Author:Reporter: Video/Animation Research

After looking back on the premier pro workshop, I started to think back on all of the work I’ve produced so far; I have yet to update with some more sketches and draft ideas from James the monkey and I’m trying to collate my thoughts in to one subject to focus on which is in connection with South Hampton. However, I’m confident that my theme will focus mainly on the mistreatment of the animals with in South Hampton zoo and I’m pretty positive that I want to focus on creating a short animation to go a long side this project.

I started to flick through a playlist of anime and manga advertisements, that I’m very fond of and I found one, that stood out to me. I’ve got an idea of wanting to make the transitions of each still image reflect on how grungy, dirty and disturbing the events described with in the story given.


This was a short preview for the anime series ‘Noragami’ and what I particularly like about this, is that it’s sequencing a highlight which has been pulled out from the manga, but has shown it in a series of edited still images. I’m pretty fond how how well the imagery and effects sync in with the music. It’s very well times. Besides that, I’m going to have to think about how the imagery can give the text context.

I’ll also have to think about what I’m going to show to give that text meaning.



Collage work shops week 1.

Pulling out three different sentences from the narratives that are all linked to South Hamptons’ past, present, future or just a fictional tale around the community of South Hampton, these texts were provided to us through a shared folder, which we’re now continuing to contribute more information and images to work with.

I found myself becoming very fond of short, specific aspects of only two of these three texts. They provide a very free view on how the text can create imagery and even just experimenting with collages, it allowed me to be very open to playing around with ideas.

So, getting back to the texts I’ve chosen, they were:

“On way to France

Sidney Greenward 32081546 USA

Bronx New York”

From this, I started to look in to images of Soldiers, war and anything related to the soldiers from the time period that, that message on the brick may have been written on. As this was seen as something historic, memorable and brought people together, I thought about how would people portray an event or capture one? and so, I went on to google and found a ton of images of photographs with the frames around them. I thought that this might play an interesting concept, if I were to capture the moment the soldier writes his message on the brick; it can be seen with in a photograph frame or even a camera lens.


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Author Reporter studio: Four Corners Books.

Our very first visit/task to help start… well, to finish the week off was a trip to Four Corner Books, located 56 Artillery Lane in London. I must admit, that this is my very first trip to another studio, as I missed the first one during the first year, but this was an amazing experience that wasn’t worth missing again.

It gave me a broader view on how publishing and making design decisions work, or how to organise the space that I’ll work in. I started to believe at some point, that sometimes the room or space that you work in will affect your mentality or the structure in the way that you work. For example, if I have a messy, unorganised space, I find it very difficult to find peace and comfort in it. I can’t sit still and it distracts me. I don’t think I could ever be able to produce anything in such a space.

Thinking back on the subject of the space, I think it’s very relevant to what their studio does. There wasn’t a lot of space for probably a group of people to sit down and work in there, but as there were only two people in that room, it’s most likely that it’s good enough for them to manage. However, if they’re only managing the designs, details and aspects such as that, other than creating the actual book with in that studio, then the space that they have is fine.

Compared to our studio (Author:Reporter at London met), we’ll need to move around a lot or huddle around several tables to help make decisions or give critiques.

However, each studio is going to be different to suit or help serve its purpose or the intended use.

The studio we visited was quite well organised and I noticed there was several shelves. My assumption is that they’re used for reference, design and inspiration, but they did admit that when it comes to a specific project, they would go out and find inspiration or take trips. Taking this in to consideration, it may be a good idea, if I start thinking again about the sorts of inspiration, references etc in the studio that we’re currently in and not only at the University, but at home as well.


Up above, these are a few examples of their work that they presented neatly to us, they gave us a brief explanation on specific ones for example Dracula. They began to talk about the the specific details they put in as a reflection on past copies. In my opinion, keeping in mind or even researching the particular thing or subject that you’re going to be working with is a good way to start because it opens up your mind and thoughts to try out new techniques or subtle details. I checked out their website; the layout flows very well on all four of my browsers on my desktop PC (Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera) and also, it works nicely on my android phone. It’s quite easy to navigate as well, that’s an aspect I was particularly keen on.

Over all, it was quite an enjoyable and exciting visit. It made me look at studio culture in a whole different way, than it just being a room for me to work in.


Case Study- Christa Sandy

An active illustrator from level 5, Christa Sandy. She depicts a very bold, original illustration style which varies between being created by hand and later edited with in Photoshop. Below, I have proceeded in asking her several questions based around her style and her influences towards how she produces her works:

Why did you chose to go in to Illustration?

I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I loved kids and being creative.

Who or what are you influenced by?

Music, drive. Day to day art that opens up my mind to different ideas.

aalyah-finishHere, on the left hand side is an example of Christa’s poster idea and research, that has helped to define her idea for her poster. The poster features the late singer Aaliyah. To quote from Sandy’s blog on her process with this, “I researched one of her songs and analysed the way it made me feel. This exercise helped me decide on the images that expressed my understanding of and love for Aaliyah’s music. I drew a cassette player with the tape from the cassette gliding around the poster as a framework. I added music notes and a vintage microphone to reflect that the music is not in the present and is rooted in the past. It was old school music. I wanted to keep the images simple. I drew a portrait of Aaliyah using one of her marketed images from 2002. I thought that my research simplified the concepts from the song that I chose. I created the poster over the course of a week and I am satisfied with the final result. Given more time, I would improve the portrait of Aaliyah by focusing on enhancing the tones and contrast of her skin. I would also include more visual concepts relating to her music.”

Do you have a specific style?


Any process to how you create?

I get a vision in my head, ideas and I create them by hand and on the computer in Photoshop.

Favourite project so far?


Below, you shall find a few of the tests she had produced towards this particular project. They come across as bold, peculiar, but they are relative and give the train tickets concept.