London Anime and Gaming con – Part 2 (Final)

As promised, I shall now continue to talk about this wonderful event (for me) that only happens twice a year at The Rocket at Holloway road. I left the house pretty early wearing my costume; I have a strong feeling that my neighbours, the bus drivers and commuters are very use to seeing me every year dressed up in a unusual getup. The looks I get are full of either curiousity or guilt, the look tends to be that  of ‘Oh, ugh.. not this again. Do they even have a life?’ Luckily, my confidence for this sort of thing is pretty strong, so I ignore it.

At the event, it took a while to get in, however, we weren’t kept outside for as long as last year, due to the new checklist improvement. They changed their log in techniques from sheets of paper to a new app on their phones; this helped the process to be a lot smoother and easier for those who don’t like waiting.

While I waited for my mother to sort some things out with the front desk, I exchanged some business greetings with a clothing company representitive who was selling some products there. I received quite a well-designed card. This reminded me that I need to consider in future, that if I ever wanted to sell my stuff, such as drawings or any merchandise, I would need to consider how


I lay the stuff out and introduce my wares.

The atmosphere was typically busy to the point where the place got completely packed at one time.

It would’ve been a better idea, if they had opened up another seperate room for the merchandise sellers instead of cramming the merch and the stage performances all in to one room. It got hard to move around at one point.

Looking back on the event though, I would have to say that the voice actors who were presenting were very friendly; they also gave some good examples of how they voice particular characters, they then followed to give a brief introduction on how they started off and answered any questions made.


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