Kinetic typography with Michelle– Agree, disagree and help.

The workshop for kinetic typography proved to be very useful towards my project; it let me find new methods and discover some techniques that I could use to start making or editing my motion type. I figured out that there were some transitions with in my short story, that I hadn’t quite figured out yet, and I started to play around with the objects I was given to help come up with some.

I started off playing with words as simple as ‘Help’ in the doughy substance. I wanted to think about making the word look warped and difigured, as if the doughy had been beaten up and was calling out for ‘Help’ by changing its form to become that word. At first,  it didn’t seem like such a good method to do with stop motion, due to the lighting and how many snapshots I would have to make for each movement, but it later proved me wrong when I tested it out. Having enough patience and being able to put up with, the fact that this may be a long task was all worth it in the end.

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Motion type in films

The majority of film sequences use some interesting type effects, but I don’t pay enough attention to notice that.  Even very well known openings to films keep to the same old traits and are bound by their own aspects.

Star Wars’ original opening. Otherwise known as the ‘crawl’, could be recognised easily. I simply adore how the text is goverened by a slant as it eases in and out of the screen. With its black background, it’s almost as if it’s heading to the dark skies above in space.

There’s a more comicy one here. The text flows well with both the imagery and music; it also starts to play along with the fact that the film is based on a comic book series. Although, I’m quite keen to the use of bold colours  and patterns that flash on and off, I must admit.

Snatch was another film that came to mind; I like how the font style and transitioning of text works well with the sound.

Steering back to how these title sequences have been presented, I would love to start thinking about what kind of sounds I would need to include with my project. My set of words are quite moving, yet they’re sensitive, I’ll need to work around with that thought in mind.


Adrian and Kieron’s workshops – pt1

Starting off with Adrian’s workshop for the morning up until 1pm, we were introduced to this pretty handy program called ‘After effects’. I can’t remember, if I mentioned before, if I’ve worked with this program in the past or not? but well, it was a new experience, as I was able to learn some very new techniques to do with type. Now, this involved moving it; re-positioning it and even starting to think of ways of how we could animate it.

Above are presented with a few screen shots of how the composition looked like from the start (just before editing), and with a few camera movements, we were able to move a spot light across the screen. I was completly enthralled with the outcome; I’m still differing over whether or not I should use this effect with my typo or not. I may just play around more with the angling and skewing methods.

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Utterly moving words: First experimentations with words; ideas and workshops. 2/?

A brief update with the ‘Bang’ experimentation from the paper cut outs. Some of them turned out pretty well, while others didn’t turn out as good. The positive side to this task was that it gave me some ideas for what I could do with this current project. It also allowed me to test the stop motion animation again and whether or not, it would be a good idea to use this technique in the motion type project and in my opinion of it so far, it will be a benefit as I’m just a begginer for After effects.

I used the word ‘Bang’ at the begining, as at the start of the project I had the idea of using words that make sound- Onomatopoeia.

The process for this was very slow. At first, I wanted each letter to be drawn out, but now that I think about it, with the time limit the animation will have (20s), it would be better to have a word appearing at a time instead,  simply to save on time. I’m also very timid towards the idea of using drawn type for this project, as I’ve used that method before with previous projects, such as the Zine project. I don’t want the project/motion type to loose out on quality.

Carrying on with similar methods, I started to look at in which ways I can use the type to reflect the sound and create motion, while it’s still.

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Photography workshop- Week 3

It’s been a very, long while since I’ve updated here, but to start off, I’ll be giving a brief feedback on the last week of the photography workshop which I attended. Compared to the previous two weeks where they were more experimentive with developing photos on the photographic paper (is that what you call it?) , this time it involved cartridge paper.  I was quite confused about this method when it was first mentioned, as I’ve never seen or heard of using cartridge paper to print the photos on or even a basic image, so, yes, I was pretty new to this.

I chose two different images to print on to ascetate; the first one was actually a  drawing base for the GOATBED poster, that I later edited in photoshop by using a photograph I had taken in week one. As they had to be in black and white, I changed it to that in the desaturate filter. While I may mention what my second photo was, some may tell me that, that was a poor decision. So, I purposely re-used the same photograph that I used in the edited version for my drawn image. I did this intentionally to see what the difference would be between the two and by having a 2d image on top of a 3d image, it certainly did make a huge difference.

I was actually quite fond of the outcome, as they proved how different an image can look once you play around with it a little.

For example, I layed them over each other:

It became an even bolder and more graphic image. I absolutely adored how there’s this overlap of different lines and stripes coming across over the drawn/edited image.

Besides learning about this very new technique, I learnt from the testing, experimentation and development of each image was that I need to be more patient with how I set each thing out. I felt that on a couple of the wash outs, I was rushing the process and that left the image to underdevelop or over develop at times. I was truely disappointed in myself for doing this, but then again, that wasn’t the only lesson I had learnt.

(will post photos of these later)

With each ascetated image I had created, they can be seen a new light once they are re-arranged on the paper differently, or if I over layed the two together they would become a new photograph; this in itself was quite interesting.

Other posters.

While I had a little free time over the weekend, I really, really wanted to at least get down a poster idea for one of GOATBEDs songs, which was another song that I unfortunately didn’t choose for the final three songs.  I made a little sketch of an idea I had for the song ‘Yama-ha’.  This time, I wanted to try and play around with a different kind of medium for the creation of this poster and that medium would be Promarkers this time, as when it comes to this song in particular, it’s very soothing to my ears and yet, there would be other times where it creates this ball of burning energy inside of me.

I decided as this in a way would be still playing around with brush strokes, except this time it would be with the brush on the pen tips.

Concerntrating on the song, I notice that all of my other senses seem to shut off and only my ears are picking up on the sounds of the beat being created. I imagine myself being the only person around; the atmosphere shadows out and there’s an array of bright, vibrant colours that illuminate my path and all I can hear is YAMA-HA playing in the distance.

I made it so, the figure was being absored in to the cast of shadows. I used a normal pen for this, owing to there are times where the song has this very edgy sensation. I’m a little unhappy with how the kneck turned out, as I don’t usually draw the body form from this angle; it was pretty challenging.

After colouring in with more vibrant colours, I  was hesitant to leave it as just as it was. There had to be something that could fill that blank void. I thought about probably filling it in black, but that would leave the image looking dull. I found a photograph from the previous photography session, which had been an error of one of my tests, so I placed it down on a new layer in Photoshop and played around with the clipping mask.

I was frustrated with this outcome. It was too sharp and the line quality was terrible; I know i will never be satisfied with any of these kind of drawings, but the only thing that I was quite pleased with was how the colours bodly stand out among the shades of grey.

I set the layer to multiply this time. A bit nicer, different. It’s starting to grasp that edgy feeling I wanted.

I despised the corners around the image. They somehow made the image look flat; I didn’t want that, therefore, I used a soft eraser setting to lightly brush it away.

I had to keep thinking back to what I researched about in the project; how can I capture that raw emotion? how can I portray that? To be quite blunt with this, I don’t think the images for this poster are quite there yet. What I’ve obtained from this song is difficult to depict, and yet, that didn’t stop me from testing this idea out further. I considered that maybe, I could try animating all of these outcomes together to see what I get.