. While contemplating this idea, I thought that the quotes that stood out to me.

After brooding over this subject, I came to decide that I could start drawing and trying out the methods I tried before by simply drawing up ideas, but there were a couple of outcomes previously, which I did come to like, however, I have this particular image in my head that I want to get out. I’m not sure yet, how I’m going to go about it, but I know that I want to use a mixture of at least three of the medium techniques, for example mono printing and working with promarkers. I like the bold colours, but I also like how the lines for monoprinting come out.

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A:R: The Fable series// Development 2/3– Figurative.

After all I’ve done, so far, I’m feeling that I haven’t done quite enough experimenting with the concept of having a game series, and then developing it in to a totally new visual concept.
I went back and I decided to look at the doodles/drawings that I had originally illustrated and decided to start re-drawing them in more of a figurative way, so for example, there was a quick sketch which I had developed from the scenes of when the first Hero had found his father dead.
I drew it out quickly using the pastels, but I would like to see if I could produce this in a printed form, such as mono.

I like how simplistic the lines and colours were on their own, but I found that I couldn’t really tell what was going on and I have an inkling that I may have to give further context to the images, that I’m producing. I could either do this by adding more detail or even adding text.

Returning back to the trees overlaying technique, I was really starting to enjoy using just red and blue, or even green with red and blue because it’s quite bold and once they overlap, they create a nice effect.

A:R– The Fable series// Development 2– Testing and overlaying images.

Honestly, I got in a bit of a slump with this project, where I didn’t know what I was going to try next, as my mind was quite blank about where I was going to take it. I was so focused on what I wanted the final outcome to look like, that I forgot about trying out and playing around with new ideas, old ideas and methods of how I could put the ideas out.

However, to continue on, I started to continue the collaging process and even started to work in different mediums, such as watercolour crayons. They’re quite thick, and they create nice, bold, smooth lines, so I was looking forward to finely working these in to the images.

I decided to solely focus on this one image, as the eyes struck out at me, and I felt that, that was a central aspect of the image. As I started to take other collages and lay them on the others, it started to create even more images, which I felt could easily sink in with another quote from the game, but this time it wasn’t from Reaver. It’s from the first introduction, after the bandit raid: “From the nearby woods, the boy watched as all he knew was taken away, his whole life was crushed to ashes.”

I know at first, I was abit iffy about taking simple shapes or even just randomly putting in images or cutouts in the space to create a new image, but now that I start to look at all of the different ways I’ve tried, just from layering them up; I can see how these images could effortlessly fit in with any of the quotes that describe the situation.