FMP, GT: Rug tufting workshop

This was pretty enjoyable actually, from what I recall. At first it was a little tricky, due to the amount of pressure in steering the gun the correct way, but it was quite the experience. I’ve never done rug tufting before, but it was similar to handling a sewing machine. Now, that I can handle.


However, I don’t think this would be something I would revisit in future, unless I wanted to make my own rug or something similar with my own design on it.


GT: Poster update and evaluation

While the crit was a success, there were a few little bits and bobs, that needed to be changed in order to make the posters work. Just little things, but overall, I’m quite pleased with how all of them turned out. I wasn’t too sure how to approach this at first, I had some layouts and ideas about how I was going to link them, such as the orientation and the type used, but the outcomes final appearance was all down to testing and seeing what works.

In my opinion, the type could use a lot more work, whether this gets edited further by hand or digital or that I can change the words themselves. I still think there may be a few things missing from this, but I’m still not sure.

G+T: Poster development

I always seem to find this subject very daunting, but in the end, it was quite fun to do.

I decided from my original plan, that I would re-use some of the imagery I already had from my gif images and just create a new image for each poster, which would individually be based on each of the words I was given.

Above, are some of the development changes I had to make when it comes to making the posters. There were moments, where I become very frustrated with not being able to accomplish the original idea I had, but it turned out that in the end, that I preferred the overall outcomes that I ended up with. They seemed to work clearly alongside each other, and they didn’t give too much away about the subject of the gifs.

G+T: Poster research

I started to do some more poster research, while I was quite fond of Saul Bass’ work. I  had taken quite a fond liking to Olly Moss’ film posters, as they were quite simple. Straightforward and they’re didn’t give too much away about the film or subject they were based on.

I could take in to consideration of how the layout was set out, or even the fact that they have a colour scheme or some sort of theme that sits well with the subject.

There seems to be a set style with all of these posters, that the designer has created, whether there’s a set colour pallet or even with just the fact that there’s an image with an image appearing inside it.


G+T: Walk the line: Development and outcomes (Company)

When I think of company, I automatically think of tall buildings, skylines and the twisted distortions that form as I come close to these things. I started to think of how I would put these meanings to the gifs.


I started off the development by travelling to various spots in London over the term, and I started to photograph a lot of buildings that stood out dominantly.

The first set of buildings left me feeling quite pressured and unsure of where I should approach them.

Starting to pull these series together, I started to think back to the meanings and how I felt about these words, or at least the subject of them.

I drew over the images, which stood out to me with pen, and as for the building ones, I had warped them with the photocopier by rapidly moving the paper across it.

G+T: Walk the line: development and outcomes (Feel)

Following on from my previous development, I wanted to pull all of the gifs together somehow and start thinking about the meanings behind each one.

Feel reminds me of physical, emotional and even falling apart. There’s also the opposite of feel, which I started to play around with at the beginning of the project and I was intrigued by the outcome of it.

I had to consider more, how I was going to pull these three together and I decided to test this through the use of colours. Things you can feel emotionally, physically or even to feel nothing can be of many colours and sensations.


Working with the drawings I used at the beginning, I tried to make the line drawing fall apart literally. Also, when I started to think about this sensation,  it made me figure out that you experience so many emotions, such as anger, sadness, joy before you fall apart.

I was incredibly happy with how this outcome came out, so I may come back to it in future. physical

As the hand gif which expresses physical feeling, I traced over a few of the cells from the previous gif I had created and tried to apply the same colour and line method to this one. As you touch things, whether they are soft or hard, you can always have a different sensation to it, even when you touch it delicately or even with a sharp impulse.