G+T: CORE: Photography workshop

I haven’t done Photography or even thought about presentation for this subject in particular in a while, but it was so fun and intriguing to work together with someone new on this project!

I was pretty hyped to see how it would turn out, and I can say that I’m looking very forward to seeing how I take this project further in terms with the concepts. It’s an area, which I know I need to work on, so I hope to learn, grow and cherish the new things I’ll pick up on.

So, after having a lovely chat with my client, I got to learn just a little more about the department and the objects, and how long it took for the object to be made, plus all of the tests made in order for it to be created.

Image 5.png

 photo DSCF4404_zps2dxz0ruf.jpg

What I enjoyed most about this particular workshop, was that I was able to see the many possible positions and angles I could see the bowls in. It also allowed me to start thinking about how these objects could tell a story of what they’re for and what they’re about. I think, the next step from here, is to probably for me to start coming up with some ways in how I can think about my clients details and their input, and how I can translate it through the photographs or edits.


G+T: CORE WORKSHOP: Visual research

Last post of the day, but this dates back to the Visual research workshop I had attended and banding together an awesome team, I teamed up with Sunny, Ella and Katya in finding our pieces to group our visual research proposal/presentation together.

It kind of was a smooth, fun workshop to participate in, as there’s things that you discover along the way, that I hadn’t paid much heed to before. There would be instances, where we would pass a location, which we had gone to in the past, but there would be very subtle changes about them.

However, as we focused on the Spitalfields market area, I tried to log as many buildings and people as I can, by quickly drawing them and making notes of any key traits that caught my eye.

As to reflect on this workshop, it opened up my view on how I could approach a research task without having to visit a museum, or look at a book or even search on the internet for the sources.

G+T: COREWORKSHOP: Publication planning

I’m not the biggest fan of Indesign, but it sure does come in handy, when you need to mock up larger pieces of text or even images. I found this work shop to be pretty handy, when it came to looking at page layout for books or any publications.

Personally, when I try to consider creating my own book or setting up a document that needs to be published, I have never taken much consideration in to where the content goes or how the pages may look as an overview spread.


Over all page document layout on InDesign by Shaih Sedeno. 

So, it goes to show, that this was for sure, an experience that I will keep in mind for beneficial use in the future.



G+T: Walk the line: Screen printing workshop

Today, was quite a productive lesson, as we were given a tutorial on how we can print or draw out our images directly to the screens.

Following straight through with the basics, I decided that I would try out this new method by playing around with one of the drawings I started to collage from the morning session. I didn’t really know what to expect at first, but I wanted to obtain an outcome that wasn’t solid in it’s look, as it would appear to be similar to all of the other outcomes with in my development.

So, painting in the parts that I intended to be negative, I tried to use the brush carefully.

Building up the image for the illustration for the word ‘Company’, I attempted the same rough movements through out.

The outcomes, were pretty much what I was hoping for, but I think that I could come back to these in future and attempt to work on how to make my word clearer, as they all appear to be abstract.


Give & Take: Core drawing work shop (1)

Ignore the ‘(1)’ at the end, if this is the second or third drawing workshop we have done. I just cannot recall. 

We draw everyday as illustrators (or well, we’re suppose to… or I do anyway), but I have learnt a lot about collaborating with others in this drawing workshop. Not being afraid to express or join your idea or creation with another person will not stop or differ you in any way. I found out that, while i was looking at my group or partners drawing methods or how they do the set rules, that anyone can express them in a completely different way from mine.

I tend to be an illustrator who likes to spend their time drawing in detail or sticking with one style, but I found that, the most enjoyable thing of today was just smearing a pen across the page of imitating the shape of a brick, or not paying too much heed to the things we look at. While bearing in mind, that I did have to make some consideration towards why I have made those marks, I aimed to at least capture the shapes of those objects or the things I was looking at.

I did find a method that I enjoyed the most, which was the double toned colours and the continuous drawing. With continuous drawing, it can limit you to how you move the pen or tool across whatever you’re drawing on.


Give & Take: Gif work shop!

Sometimes, I completely forget that gifs can be used as a fine example of animating still images or footage, but when it came to this workshop, it was certainly helpful towards seeing how I can take one image which started off as a scribble and animate it in to a full blown image with some context or a link to my chosen word.

Starting the morning off with just a simple ball storyboard task, it was pretty straightforward and smooth, but when going on to thinking about animating or making a storyboard for a chosen image, I decided to draft out the first idea in pencil first, as I wasn’t too sure that the drawing I had for ‘feel’ was going to animate well. However, as I progressed on from changing and shaping out each cell, I found myself being able to enjoy drawing the last few cells as I was imaging the possibilities that it could turn out to be.

When scanning in, setting up the document and editing the final result, I was super satisfied with it. It was a little slow at first, but I feel that whatever pace the image can be changed to, it could reflect the definition of what ‘Feel’ could be to someone.


This could represent the feel of anger or the texture that’s bumpy or something that’s energetic.



Economic can represent growth. Growth in life or sales.

I over all, did like the bright colours used in this one and how textured the brush pen was against the paper.



Company can be smooth, relaxing to be with, but company can sometimes be a reflection of something small or big. Company can take you for a rough ride or a smooth one.