FMP, Initial development, pt 3

This set was a lot more free in the way that I was able to work with just inkpen and my brushes. I was rather taken back by how dark some of my thoughts became, and at that time in all honesty, I felt that these were created on a couple of rough days I had. In a sense, it does help me to start thinking about how dark anxiety can be and how it can create other emotions, such as depression, yet, for some reason, I’m wondering how I could try and make this image a little more bolder, or if it were best to keep them as they are.

With this set, I had the line of wanting things to be perfect. This was an occurrence that happened when I was trying to get a commission done for a character design for someone online, and it was just a horrible, terrible day for me. I felt so stressed that I couldn’t get anything done. I tried to draw the word over and over, until it was perfect, but eventually, the word became so tired and worn out, that it became imperfect. (more…)


FMP: Initial , pt 2 .

Continuing to write down a thought or a line, of how the situation makes me feel and I try to quickly draw what comes to mind in connection with it.

I kept the routine of drawing to A6, due to I found these illustrations to be very personal and they reflect something that I find difficult to express this sort of emotion.

I felt that these drawings, even though they’re quite rough and small, they help to reflect the difficulties. Overall, this set comes across as quite restricted in the lines and how the imagery sometimes becomes unclear to see.

FMP: Research approach

I had a moment, where I realised that I needed to return to the research. I will be uploading some illustrations and drawings, I’ve been joting down as initial concepts for the prints, or even the animation coming up, but I wanted to start looking at how these things could be presented.

As for the research approach, I think gathering information as I go along was quite a good idea, I’ve been able to gather some information to feed in to this project that tied in with my DC and Broad project, so looking at those details in particular have been very helpful.

G+T: MM: Concept development (4)

Hello! Welcome back.

I’ve started to start thinking about how I should approach this chosen concept of collage, and I wanted to start choosing a few of the photographs which were effective, and start playing around with them by hand. Personally, I was getting a little annoyed with laying everything out digitally, and I wanted to produce a few ideas that were a little more fresh and raw. (more…)