Portfolio workshop

Just going to briefly put my input/opinion about the portfolio session I had last week with Ricardo.

At first, I was pretty panicked about not having enough work or not having my final outcomes for the workshop prepared, but luckily, I didn’t need them in the end. From this session, it allowed me to think about how I would like to present all of my work for the final hand in.

While, I thought at first form what had been suggested to me previously; I thought that presenting all of the work in a presentation box was the only answer. NO. It wasn’t. I was allowed to think in more depth about how we must consider how the work itself is presented as a piece on it’s own, so from this, I thought about how the majority of my work is large drawings or prints; they could be pinned together between two sheets of nicely designed card? or they could be put in a folder or a case? they could even be bind a certain way, which allows them to them be pinned up?

specification design port.jpg

There were so many different ideas floating around in our group, but I had to take a moment to consider how much work I have and how I could separate it.

The same goes for the sketchbooks. I’m planning on re-binding a couple, due to the spine falling off and the fact that all of them are plain black, I’ve been thinking about possibly covering the covers with textured paper and stamping my hand-made logo lino printing stamp which I made. I want them to have an essence of my own self brand/representation in a way. I feel that I could present the work in some sense, where it’s able to maintain it’s structure, than just placing it in a box or a sleeve.

A while ago, I had composed a folder on Pinterest with portfolio ideas, that I had interest in or to provide me some ideas in how I could present everything: Here.


A:R: Lase cutting work shop

Another thing that wasn’t new to me, but I did learn about the process a bit more, then just handing over a design and asking the technician to do it for you.

I indeed was able to make and think about more considerate choices to how Iwant my design to appear, if it’s going to be etched, and that not only that, the material it’s being pressed in to, is a very important.

The first design, I had put together wasn’t good enough. There were still grey parts and it was a very complicated illustration to even get done anyway. Considering that we had a short amount of time to get this done in,  I should’ve thought about it more.

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Author:Reporter- Premier Pro introduction and editing

A pretty fun lesson. I can finally admit that I learnt a little bit extra about Premier pro this term. We got to analyse, edit and practice making and pulling apart video sequences in order to set or make a specific transition.

Along side that, we also learnt about each transition; what they are and what they look like once applied to a film/clip.

What I found particularly interesting about one of the aims of this practice was, that we had to figure out; think and consider the methods between premier and the project were going to work out. As the person who is directing the program (Premier pro), you need to make very careful considerations on where your content is going to go; where it’s going to be placed, how it’s going to transition in to the next clip. You also need to keep in mind, that if you were to consider the narrative, you need to make sure that you’re narrative is understandable for the audience.  Continue reading