A:R: Second Brick Lane visit- Friday 27th Jan.

It wasn’t at all  good day. It was freezing and there was a strong draft of wind runng all the way through out the city. I wanted to capture more experience and note down any of the changes made to the city in comparrison to the last trip.

The song I was listening to was ‘My way’ sung by Seth McFarlane, but the song was sun in the film, which I absolutely adored called ‘Sing’. This helped to brighten the mood, as I was passing through.


I did over hear some conversations, even with my headphones in, but they were faint. As if the people were trying their best to keep it more private, and with that, I noticed that a few of the shops were completely shut down. Even for early morning at that time, it wasn’t very busy. It was kind of odd, but I could smell this strong stench of curry from the resturants as I moved on.


A:R:Reportage: Brick lane/ week 1


As I have forgotten to upload the quick sketches I did in reflection of the task set on the first week of our briefing, I’m updating with them now.

Alot of the drawings are not clear, as I wa hurridly trying to convey a specific sight, or person who I was observing at the time. Also, my hands were getting very cold and I found it hard to do anything.


A:R:Reporter: City scapes: Tyler Burke

On my hunt for box and diorama ideas, I kept coming across some interesting examples of City scape illustrations, from looking in to this particular subject, I came across a few artists who struck out at me.

Tyler Burke is one of them. I wasn’t able to find a lot of information about his work, or about the artist themself, but from searches, I’ve found a blog who was also intrigued by his collaging and prints for different locations.

Which made me start to think, that I could build up a whole array of sketches, but for the fillers/ contents with in my box, they don’t have to strictly be just drawings or prints, nor photographs. Yes, I could draw down a really detailed observational sketch of Brick lane, but I could take that drawing and replicated it on to news print, and do the same for other drawings. I thought about the possible use of acrylic gel medium, which gives that really worn out look, if you use it for image transfer and this could help to possibly emphasise a mood, feeling or even the sensation of feeling ‘worn out’ from the overall experience of travelling to these locations.



CIP: Previous design work for an old, closed down website I had. Plans, ccs and techniques that I could use for future use.

From looking back at our Market ready project, it reminded me of all of the websites I use to build for fans of graphic design or of anime.

It really took me back, considering it was about 6 or 7 years ago when I decided to have fun in learning how to code with CCS and Javascript. While it was hard, but I thougt that htis was a good source of sharing on resources to whoever needed it. I remember the struggle of trying to put out my work to people or my ideas, but I eventually found a way.

Through social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. I had my very own account for each website and with the help of a automatic bot, which I programmed; it helped to tweet every 5 to ten minutes a new update or advertisement for those sites.

Now that, that’s been said, I’ve been considering of building a personal portfolio that would display all of the sketches, comics and anything that I work on at home.

Although, I have to consider my audience, pricing of the domain, name of the domain, where I’m going to host it? I also have to once again think of a logo and how the layout of the website is going to be presented, to make it user friendly.


Artist/designer of the week: Ingrid Bartel-karsten

Found this gem among my searches for pencil marks; I was left in such awe over how considerate she is with her use of marks. They’re so delicate in some areas and in other parts of the image, they’re rough. While this is the case, this may be due to what the image in the painting/drawing could be? or what I would like to think, is that she’s using the marks as a way to communicate the circumstances with in the picture.

Here’s an example of one of her drawings to the right, there appears to be at least three people occupying the image. One of them looks quite dominant and the other, submissive?  this is quite hard to make out, but there’s tension approaching between them. The colours add a very, fine hint in to what mood could be being portrayed. Other than that, her paintings leave me very intrigued to know what they could be about.

There’s another one, which left me pondering what’s going on.


While the artist has tagged the following with ‘woman’, ’emotion’, ‘society’ and ‘struggle’. There’s quite a struggle, indeed. This woman here struggling to find out what’s going on in this drawing. Speaking on terms of this, it’s called ‘Die Schlaufe’ which Google has translated this as ‘The loop’.