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Sensitivity in Typography/Type.

Massimo had quite an interesting statement. While his opinion on type is restricting, I feel that what he is saying isn’t entirely incorrect. I found that quite often when working with type, you have to be considerate of the spacing. Spacing letters or even having space around the word or sentence can affect the over all outcome, yes. However, there are other traits to the style of the type face, you must take for granted.

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It’s rare that I pick one of these up and take them home.

… Even if I did pick one up, it’s to look at the recipes or what they have on sale for Christmas, but I couldn’t resist taking one of these magazines home.


I’m currently AND I will admit, that I’m not all that confident with type and type faces, but when I came across this on my daily shopping trip up to ASDA supermarket. I couldn’t help myself. Nearly on every single page… there’s a fantastic array of many type faces!

I’ve picked out quite a few, that I was very fond of and will probably (..most definitely) might use in future projects as a reference or will be influenced by. I highly suggest to anyone, if you’re browsing through the checkout or at least pick up one of these and look through it or just check out the ones in this post. I don’t mind.

Utterly moving:Testing out sound

Before making any final decisions, I ended up not having a lot of thought towards what I wanted the music or sounds to be, as there was a very limited amount of time for me to consider what kinds of sounds I would have with in the animated piece. At first, I suppose I was tempted to re-create sounds that were made during the scene with in Eternal sunshine of Montauk and yet, I didn’t stick to that idea. I felt that would be too bland and wouldn’t fit securely with the words I had for my short story. The sound’s just as important as the words are during the production, so it had to be well considered.

I thought about making some softer sounds or maybe humming a tune…

I questioned and pondered about this for couple of days, then decided to find some OSTs that were used in films, games and animations that would exaggerate that sensation of ‘melancholy’, in view of the fact, that the short story once put together became very sensitive.

Yeah, yeah. I understand I do reference this game series quite a bit in my work; to me, this game’s quite special to me as I spent a lot of time in my childhood playing it after school. Let’s steer back to our discussion on music; the music creates this illusional vortex with in your mind, it creates this image of ‘everything is okay’, whereas there’s this change with in the tune. It starts to move on from there and the emotion of calmness soon moves away. I wanted to try and play around with my keyboard piano with a similar sound set in mind, but this wasn’t as easy as it seemed. I didn’t want the music to be calming, I wanted it to be more sensitive.

It’s rare that I ever pay attention to the background music in Lord of the rings, especially since SO MUCH goes on during the films. In fact, this gave me the idea of using pan pipes as they can fabricate many different tones in sound. Continue reading

Found kinetics

After watching the presentation, I arrived home and started to look around the net for Kinetic type. I recalled seeing a few in some lyrics videos before.

The video above is one of my favourites, as it’s quite synced with Fry’s voice. Not only that, I like the way that it’s able to follow on in such a way, that you’re able to read every single word and that they don’t flash on and off of the screen too quickly. As I’m quite interested in looking in to doing Kinetic type with my footage, I may need to keep these aspects in mind.

There were a very few things which I enjoyed in this one, there were moments were a word was shown in a way that it became it’s own meaning or it put its self in to context, such as where Eminem mentioned the robot, the sentence was shaped in a robot form.



Some good books.

Updating again with some new books! These helped me build up some ideas for my Zine in terms of font.

Giving you some font examples, while putting them in to context. They also start to give you a brief description about the font and uses key words to describe it. It was pretty helpful.

Same as above– However, this one seems to use more images. By placing the imagery with the text, you can always get a firm idea of how to use the text and what it would be more suitable for in terms of look.

Steven Heller again. He turns up everywhere…

I find something quite appealing about stencils. They’re nice and bold. I was looking more at this one to get a rough concept of how I could make the word ‘wrong’ look bolder.